Beauty Queens From Across The Globe


You may sample a few exotic ladies, or you may want to try. We want to give you the opportunity here at Agency Pink to sample the delights of every nationality. We think you will be impressed at the diverse array of ladies we have on our books. All of our beautiful belles speak English very well, but if you prefer to have somebody speak your ‘mother tongue’ or if you like the sound of another language which you think will heighten the pleasure, then why not ask your companion if she will honour your wishes? We are sure she will oblige. A sexy Italian accent is bound to be very erotic.

Brazilian Escorts:

We have a selection of Brazilian babes that are always eager to please, with their pert attributes and ample assets. Brazilian ladies have a natural, healthy relationship with their bodies; they don’t mind the lights on and love to show off their natural curves.

Italian Escorts:

If Italian ladies are your passion, look no further than Agency Pink, as we have a selection of the finest. Italian ladies take care of their bodies and love fashion (Italy is one of the major fashion centres in the world). Italian ladies are passionate, and they love good food and fine wine. They are captivating companions and very good-looking, sensual and seductive.

English Escorts:

If you like English girls, you may think of ‘Bond Girls’, and you’ll be quite right, but don’t underestimate their sweet nature as you will love their wit and charm as well as their beautiful soft skin and gentle way about them. They are very kind and generous, offering you more than you’ve bargained for.

Eastern European Escorts:

If Eastern European girls are attractive, we have many girls just for you, with their fair skin, delicate facial features and striking eyes. They are incredibly sexy, generous ladies with outstanding personalities to match.

These are just a few nationalities we offer you at 24-hour Companions. We have many more exotic beauties for you to try. If you want advice, then you can always call us, and our team of receptionists will be pleased to help you find your perfect date. We only employ the best ladies. We choose them based on beauty, charm, honesty and personality. We know there are many escort ladies to choose from in other agencies, but we want you as the customer to feel safe knowing that we employ only the best girls to enjoy, so you will want to come back for seconds…

Spreading the word


Like with any good business, word of mouth is a powerful tool, and if you have found 24-hour Companions a pleasurable experience, then we would like you to tell your friends or colleagues about us. You may want to organise a get-together with your friends and a few of our ladies, how much fun would that be? You probably will be very popular for months to come when you have introduced your colleagues to 24-hour Companions. Imagine the scenario: you have booked an enormous suite in one of London’s top hotels, champagne is flowing and in walks in 3, 4 or maybe five gorgeous girls, all uniquely beautiful in their way. Our escorts in London are ‘fun’ girls and will love to get your ‘party’ started and stay with you till the wee small hours.

We have had many happy customers, so why not take the time to read some of our reviews on the agency website? Our girls are honest, trustworthy, and want repeated business, so they will always want to please you in every possible way imaginable. You may want to celebrate a birthday, a job promotion, or treat yourself and colleagues to some ‘good memories’. You can hire our escort ladies for many different functions. You may want to clinch that deal with a rich potential client. What better way than to book some hot ladies for the evening, giving that ‘eye candy’ appeal rather than men in suits just at your function? These ladies will certainly liven things up, and there may be more than one business deal to be done….

So spread the word to everybody you know. Everybody deserves a treat now and then. It’s a straightforward process: you and your friends pick the girls that you are interested in, our team will confirm whether they are available, and then our escort agency will put your team of girls together. Your chosen companions will all come at the same time to your hotel. Then, you can sample the simple pleasures of life. You cannot underestimate the ‘feel good’ factor making your colleagues more productive and taking your relationship with your workmates to another level by discovering the ‘real them’ – ‘team building’ if you like. You will have a lot of ‘happy’ colleagues on Monday morning…

Anonymous London


London is a vibrant city full of people of every creed and colour. You can get lost in being anonymous in this city, which is quite reassuring when you want to see one of our beautiful ladies. Our escorts in the City are discrete anyway, but there are so many people going about their business in London that nobody cares what you are up to. You could be with a gorgeous lady in a Casino, and the chances are anybody recognising you are very rare. So don’t be worried about not fulfilling your whole perfect evening as you will be able to in this City.

London has many Casinos, and we all enjoy a ‘flutter’ here and there. Here at 24hr Companions, we know a few favourite Casinos of our clients and want to share them with you. The Sportsman Casino and Restaurant is a premier gaming establishment. It boasts state-of-the-art technology for the perfect members’ club atmosphere. Flame in London’s Leicester Square is another high-class casino with a restaurant to match, serving fine quality steaks for when you get a bit hungry. The Ritz in Piccadilly is situated in the famous hotel, with its glitz and glamour, you will have to ‘dress to impress’. It boasts beautiful, intimate dining rooms, too. The Colony Club Restaurant, situated in London’s Mayfair, is very popular with celebrities and consummate hard workers alike. Their restaurant has the finest cuisines from Asia, the Middle East and the Orient.

Remember that you want to look the part in one of London’s top casinos with that exuberant lady on your arm. This is where Agency Pink comes in very handy. Casinos are full of ‘beautifully groomed ‘people, and of course, you are one of these people, and all you need now is the perfect accessory on your arm. Our ladies are always immaculately presented, so she will never look out of place with you. Your Casino night will be much more fun with somebody else sharing your luck. If you are a serious gambler and like to do these things alone, when you have collected your chips at the end of the night, why not give us a call, and we can have a London escort over that can share you’re winnings and glory with you!

We will never share your contact information with anybody else, so be assured that if you contact us, your number will not be used again. You may, of course, request us to contact you to tell you of any new ladies that would be of interest to you, but again, that will be on your say-so, and we will never ‘randomly’ call you when you have gone back to your ‘everyday’ life. We will only need to text you the ladies’ addresses that you are visiting for convenience and a list of ladies available for you to look at on our gallery if a pen isn’t available to you. The ladies will never have your number, so you will be safe knowing nobody will find out about your rendezvous. Please delete the lady’s addresses afterwards, as we cannot be responsible for your error!!

Play The Lead


Here at 24hr Companions, we have experienced ladies wanting you to play out your wildest naughty thoughts. We have a fantastic selection of ladies waiting for you to take the leading role and for them to be your leading lady. Whatever you’re into, we guarantee that we will have that special lady who will bring that particular fantasy to life. Even if you have never dared to act out a role, you will feel relaxed that you can do that, and maybe you will get carried away.

Imagine the lady of your dreams sitting in a bar, and it would take you a lot of courage to ask if she would like a drink. You would think that she was out of your league. This is the beauty of ordering one of our 24 hour escort ladies. You can have that beautiful lady sitting in a bar with you. Or, you can pretend she’s a stranger and go up to her without saying anything, take her by the hand and lead her to your hotel room. What an ego boost that would indeed be, and you could make this a reality if you make that call to 24-hour Companions; what are you waiting for…

You may want one of our lovely ladies to be in control; you may always have to control things in your everyday life, and this time, you want somebody else to tell you what to do. A dominant lady is quite sexy. We have a good selection of ‘leading ladies’ here at Pink that will make the strongest of characters melt, and then you will be able to forget yourself for a while whilst our feisty lady works her wonders on you; just relax and enjoy it will be a worthwhile pleasurable experience. From blonde escorts to beautiful brunettes and redheads, with a large selection of girls available 24 hours a day, you’re spoilt for choice. Of course, as soon as you have left our sexy lady, you can return to your old self and take on the world!!

Whenever You’re Ready


With all your working hours, it doesn’t give us much time to play. That’s why here at 24hr Companions, we work 24 hours, so you will have no excuse not to be able to fit one of our 24hr escorts into your busy schedule. If you call our friendly team of receptionists, they will be able to get your perfect companion for you at your desired time. If you want a lady now, we can get her now!! Our receptionists understand that your time is precious, are conscious of your needs, and pride ourselves in excellent customer satisfaction.

If it suits you, you can book in advance. Then you will be safe knowing that your lovely lady of choice is there for you when you arrive in the Capital, which is one less thing to worry about. Our gorgeous girls are always punctual, and if there is an unforeseeable delay, we will constantly update you on how long your lady will take to arrive. If you want peace of mind that you get your ideal escort, you can book in advance so you won’t be disappointed if your preferred companion is unavailable.

Even if your preferred companion choice is unavailable, we at Pink suggest another beautiful lady close to or better than your original choice. We are confident that you will be pleased with our recommendations. Whatever the time of day our lovely ladies visit you, you can be sure they are very considerate of your needs and very discrete. They will dress appropriately and won’t look out of place. Our girls know how to act and speak respectably, making our agency elite. We want you to enjoy your experience and hopefully want to return and meet a few others of our gorgeous escorts.

So whenever you are ready, we are here 24, prepared to answer your call and put you together with the lady of your dreams. We are a respected escort agency in London and have had many happy customers who have returned time after time. We also have a turnaround of new young ladies, so you’ll never have to worry about seeing the same companion twice if that’s what you want. You may, however, have a favourite girl and want to make sure you see her regularly. Here at 24hr Companions, whatever you wish, we can make it happen. It’s a stress-free process, and we will try to give you customer satisfaction.