All you requirements catered for


The city of London is not only the capital of England and the United Kingdom but is also referred to as the business hub of the country. So, every day, the city witnesses footfalls from people worldwide. As we know, every person has their taste and choice of selection.

To cater to the requirements of local and international clients, we have a wide range of escorts varying in all shapes and sizes in store. Regarding the figure of the escorts, some clients like their escort to be skinny, some like voluptuous women, etc. The four primary shapes of women are athletic, apple, pear-shaped or hourglass. Clients choose escorts based on the type of body shape they wish their partner to be.

Another primary client requirement is the bust size and shape of an escort, and go for one of our busty escorts. The bust shapes are archetype, uneven, conical, thin, omega and reduced projection shapes. When it comes to breasts, it has been observed that clients are more concerned about the size than the shape, but still, some clients have specific bust shape requirements, too. The bust size generally starts from 30 and ranges up to 40 and has varying cup sizes from smallest to most considerable are AA, A, B, C, D, E and F.

These clients place their exact requirements to our receptionists, and we reply to the client with the names and photos of the escorts who match their needs. We know all of our escorts well, so if you have a preference, you can tell us specifically, and we can get a perfect match as to what is required. As a 24-hour escort agency, we always have a great selection of girls available, and our receptionists are here to help and answer your calls.

It’s all about you…


Today, there are many escort agencies in London, many on the Internet. The number of agencies today has grown tenfold. But which ones should you choose? People are looking for escort services more often than they used to before.

Not every gentleman receives excellent service; many are hurried and poorly treated. Others think they are booking the escort in the photograph, but in reality, it is an entirely different lady. Most gentlemen are too embarrassed to complain and put it down to experience and never want to book again.

Our escort agency is a little different. We have many satisfied customers, and they use our time repeatedly because they always receive exemplary service and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Our ladies are always kind, intelligent, young, beautiful and independent, whose presence can create magic in anyone’s life. When you meet them, you will be amazed by their amazingly friendly attitudes. It will seem that you have known each other for ages. A simple moment will turn out to be extraordinary in her company.

The city of London is lovely, and this beauty is reflected in our girls of London, too. When you book one of our ladies, you pick up a well-trained beauty in her profession. She is well aware of the job she has to perform, and client satisfaction is her primary focus. After your first meeting with your escort, you will be able to discover your happy soul and evolve as a much-contented individual on the whole.

The diversity of our ladies


What type of woman – or man, for that matter – makes a good escort, you may be wondering? Indeed, it’s a question that crosses the mind of everyone who enters this profession because, of course, it’s not for everyone.

Escorts come from every class divide – there are high-class escorts armed with private school education and even some girls I know who have studied at Cambridge and Oxford. Then, some girls grew up in council estates and are all too familiar with ‘the underbelly’ of life. Many of the girls here are from Europe or Brazil and have their fascinating tales of growing up in a culture we here in Britain can only imagine. There are a couple of Russian girls with the agency whose parents and many others of that generation still have a communist mindset. So, as I said, it is a natural mixing pot, which, of course, makes for fascinating conversation at times.

Not all escorts are single girls, either. Some have partners; others are married, but, like all good escorts, they keep their working and social lives separate. As you would imagine, this isn’t an exceptionally straightforward task, and, at times, it can be exhausting, hence the reason many escorts take month-long breaks to ‘rebalance’ themselves.

Of course, stunningly good looks and a knock-out figure are essential qualities for an escort who aims to attract the opposite sex, after all. But so too is the ability to provide amusing and witty conversation, put on a cheerful front and mix with a wide range of professionals and individuals – many from different cultures to their own. A top London callgirl must, therefore, enjoy being with people. She – or he – must also be prepared to play a little acting sometimes. After all, there are times when none of us feels like going off to work, regardless of our profession. In the case of the escort, however, she not only has to be seen enjoying herself but also entertaining her client simultaneously. It’s not an easy task when you’ve already had a difficult day or received some bad news. Maintaining an enticing, entertaining escort personality in the face of this is undoubtedly the mark of the professional escort. And you will find many such escorts right here.

It takes all sorts


You might be wondering where many of our girls here at our agency come from. I don’t mean destination-wise, but rather what they did before they got into escorting in London.

Well you might be surprised at the diverse range of backgrounds we all have here. Contrary to popular opinion, we’re not all students. Granted, some of us are – some girls have joined us while studying to pay for their ridiculously high tuition fees.

Other girls come from modelling backgrounds. There are at least a handful of girls here who have been lingerie models in the past. You may wonder why they would turn their back on what’s perceived as a glamorous career, but chatting with the girls doesn’t seem that way when you hear about the cold hours they had to spend standing around on windswept beaches.

And no, they didn’t always get to keep the costumes, unfortunately. Sure, some of the big design houses, such as Prada, didn’t mind, but lower down the scale, they had to hand everything back – just like many jobs these days, the perks were disappearing, but the goose pimples weren’t.

We have a girl here at our escort agency who worked as a personal trainer but got fed up with the long hours for little compensation – especially when she looked at the lives some of her celeb clients had. Rightly, she wanted some luxury and time in her life, too. Who can blame her?

You might find it difficult to believe, but another girl was an RE teacher! She got fed up with the profession when she lost her faith. She now loves working as an escort in London, and her quality of life has increased enormously because she doesn’t have to put up with rowdy kids giving her cheek all day.

She was a bit apprehensive about some of the clients at first, but now she loves the respect she gets from them – indeed, 100 times more than she ever did with the teenagers she had to put up with day in and day out.

And the rest? Well, we have a couple of make-up artists who are extremely popular with the other girls here since they’re so skilled at their craft, a nurse and a couple of married women keen on making their own money rather than asking their husbands all the time. Who can blame them?

The ‘missing link’


The energy between a man and two women can be extremely delicate; this is especially so when one of the women happens to be his wife. Our duo escorts are often approached by men looking for the legendary threesome experience. Likewise, married couples looking for an equal experience often come to many of our regular female escorts in London. Our qualified ladies know that for the encounter to be successful, careful attention must be paid to subtle details. Here are just a few fine details that need to be studied delicately.

So, who calls the shots? While this may seem like a rather general question in that it might change for every group of three, it’s not. If two of the three in question happen to be married, then the wife should always call the shots, no matter what. If it’s a case of two escorts and one client, however, this is something to be discussed at the beginning. Some clients enjoy being dominated, so the escorts calling the shots would benefit the experience. For those who are in charge of two of the most stunning duo escorts London has to offer, then choose their choice. This should always be outlined initially for the client’s desires to be met.

As professionals in their line, our escorts know the importance of bonding with the wife. Whether they walk in the park, meet in a bar for cocktails or even attend an affluent event together, it doesn’t matter. A meeting for both women to monitor and assess the other is crucial. Just as the wife will be considering an escort, our escorts will watch and evaluate the woman in question to determine if she’s nervous, what she expects from this meeting and what she wants and needs. Only after an escort has answered these questions will she be able to bond with the wife, which is crucially important to create an experience where everyone is happy and beyond satisfied.

Our best London escorts know the importance of paying close attention to the energy between a group of three. It can often seem like a balancing act, especially when it’s one escort with married clients. She will always be alert to the energy between husband and wife or the client and her partner escort.

If you’d like to enjoy the ecstasy that only our London duo escorts can offer, call now; we know you won’t regret it.