Seeing the sights of London


If you want, you can book one of our lovely ladies for a day out in Hyde Park, especially when the weather gets a little warmer. She will be able to show you the sights. You can pop into a café for a bite, sitting outside watching the world go by cha, talking about everything and anything. You will find our ladies very approachable and warm. They love to meet exciting new people, and it shows. Our 247 escort ladies like to entertain and want to learn new things. It may be that you have had experiences in your past that you would like to share. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself to our lovely companions. They will be too happy to listen to your life experiences, whether high or low; everybody has a story to tell, and it all adds to the rich tapestry of life.

Being in the right place in London can make it easier to see ladies of your choosing. London is a vast place; most of our extraordinary ladies are in central London. Central London is zone 1 of the underground tube system, so if you are in that area, it can be quicker and easier to see a girl of your choice. Bayswater is a trendy area that our ladies reside in; it’s very diverse, with many good eateries and many hotels, some of which are very reasonable. Bayswater escorts are in easy reach of almost all the great places in London. Hyde Park is within easy walking distance, as is Oxford Street and Piccadilly Escorts; if you walk through the Park, you will easily reach Kensington and all its charms.

If you want one of our lovely ladies to visit you 24 hours a day, this is done. Look at our gallery on 24hr Companion’s website and choose whoever takes your fancy. We guarantee every lady you see is a genuine article and will not disappoint. The most challenging thing you must do is choose, and then we will do the rest. Our ladies will be with you as soon as possible – usually within 30 minutes of your call, where she will be snuggled up with you in the comfort of your hotel. You may find that one hour is not long enough. As you both begin to talk, you will be mesmerised by her charming personality and want her to stay longer, so be warned, our ladies are highly addictive.

So next time you’re staying in London, think of Bayswater Escorts; you will have everything at your fingertips, it’s easier to get to our ladies, and it will be easier for our ladies to get to you; there are so many other affluent places nearby. The hotels are affordable and plentiful, which we think you will agree is the place to be!!

Three is most certainly not a crowd


As with many gentlemen, we always get calls asking for two ladies to see, preferably in their apartment. Our client this evening had never seen two ladies together and wanted to experience for the first time what his friends were raving about. 24-hour Companions first knew of the perfect place and, indeed, the ideal escorts to visit. Our client was in central London, and we offered him Chelsea escorts for convenience. We knew he liked busty ladies, so Kelly and Kamila were right up his street.

We gave him the lady’s address via text, which he was happy to receive, but because of privacy, we reminded him to delete it as soon as he arrived at the lady’s address. Our client came to Sloane Avenue in Chelsea and could walk into the building without hassle; he quickly went into the lift and was taken to the floor, where he got out and found the room number. There, Kelly and Kamila greeted him. Both girls are stunning and very friendly. Our client felt very relaxed. He was offered a drink before our ladies entertained him.

Slowing, and indeed, our client got into the spirit of things where our ladies knew how to please any discerning gentleman. Their heavenly bodies entwined with the gentleman watching; he desperately wanted to get involved with the action, too. Now, our client knows the hype and wonders why he hadn’t done this before. He knew that he had made the right choice, the right choice in ladies and the right choice of the number of ladies.

His encounter was something that he would want to try again, maybe with another two of our gorgeous babes. 24-hour Companions have many affairs for you to try and experience. We are very knowledgeable about our ladies and will always aim to send you the proper ladies for you, whatever you’d like to share. So, if you’ve ever wanted to try something new but never had the courage, why not call us? And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what our lovely companions can offer you, with no pressure, just pleasure!!!

Why our ladies are so much fun


Abdul has just started a new job where he had to travel to different cities, and London was one of them. His company had booked him in the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, which was very luxurious; he had just been promoted, and although he worked hard, the perks such as staying in hotels like these were undoubtedly worth it. He wanted to play and wondered what it would be like if he booked an elite escort for the evening. First, he wanted to see what the casino was like downstairs. He wandered down, bought a few chips, and placed some on the roulette; he looked around and saw many other gentlemen accompanied by beautiful women and felt a little lonely without somebody on his arm.

Abdul went back upstairs and looked on the internet to search for escort agencies and came across 24-hour Companions offering outcalls and in-calls. He nervously called but was pleasantly surprised at the friendly welcome he got from one of our receptionists. He asked if anybody could come to his hotel and maybe accompany him to the casino, which was located in his hotel. We discussed prices, and Abdul was pleased and quoted for a few hours. He wanted an elite lady, so we booked Abi, the gorgeous brunette lady who wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk or in Vogue magazine. Abdul wanted the top’, and we knew exactly what he was after.

Abigail arrived at Abdul’s hotel, where Abdul was a little anxious, wondering if the lady he had looked at on the website was her. She was thinking of ways to escape the situation if the escort was not the lady advertised. Abdul needn’t have worried as when he opened his hotel room door, there stood there, looking even better in the flesh than she did on the website (if possible). She was absconding and could not wait to take her down to the casino so heads would turn – 24-hour Companions certainly did their job rig, ht and wow, what a choice, he was one lucky man.

Abdul had such a fantastic evening; he even a few hundred pounds on blackjack, then had a lovely supper with Abigail – they both got on very well, indeed,d and Abdul stayed up a little later than he should have!!! It was worth it, though. The following evening,g he called 24-hour Companions and told us he was giving Abigail an excellent review and would book her again when he was next in town. Oh, and he did get up in time in the morning bright and early but with a vast ‘spring’ in his step, which only 24-hour Companions and Abigail could have given him!!

Planning a stag weekend?


Our client was finally tying the knot and was saying goodbye to his wild weekends of London escorts (just for now, anyway). He was getting married in a few months and wanted something memorable for his stag weekend. He has many great friends who have always been there for him, and his dream has been for him and his best mates to join him in his last weekend of freedom. Timothy approached 24-hour Companions a little dubious that we could fulfil his wishes and needs. Timothy had booked an exclusive hotel in the country and booked most, if not all, of the rooms out for his stag weekend. Timothy had asked for ten elite ladies to accompany him and his party.

24-hour Companions quickly got onto his request; bookings like these take a little preparation, ensuring that all the young ladies are available at the same time to travel together to the hotel. Timothy had paid for taxis in advance using Addison Lee. 24-hour Companions chose the most sumptuous ladies you could think of for Timothy’s special weekend. We had Catherine, Kitty, Patsy, Kendra, and Fryda, the cream of the crop with amiable and bubbly personalities, which we knew would impress Timothy’s party guests.

When the ladies visited Timothy’s luxury country hotel, they were amazed at how lovely it was. Timothy greeted them, and he swiftly introduced all the ladies to his guests. The ladies were offered champagne and foo,d where business was sorted there; then everybody could relax and enjoy the evening ahead. Champagne flowed; some of our ladies gave the gentleman a sexy floor show to get everybody in the mood. The music and ambience were jrirightd everybody involved felt very relaxed. The girls had some excellent party games; the guys loved every minute…

All our ladies knew precisely how to treat every gentleman, and the gentlemen knew learned respect and indeed knew how to have a good time with our stag party ladies. Our ladies aim to please 24 hours and know what is required of them; they love men who respect what they do and let them take the lead, which makes these sorts of weekends memorable for years to come.

Timothy was over the moon with his stag weekend and promptly called 24-hour Companions to thank us and the ladies for making it uncomplicated and straightforward for him and his guests. He promised that if any of his friends were getting married in the future, he would persuade them to book with us, and do you know what? I think they will revert, and not just for a stag party…

A run through the scenario


You can call and ask for one of our most exquisite girls. You’re staying at an exclusive hotel in central London, you’re a little nervous at first, but you are taken aback at how relaxed and friendly the receptionists are at 24hr Companions, you can ask about your particular desires and preferences. 24-hour escorts can make excellent suggestions and have chosen a lady called Sophia for his evening. She is contacted, and she arrives swiftly at your hotel – you open the hotel room door and standing elegantly is beautiful Sofia, whose legs go on forever and has a beautiful face, somebody who wouldn’t look out of place in a Bond movie.

Of course, you want to get the business side out of the way and immediately pay; you only wanted an hour, but on seeing this beauty and charm, you decide to book her for a few more hours as you want to show off this beauty at an expensive restaurant in Mayfair. You and Sophia go to Scott’s fish restaurant, chatting excitedly as you have much in common. You can’t believe such a beauty could be so easy to talk to. Dinner is over, time has flown, and you have had a wonderful time in the restaurant for nearly 2 hours.

You believe you have known her for ages and are happy with how she carries herself in public; it’s as if you’ve known her for years… The best is coming, as Sofia can return to your hotel room for a nightcap. You pour a drink and ask if you wouldn’t mind staying a few more hours. Sophia promptly agrees – she loves your company as you are such a gentleman and is happy to stay longer in your luxury hotel. One thing leads to another, and it’s getting very late; Sofia needs to leave, and of course, you need your sleep. She has fulfilled your every wish, and you have fulfilled Sophia’s, too, being such a kind, caring and considerate client.

These escort bookings are genuine, and you will feel like this gentleman if you book 24-hour companion escorts. We are here to help 24 hours a day, so you will always find a convenient time to contact us. So why not see what 24-hour Companion beauties we offer, you may sur? You with our elite classy ladies.