Don’t make a ‘show’ of yourself

Lace is all the rage at the moment. Wedding dresses, shirts, intelligent frocks; so when Ray asked me to wear clothing, hehe bought, and it was black lace, I was over the moon. Immediately I started planning my shoes, hair, make-up etc…

Ray told me to prepare for 9 p and skincare to take me to Soho. The restaurant and bar took me, and I was so excited, but then I heard a knock at my door, and the bag with the dress arrived with instructions.

“Gorgeous. Be ready for 9 pm. Please wear a dress, no underwear, stupidly high heels, tousled hair and lots of make-up. Be prepared to bare all. xxx”

Ray is a 48-year-old exhibitionist. He’s mega-rich and sexy, and he knows it. He always uses this 24-hour escort agency, and he always asks for me. We enjoyed the odd date where we had been out for dinner and then retreated to the privacy of his luxury Chelsea home or a fabulous hotel. Still, most of the time, we play games of “don’t get arrested” by taking some acts as far as we can in public places. The fact that Ray had requested me to wear the dress with no underwear and we were on our way to Soho made me think we were going for drinks and then to an underground club to compete in voyeurs-are-us. This is exciting, and frankly, it turns me on also, so Ray and I always have a great time together. As soon as I removed the tiny Pucci dress from the bag, I  knew we would have a great time! Long-sleeved, short in length and crocheted in the right (or wrong) places.

I had slithered into the dress, nipples grazing the material and peeping through enough to play the “is she/isn’t she?” card, towering Chanel heels, smudged smoky make-up, and that sexy tousled bedhead look. I was ready and correct with the venue. Ray was waiting for me in the bar, drink ready and standing to attention the second he saw me. I felt fantastic and knocked my drink back to signal that I was prepared to hit the club. It was only a stone’s throw away from the bar, but Ray made a big meal of kissing me and groping me in the street in full view of Soho’s frequenters. This added fuel to our already raging burning des, ire and as soon as we walked through the door of the exclusive club, we were already at the point of no return. The great thing about this job is that I have the same lust and desire for attention as my clients, so I have always suggested a little PDA if the customer is willing.

What can I say? I am a great London escort if I do say so myself!

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