Swinging fun


The best nights out are when you must wait for the venue. London holds mystery whether you are going somewhere as mainstream as Chelsea or somewhere lesser known for its nightlife like Sloane Square. My clients live in the more popular areas of the city, and I do like to travel around the capital and see how they live in the uber-posh Belgravia or even my neighbours in Kensington. Not only do my clients live in some gorgeous places, but they know some gorgeous people, and Franc likes to mix quite literally with those attractive others.

So, back to my date in a venue just given out as ‘TBC’. Franc told me the genre, and I love fetish parties with a twist. It got me as excited as the first time Franc ever saw his favourite escort in leather with my hair in pigtails. The beauty of the fetish with a twist is to understand that it’s not all dungeons and underground madness; it’s about following the correct etiquette and thoughtful respect for what you are taking part in.

Some of Franc’s friends hold themed parties in their trendy Kensington apartments, and he has taken me along a few times to get into the swing of things before we hit public gatherings. The good thing about being an open-minded 24-hour escort is that nothing fazes me, and just as well seeing that it’s most certainly a case of ‘what happens in private(s), stays private’. It sounds like my personal elite escort oath…other than sharing my tales of debauchery with you.

Hedonism is, I think, ironically derived from a very playful word meaning “delight”. Believing that you should benefit from anything delightful and pursue pleasure to its fullest is what it’s all about in the beautiful world of anything. What an utterly fabulous way to express yourself as well. I always look forward to pencilling Franc in.

So, should I mix leather and pearls or latex and diamonds? I know… I may blend Franc and his friend Ray.

Beauty and Brains


One of the things I love about my job is the wide variety of men I meet.

It’s not all about the looks. It’s not always about the clothes or money. It’s sometimes about the brains, and a lot of the time, that is attractive in itself.

I enjoy talking about politics or the current economic crisis to exercise my brain. Some clients want to have dinner and drinks and discuss current affairs or business with the company of their chosen London escorts. The model looks and designer dresses couldn’t be further from their minds when they took me for a fantastic meal at one of London’s finest eateries. It’s only when we return to their luxury apartments or hotel suites that they want the topic of conversation to switch from intellect to innuendo.

It’s not so much a challenge for me to discuss the worries of the world. I’m an intelligent woman, and, rarely, I don’t keep up to date with the news to understand what the world is up to of late, so this evening’s date with Patrick for dinner and a trip to the theatre will be a fabulous evening of canny discussions and topical debates. Patrick doesn’t want a cheap escort, so he chooses me.

Patrick, although broadly intelligent and prone to the occasional heated exchange, is very witty and great company. He does like me to look as model-perfect as I can with feminine beauty and subtle girly flirting but also to give him a genuine, unscripted run for his money.

Patrick is an intelligent and successful businessman. He is a multi-millionaire and is only based in London once or twice every six months due to his unbelievably busy schedule, flying to Hong Kong and Dubai immediately to expand his ever-growing empire. But when he is lucky enough to have some “me-time”, he never forgets to give me a call to relax. Even if he requests my company to go shopping or to have lunch, we always end up in a friendly debate but always manage to put those differences to the side when we come together to be very agreeable in his beautiful London home.

So, for me, it’s not about the classic Chanel separates and hair tied in a bun, glasses on the end of my nose ensemble to look intelligent. I know I can dress to impress and still hold my own in a mind battle.

I am acutely aware that my model looks to wow my date, but when it’s required. I can be beautiful with what’s inside my perfectly plucked, dyed and made-up head, too.

Take a trip


Everybody seems to be in Cannes at the moment. Have you considered taking your favourite escort girl or duo escort girls abroad? Or, if you were heading to the South of France (‘Le Midi’ to those who live there) for business or pleasure, then why not take one of our lovely 24-hour Companionss who will look ‘just right’ on your arm when they accompany you to the beautiful restaurants and top places in the South of France.

We cannot begin to stress how much chic, glamour and luxury there is within the main areas – Cannes, Monaco, Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrenees, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, Rhones –Alpes and Corsica. Your lovely escort will be beside herself looking at the designer cars, clothes, brands and luxurious hotels dotted everywhere. If you haven’t already thought about what you will do with your time (apart from reaching your credit limits shopping), let us tempt you further.

The South of France is renowned for playing home to many super-yachts of the rich and famous. Just look at Simon Cowell with his harem of beauties! Taking a day trip to the marinas would mean a spectacular view of these floating palaces and maybe even your lady in her bikini – should she wish to do a little sunbathing!

But what about places to wine and dine? There are many famous spots – far too many to put here – but we have chosen a couple to get you started:

L’Oasis in Mandelieu-La Napoule is a culinary landmark with two Michelin stars. This Gothic villa by the sea is home to Stéphane Raimbault—a connoisseur of unexpected flavour collisions (think medallions of roasted blue lobster in a risotto of spaghetti à la Puttanesca or hazelnut venison with a pepper sauce and blueberries). The €98 a la carte menu shouldn’t be dismissed either!

La Villa Archange in Cannes also boasts two Michelin stars. On the high end of most price ranges, this is a treat for two, surrounded by centennial trees and gardens. If you love veal, lobster or squid, this is your place.

We have expensive travel companions and cheaper escorts to escort you on your trip. We at 24hr Companions love the South of France, and this is the place to be now. So why not consider for a moment that a 24-hour Companions lady could be just what you have been after to give that je ne sais quoi?

Magical moments


Okay, winter weddings, summer weddings, Spring weddings, autumn weddings… whatever month you choose to celebrate your magical day. NOTE: I don’t find them magical! I have been to so many weddings. I have been in enough awful bridesmaid’s dresses and themed weddings to last me a lifetime. I’m not cynical. I can see the romance and dedication of the betrothed couple and the love that they share, but I am a busy lady! I think more of “save the date” cards being “save the date for a great trip to New York”.

So imagine my horror when Rich requested the pleasure of my company for his colleagues’ big day at the Ritz London: black tie and ball gown shindig.

I have plenty of beautiful dresses and designer shoes so don’t worry about what I will wear. It’s the thought of all these people acting like they have just been invited to this day to celebrate “Hello” magazine style and not care what the occasion is. But I will play the perfect beautiful escort companion and not let Rich out of my sight.

His only request for me is to play out the girlfriend experience and be attentive and then accompany him back to his penthouse suite for a night that will not reflect the romance and magic of a wedding but to be whomever he wants me to be, which is usually exciting and in some ways very sordid. That’s when the fun begins, and the work stops. I don’t find it challenging to act out any scenario a man wants in the bedroom. I have enough experience with all kinds of men and women to know what works and what doesn’t. Also, the old saying of the customer is always right. I believe a brilliant escort in London must’ve made it up.

My clients know from my fabulous escort profile on the website what I do or don’t like to partake in, so there is never any confusion regarding wants or needs. If it says I’m up for anything, then who am I to disappoint?

So, being a professional model and doting girlfriend, I know how important it is to be with a man as their partner should they request it. I know to laugh at my colleague’s unfunny jokes and be charming and intelligent when right.

But get me to the church on time. It isn’t when we return to the safety net of the two of us after hours, and he will not be disappointed with our own “magic”. Thank you!