My amazing dates

Okay, I think everything that happened in New York has just about sunk, so I can share it without getting overexcited and adding the word ‘squeal’ after every paragraph! Jim and I had a brief gap whilst I was in a bar with another client and how he promised me the world, and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. His arrogance and boldness were attractive; speaking to me while my date stood 10 feet away was exciting. I see my job as two a   pure ansimplega profession which keeps me in a life of great acquaintances and superb shoppitripsp. Still, every so often, a client will pop up who makes it feel like an actual date – in terms of excitement or emotion or emotion-do not to confuse the two.

So, Jim gave me a little background on himself as he waited for me patiently in my Mayfair apartment as I hunted for my passport. At 46, Jim had pretty much conquered the world of media and had set up publishing houses in London and around the globe, one which saw him net billions in profit a year. He resides mainly in Belgravia (of course) but spends a lot of time in New York without a female companion who floated his boat. He told me he knew while waiting for my champagne to be served that I was something different even by watching my eyes scanning the room, drinking in the other sights and sounds of the wealthy and more affluent more prosperous as told not to pac,k a thing which in my world is bizarre. As a London escort, I have many beautiful dresses, sexy underwear and Louboutins to thrill and excite my clients and that I feel very comfortable in, but he told me not to worry about them. I did, however, contest my make-up bag as when you’re spending 6-7 hours on a plane, a lady likes to freshen up, don’t you know!

So, we went to the airport and bypassed the usual passenger traffic to be ushered to his private and most luxurious jet I have ever had the pleasure of flying on. The pilot and crew were happy, and I should think so too, being that their boss paid them handsomely and treated them with the utmost respect the second we boarded. Usually, I not only crack on the charm for my client and those around me, but Jim was already so attentive that I barely had time to lift the corners of my mouth into a smile in the greeting of the stewardess handing me a glass of my favourite bubbles when Jim gave me the usual envelope of payment and told me that he already knew how worth it I was and that the next couple of days were all about me. I looked confused, so he told me my reputation precedes me, and he would be my Super elite with a twist.

Okay, I feel a squeal coming on; I can’t wait!!!

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