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We understand that making small talk and asking a stranger if they are single can be an uncomfortable experience, leading to them eventually telling you they are busy or have a boyfriend. When you call us, there is no need for this as the girls are looking for precisely what you are, and you are guaranteed a fantastic evening together. So, if you’ve ever needed a gorgeous companion at short notice, look no further than our 24-hour Escorts. We have the best girls in London and at very competitive prices, too

When you consider booking an escort, the main point would be that you can spend the evening with a stunning companion who is sure to tick all the right boxes. Having a browse through our gallery will be the only difficult choice you will make, as all of our 247 escorts in London are undeniably beautiful. A reason for booking a 24-hour Companions lady is because they can offer you an ultimate girlfriend experience with no ties. We have girls who travel all over the world, so if you need your favourite escort in London to be in another country with you, then she can.

All our ladies will see you when you are free and will be with you for as long as you would like. We are based in central London, and you will have many options to choose from when it comes to your romantic evening with one of our elite ladies. There is a reason why London is classed as one of the best cities in the world, and you can experience everything it offers. You can experience cuisines from all over the globe, and what better to share these delicious menus than with one of our lovely ladies?

We have new and exciting girls joining us regularly, so if you are a bit of a connoisseur with finer ladies, we will always endeavour to have fresh girls on our books each week. Our girls work very hard to ensure they are everything you see on their profiles, always dressed immaculate with impeccable manners. Our receptionists pride themselves in being very customer-orientated and know our ladies very well, so they are best placed to judge which companion would be suited to your special evening.

We will never say no


Why not take a leisurely browse through our website gallery and see which sort of lady you find attractive and that you wouldn’t mind sharing your evening with? All the escorts you see will probably be those you wouldn’t dare walk up to but find the most attractive. Still, you see, these girls will be honoured to be by your side,e and you will discover it an enjoyable experience and nothing as you’ve encountered before where you have miserably failed. We are sure your date with a 24-hour Companions escort will be a success which will be repeated. We think we will build up your confidence so much that you will wonder how you ever had a problem with ladies before!!!

You may have never been a hit with the ladies, and shyness always comes in the way of what you want or mean to say. You may not have been able to approach the ladies you were interested in for fear of rejection. This is only human, and each rejection we have had makes us scared to keep trying for fear of it happening again. Some other guys you may know don’t mind, or it doesn’t seem to get them down as they have that confidence about them that is very attractive to you, and you only wish you could have half their confidence. These other guys may not look the best; you are far better than them, but it never seems to work for you.

Have you ever thought to consider booking an escort? Now, if the thought fills you with dread and you feel it will be even worse than the ‘real thing’, let us assure you that our ladies are compassionate and caring and will want you to feel relaxed and happy in their company. The best thing about our escorts is they don’t have to be wooed, and they can arrive at your chosen bar or club ready to sit next to you and have a drink – you can go at your own pace, nothing is rushed, and you can talk as much or as little as you want. Our ladies are lovely – but don’t feel intimidated as she is approachable and friendly. We are confident that by the end of your evening drink, a little bit of your shyness will have gone, and you will have that all-important confidence welling up inside you, ready to take it to the next level.

If indeed you did want to take your date to your hotel, you can have her for as long as you would like, providing your funds can run to this. Your thoughtful lady will not rush you in any situation you feel uncomfortable with – but as you have now got to know her and feel at ease, we feel sure that your instincts will kick in and nature will take its course. You must agree that in this way you can experiment with lots of different ladies to find out your particular type, which will get that all-important confidence that you have been lacking.

No questions asked


Our ladies can give you the perfect girlfriend experience whenever you want. Most gentlemen like this idea if they are not ready to settle down. They want to see many varieties of ladies of all shapes and cultures and enjoy a bit of ‘spice’ before they take the all-important ‘plunge’. We feel this makes a well-rounded man satisfied with ‘playing the field’ for a while and will make him a better husband in future years. We also think he will well and truly understand women intimately and emotionally, which may not be the case with a gentleman who has just had one or two girlfriends in his life.

If you are fed up with dating, most of the women you meet want a commitment from you and want to get a ring on their finger. Well, fear not; we have many ladies on our books that won’t pressure you for marriage. Like you, they want some fun and won’t have all the other complicated relationship bits that go with dating. They won’t be calling your brief encounter, wondering if you want to see them again. They may like you, but that’s as far as it goes. In our agency, you can see a different girl every night of the week, and you will not get any curt messages or jealous girlfriends stressing you out.

Suppose you think that this is something that would suit you perfectly, then why not look at our gallery to see our fantastic selection of striking girls just ready to be taken out by you and shown off? If naughty fun is what you’re after, we have all kinds of naughty girls that will leave a lasting impression in your memory for many years. Don’t forget to tell all your friends too so they can sample the delights of what you’re tasting. It’s more fun with a group of you, and you can order a group of our ladies for an adult-themed evening.

You have a friend with a string of girls he sees regularly, and you wonder why he doesn’t get any hassle from these ladies. Well, now you know, he probably books them from 24-hour Companions London escorts, and that is why he’s still young, free and single with a smile on his face from non-complicated affairs – he’s free to go out whenever he chooses and go home at whatever hour with nobody calling him wondering where he is. So now you’ve found us, what have you got to lose? We are just a phone call away. You will find our receptionists very warm and friendly and will point you in the right direction if you need advice.

The perfect choice to make


Once you have picked your chosen lady from our gallery, you will be safe in the knowledge that our girls look flawless and will be ready for any situation that you have in mind. If you need to show her off at a high-class function, then she will be prepared, or if you want to have a peek at what is underneath her immaculate attire, you can be assured you will not be disappointed; our girls are ready for anything and are very well trained to know what may occur on her date with you. If you want her to come away with you on business, she can address your needs accordingly and will always dress to impress. She can dress down or go full out and look the company, which will turn every head in the room.

Now, dressing right and looking right are half of what our lovely 24-hour Companion ladies can do; our travel companions can talk the talk and carry themselves most professionally. Nobody will ever know that you ordered this beauty from an escort agency. If your colleagues knew, they, too, would be booking one of our OK girls for their plus-one event. It’s up to you if you’d like to tell your colleagues, but if you want to be discrete, it will never come from us. Although our escort agency does thrive on recommendations, we would welcome bringing one of your trusted colleagues on board – but only if you thought he was a complete and utter gentleman like you.

Our lovely companions love to shop and know all the best boutique and high-end shops to look for one-off originals or designer must-haves. All our ladies know how to dress, and you will never see one of our designer girls on an ‘off’ day. They are always groomed to perfection and take great care of their appearance. Hair and make-up are a must and always done to a very high standard.

We only want the best ladies on our books, and we only wish the best gentleman to call our agency. If you think that our elite model ladies are something that you could use for an evening or indeed a business travel companion, then 24-hour Companions escorts will be just the thing you’ve been longing for. You can meet your chosen girl first to see if you have that chemistry between you, as you will be making a big commitment when you book a lady for the whole duration of your business trip. We are happy to recommend any lady we feel would suit your requirements, and feel free to ask any relevant questions about your companion you may be interested in.

Would you like a show?


Our 24-hour escorts have been aware of the Burlesque circuit for a few years now – they have even tried it out a few times in the bedroom as they muck about with a long feather boa. Still, when you genuinely get into the intricacies of it, you start to learn that there’s more to it than a few shrill shrieks and suspenders.

Expressing yourself through dance or theatre must be as old as time. We can’t think of a better way to show someone how you feel about them other than putting on a pair of dancing shoes and grinding up close to them… well, other than the obvious, we’re not talking about that today.

We have a client called Mr  Brown who comes from Sloane Square and has a particular affinity with the late eightieth and ninetieth centuries and all the glamour behind the scenes in pubs and bars. Gentlemen only, you understand. We have seen the working girls sitting on punter’s laps, entertaining them over a brandy; even a bit of it is shown in ‘All That Jazz’. If you think about it, there is a lot of parody in London if you look hard enough.

Burlesque means a parody or joke, but it also implies an extravaganza, as presented during Victorian times. Over in the USA, Burlesque became more risqué – no surprises there! The transition from parody on the old lines to striptease was gradual. At first, soubrettes showed off their figures while singing and dancing; some were less active but compensated by appearing in elaborate stage costumes – so I wanted to show him how a pair of tights, a Basque and a high kick can rive up a show.

So dressed to thrill our ladies, go out, and make it happen with hair cascading down their backs and a feathered fan for intimate flirting, they set their stage (avast space and a bit of Marilyn Monroe on the stereo) and tickled his fancy. And the best bit is that curves in all the right places help with titillation. If you’ve always been curious about the art of Burlesque, why not ask our receptionists about the possibility of one of our ladies doing a ‘show’ for you?

24-hr Companions ladies have many talents – they have many well-kept secrets, and you could unlock them! You will never get the same date twice. Our London escorts are full of surprises that will spice up your life. After all, they do say that ‘variety is the spice’. All you need to do is call us and we will do the rest…