Have a day to yourself


We are sure your wife or girlfriend has “girly days” in London. Even if you don’t have a partner, you will be aware of the phenomenon. Well, why not have yourself a “Man Day”? And while at it, book yourself one of the best overnight escorts London can provide!

You don’t have to book an escort, of course, but if you’re going to have a day dedicated to yourself, you may as well. Besides, you’re on an escort website, so you’ll forgive us for jumping to that conclusion. We are sure you won’t need our help twisting your arm to book one of the best ladies London offers!
What else can you do?

A day at the dogs – It’s a little out of the city, but Romford Greyhound track is a quintessential “Guy thing” to do if you’ve got time. You can get to Romford quite quickly from Liverpool Street Station.

Visit the Imperial War Museum – Another thing your wife probably wouldn’t be interested in. It’s open every day until 18.00, and it’s exciting indeed. See for war memorabilia fans and history buffs.

Visit Platinum Lace London – If you’re in Central London and appreciate the female form, go to the Platinum Lace strip club. It’s a classy one, don’t worry. Not a pound in the pot joint like you get down, Shoreditch! Don’t forget that you can have a better time one-on-one with a London escort!

Salt Whisky Bar and Dining Room – An excellent place for quality whisky with fantastic Indian food.

Gaucho – They have branches of this famous steak restaurant all over London, but look at the one on Sloane Avenue. This is because it’s close to Chelsea Cloisters, where you will find some of our best ladies!

Does London do it for you


While you’re enjoying the perks of being in London, why not enjoy it with someone as beautiful? Our overnight escorts aren’t the shy type. They would want most of the things, if not all, that you have in mind! So call 24-hour Companions, and spend your time wisely with one of our incredible girls!

There is much to do in London, depending on what you are willing to do. If you’re up to exploring the history while enjoying a cold glass of beer, then visit The Britannia, which is known for its great beer and top-notch food. It was built in 1834, giving you that feeling of touching the history. And I am sure our ladies will be thrilled to enjoy it with you!

Or, if you want to try something new, why not pop into the theatre with one of our escort girls? The Royal Court was named “the most important theatre in Europe” by the New York Times. And in our opinion they are right! You will enjoy it so much that you want to share this experience with someone else! And our escort girls will be able to understand and appreciate this experience as much as you do! You won’t run out of topics to talk about all night, which will add that little extra spice to your date with our escorts!

If you’d instead leave the room, as you probably already spend too much time there working, then our pick is the West End. Spend the day with one of our girls and get the best girlfriend experience day without drama! Don’t forget to visit Kyoto Garden; it is perfect in summer. You will also come across some peacocks and black rabbits; they are way too cute to miss them! Our unique escort girls in London will attract them with their beauty. You need a sense of magic in your life sometimes; trust me, our escort girls will be able to fulfil this.

If your wardrobe is out of new things, and you need to update your fashion sense, look no further! Head to Golborne Road Market. Think Portobello Market, before all tourists and with that little feel of real England, before the big shops with branches in every city. This is an accurate description of Golborne Road nowadays. So, if you’re looking for something unusual with some hipster spice, this place is for you. Our escorts will enjoy this experience and will be able to give you advice on whether or not you should buy it.

London is a fantastic place to live, and while you can, you must enjoy it. Our escort girls in London know how to enjoy their life and time and will be able to help you with it. Call the 24-hour Companions agency today and book your time of enjoyment!

Curves or athletic?


Escorts come in many shapes and sizes, but you can be sure that whether they’re tall, slim, curvy, petite or busty, our escort girls here at 24hr Companions always pay great attention to keeping their bodies looking as perfect as possible and are always immaculately groomed.

Most men seem to have a particular body shape in mind when they’re choosing their escort companion. Maybe they prefer tall escorts because they’re very tall themselves, or perhaps they love the thought of a very slim escort or an extremely curvy escort. However, in our experience, some of the most popular escorts are the petite and the busty. Perhaps it’s because more petite escorts make men feel more masculine, and busty escorts appear more feminine.

Indeed, some of our more well-endowed escorts are always in demand from those men who can’t get enough of big breasts. Of course, there are many theories as to why men love big breasts, ranging from their earliest experience of suckling at the breast to the suggestion that men’s brains are organised in a certain way that makes them attracted to breasts in a sexual context, as this behaviour activates the ‘female bonding circuit’ making women more likely to get intimate. Whatever the explanation, many clients of escort agencies prefer escorts with large breasts, with this being their number one criterion, followed by whether she is a blonde or brunette escort.

On the other hand, more petite escorts are often chosen because they are seen as more vulnerable or submissive, making the client feel more masculine or dominant. Of course, perhaps some men prefer to choose an escort shorter than they are if they feel intimated by being seen by a taller woman. In addition, some very tall men love to meet with petite escorts as it enhances their feeling of superiority or masculinity.

Whether you prefer Busty escorts or petite escorts depends on your preferences. One is not necessarily better than the other. Every guard presented in our escort gallery has their strengths and their unique style of escort services. But you can be sure that when you are looking for escorts in London, whether you prefer short or busty, tall or slim, our agency has some of the best companions around.

Wishing you an exceedingly joyful birthday


Birthdays come around every year; as a child, they are exciting; you feel you could pop with the anticipation of what you have bought. You have a party and balloons and eat as much cake as your body will allow and collapse at the end of the day in a happy, sugar-fueled, dreaming of your best birthday.y As you get older, birthdays become routine and can become monotonous, especially for those who are frantically trying to hold on to youth. Presents become predictive and boring, and all it does is confirm that you are one year closer to incontinence.

For a birthday present that will raise your pulse, make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and make you feel like a teenager again, an evening with an overnight escort is a must. Treat yourself this year to the most thrilling birthday present you will ever have: Justin: contacting 24-hour Companions escorts and describing your perfect woman to the lady on the phone who has the sexiest voice you have ever heard. It’s all in hand, she tells you, and you sit back and wait for the woman of your dreams to knock on your hotel room door.

When that knock comes, you open the door with butterflies in your stomach, and there stands before you is the sexiest female you have ever seen. As you take in her heavenly beauty, she purrs, good evening, sir, may I come in? Unable to speak, you beckon her in and watch her pert bottom as she sashays into your room; she looks, and you break into a cold sweat.

Once you gather yourself, you offer her a drink, and she gladly accepts the moment you sit down together, and your nerves begin to settle. She makes you feel completely relaxed; she has the most amazing body, and while you get to know one another, all you can think of is how you will undress this goddess when you go to the bedroom. We’ll leave it there and let your imagination run wild, but I can guarantee the night you spend with her will be one of the most memorable of your life. A 24hr escort will be the best birthday present you will ever give to yourself; enjoy!

No questions asked


Our ladies can give you the perfect girlfriend experience whenever you want. Most gentlemen like this idea if they are not ready to settle down. They want to see many varieties of ladies of all shapes and cultures and enjoy a bit of ‘spice’ before they take the all-important ‘plunge’. We feel this makes a well-rounded man satisfied with ‘playing the field’ for a while and will make him a better husband in future years. We also think he will well and truly understand women intimately and emotionally, which may not be the case with a gentleman who has just had one or two girlfriends in his life.

If you are fed up with dating, most of the women you meet want a commitment from you and want to get a ring on their finger. Well, fear not; we have many ladies on our books that won’t pressure you for marriage. Like you, they want some fun and won’t have all the other complicated relationship bits that go with dating. They won’t be calling your brief encounter, wondering if you want to see them again. They may like you, but that’s as far as it goes. In our agency, you can see a different girl every night of the week, and you will not get any curt messages or jealous girlfriends stressing you out.

Suppose you think that this is something that would suit you perfectly, then why not look at our gallery to see our fantastic selection of striking girls just ready to be taken out by you and shown off? If naughty fun is what you’re after, we have all kinds of naughty girls that will leave a lasting impression in your memory for many years. Don’t forget to tell all your friends too so they can sample the delights of what you’re tasting. It’s more fun with a group of you, and you can order a group of our ladies for an adult-themed evening.

You have a friend with a string of girls he sees regularly, and you wonder why he doesn’t get any hassle from these ladies. Well, now you know, he probably books them from 24-hour Companions London escorts, and that is why he’s still young, free and single with a smile on his face from non-complicated affairs – he’s free to go out whenever he chooses and go home at whatever hour with nobody calling him wondering where he is. So now you’ve found us, what have you got to lose? We are just a phone call away. You will find our receptionists very warm and friendly and will point you in the right direction if you need advice.