Guys aren’t the only one to have secrets


There was a story in the news recently that many women have bank accounts they keep secret from their husbands or partners. Women think of this money as their safety net or to be used for their spending

We are not surprised, although we did wonder if any of our clients have duplicate bank accounts they spend on our escorts?!

We decided to test our theories by asking some regular clients about it. Our first question was – how do you pay for our ladies? Do you keep a secret bank account your partner doesn’t know about? Do you think your partner has a personal account too?

Some, but not all of our regular clients are married men, and they looked a bit shame-faced when it came to the question of paying; one said he did indeed have a secret bank account, his ‘escorts in London’ bank account as he called it.

One client said something exciting. Yes, he said he did pay me out of a bank account that his wife didn’t know about (this account also financed an expensive golf club membership), but then he knew his wife had a secret history, too, and he never questioned her about what was in it…

He started speculating about what she might be spending her money on. She liked art, he said, so maybe she was spending vast sums of money buying up young artists’ work in the hope that it would eventually become an investment.

Or she also had a weakness for gourmet food, so perhaps the account financed her and her girlfriends’ trips to Michelin-starred restaurants in London where wine costs £200 and more for a bottle.

Or maybe – maybe it was for something else? Perhaps she visits an escort from 24-hour Companions, too…

Discretion, as you know, is our policy. The lady’s secret is safe with us.

Escorts v Sugar Babes


It isn’t so different from escorting, except that it is exclusive. A sugar babe usually sees only one sugar daddy, whereas our escorts have clients. But their services are similar – dates, company, massage, intimacy and more. It depends on what the client wants.

There are a lot of people who think both industries involve sexual relationships, but we promise you that is not always the case.

We at 24hr Companions pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the escort industry, particularly as it relates to our escorts in London, so today, we will talk about the difference between escorts and sugar babes. Sugar babes can be male or female, but they tend to be someone younger who is given a set allowance, travel, connections, etc., by an older man or woman to provide “services”. The services can vary – from spending time with someone to accompanying them on dates and, of course, other services.

Somebody we knew became a sugar babe to help pay her university fees. She trained as a vet, which involved quite a few years at university and expensive prices. So, to help herself, she became a sugar babe for a wealthy older man. She met him through a website, and she explained to him in detail why she needed the money and what she was willing to do in exchange for it. She went into the relationship with an open mind. He liked the thought of paying for a young person’s education, and he was something of an animal lover, so helping her to become a qualified vet was a no-brainer for him. In turn, she got to stay in much nicer digs than she would have been able to afford, and she accompanied him to events and on dates. All had a good time, and when the sugar babe relationship ended, both felt they had had the better part of the deal.

What would our ladies rather be, you ask? Well, for a start, our ladies like the variety of people they meet. They love it when they meet new clients, and they become a regular. And our clients like that they are not beholden to one person, so the escort business suits are ladies very well indeed.

How do we ensure safety in our Agency?


The best way to be safe in London is for our escorts to work with a reputable agency, like 24hr Companions and for our clients to be secure in the company with high ladies’ class. Companions want their girls to be safe, so they can often filter out clients who might be dubious. They put in place various procedures to help keep their girls safe. When we outcall jobs, for example, our girls phone the agency to let us know when they have arrived and when they are leaving a client.

A lot of people assume the escort world is nasty, full of brutish clients who loathe women and hire escorts so they can act out perverse fantasies. Or they imagine them being struck down with some terrible disease. This is not the case with our High-Class agency, as we have many reputable regular clients.

The agency makes it straightforward to clients that money is expected upfront, so there is no risk of services being provided and then a client refusing to pay. If the money isn’t there right from the outset, girls leave.

Sometimes, our ladies get asked to do some role-play. Some clients can’t get particular… services at home, shall we say, so they look to an escort to provide them. Most of the time, it’s pretty tame, a little light domination, for example.

But often, these clients want more than for you to strip off in front of them so that they can admire a young, beautiful and naked female body. 24-hour Companion escorts in London have plenty of those bodies!

Of course, there will always be risks when working as an escort, but we guess you could say that of most jobs. Our girls weigh the risks and the rewards and have decided the tips vastly outweigh the risks.

Booking 2 is better than 1


You may want to order a few more ladies for a group party that you are organising. You can choose what you’d like. Maybe you would like both of your chosen escorts to do an exotic dance for you or your friends, but you won’t keep your eyes off these ladies doing an incredibly sexy dance.

Imagine your colleague’s faces as all these beauties turn up for your ‘get together’. You will earn a lot of respect and will all be talking about your party for a long time to come. You may not want to share with your friends, and these girls can do a show just for you and you alone.

We have a few flirtatious ladies who ‘specialise’ and love working with each other as they are used to one another’s needs and desires. You can book more than one girl at a time at 24hr Companions ‘twice the fun is better than one’. You can, if you‘d like, get the best of both: brunette and blonde, busty or petite; your liaisons will be memorising and breath-taking and worth telling your friends about. Having a sense of humour is sometimes needed in these situations, and our girls have all the qualities required for a fun and highly sexy night of your life. Why not treat yourself to this indulgent luxury that will make you feel on top of the world?

We have duo escorts who enjoy these bookings and will aim to please all your guests; all our ladies are delightful, polite and very generous in their natures. Our ladies love gentlemen like yourselves and treat them with the utmost respect, which, in turn, they will repay your kindness. You could have two lovely ladies sat next to you in one of London’s swankiest restaurants. Why not treat yourself to this indulgent luxury that will make you feel like a VIP?

You can book our beautiful ladies for an hour at a time, or if you know how long you would like the ladies to stay for, you can relax and know that our ladies will wait for that duration. Trust that 24-hour companions have your best intentions at all times. Please note that all transactions should be done first when your chosen lovely arrives at your hotel, which makes our ladies feel relaxed knowing that she is taken care of and when our lady feels at ease, your evening will be an enjoyable one indeed. Now we have tempted you to give us a call…

We hear every request, so don’t be shy!!


We’ve heard all the requests under the sun, so don’t be shy to ask a 24-hour escort for special requests they can be catered for no matter how big or small. If you think it’s silly to ask – remember it’s your time, and we want to ensure that your time is spent just how you would like it. For example, if you don’t like perfume, or you have a preference for colour clothing or shoes, the choice is entirely up to you, and our elite ladies want to please you and make your whole experience with them an enjoyable one.

Certain gentlemen like their ladies to be dressed in specific attire, as some do not like makeup or perfume. Our 24hr escorts in London have very generous natures, and if they think your requests will make you extremely happy, they will fulfil your wishes.

Naughty requests are popular, too; our fantasy girls are ready to play out your most daring fantasies or dress up in the most seductive costumes for your eyes only. You can discuss, before you visit your lady of choice, precisely what you had in mind. We are an honest agency, and if we feel your request is a bit too risqué and our ladies cannot fulfil it, we will never promise anything unless we know our ladies are happy to proceed.

You may want a fantasy where you meet your particular lady in a bar and take her back to your hotel room, where the role play doesn’t have to stop there; the possibilities are endless. Imagine the other men’s envy when you leave with this beauty. Agency Pink likes to think we can be a fun agency where a sense of humour is essential. Agirlsres gorgeous? Still, they have a sense of humour and don’t take themselves too seriously, nor should you. Different experiences don’t have to work out perfectly, and if we don’t get it right sometimes – have a laugh and start again!!!