The best Brazilian girls


At 24hr Companions, we are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of gorgeous young Brazilian escorts coming to our fair aisle. oftenn wonder why, seeing as Brazil is an exotic paradise, and London is, well, a miserable, grey town… If given the option, we’d be by the beach sipping rum punch in our underwear any day of the week, but there’s something about the city they seem attracted to.

Well, it’s our good fortune anyway, as we get a constant influx of sexy Latino ladies who adore having flirtatious fun. So we can’t complain. Recently, we’ve had a fair few landing in London to join our agency as soon as the plane touches down… So, we thought we would give them the limelight this week and showcase our top Brazilian lovelies!


Tasmin is naturally gorgeous; this Brazilian beauty has a natural glow about her skin, a real palpable energy that permeates any room she is in. Sweet, charming, and sexy, Tasmin has it all. An escort that knows just how to get you in the mood, she will find your fetishes and exploit them! With a fantastic body, her long, flowing blonde hair sweeps across her breasts. You will find her only in the finest lingerie, stark whites complimenting her skin.


There’s not much to say about this gorgeous, olive olive-skinned Brazilian that her pictures can’t tell you. She’s got a flawless figure and comes with a complimentary, compact package. Her pert breasts and well-rounded rear will have you licking your lips. One of our most popular 24/7 London escorts, she is the regular’s favourite – full of energy, excitement and genuine desire.


Any time spent with Maria is time you wish would last forever. She is simply beautiful – this 5ft 6” Brazilian, and her hunger and thirst for sweaty, naughty fun is second to none! Just like any typical Brazilian woman, Maria is all about her aesthetic, her ample bottom, and her large breasts; she wants to be desired. She craves being craved and wants you drooling when you see her in beautiful lingerie.

So go on, try yourself mind-blowing wing Brazilian!!

The higher the heel the sexier the escort


Ladies for centuries have favoured the look of a good heel; it makes them feel very feminine and enhances their silhouette even more. When you look closer at our gallery of ladies, you will see that all of the ladies featured will have a pair of heels on. We think they would look naked without them on. So whether you are a man who likes their ladies to keep their shoes on, we have the perfect escort with various shoes for you to lust over.

One of the most popular requests at 24hr Companions is for our escort girls to dress in sexy outfits and high heels. The most popular fetish around, a woman in heels, is something to behold. The allure, the desire; there’s something about them that screams out sensuality.

I guess it has something to do with the pain that the women put themselves through to make their legs look better. As Margaret Attwood called them, these “delicate instruments of torture” are a woman’s way of showing off her features, making that ass pop out and highlighting her feet.

And whilst feet aren’t everyone’s favourite cup of tea, you can’t deny that a woman in lingerie and high heels is a sight to behold.

No wonder our ladies have their wardrobes busting at the seams with designer heels; shoes are an escort’s favourite possession, as with most ladies. Just as men love cars, women love shoes.

So, without rambling on much further, take a look at some of our hottest escorts in high heels and get an idea of the mischief that could be in store for you if you make an escort booking.

School girl crushes


There’s something incredibly sexy about a girl in a tight white shirt, knee-high socks, and a pleated skirt hiked up. It will drive any man crazy with desire. A nubile young teen practically begging for it, a twinkle in her eyes, reminds our clients of their first encounter…

One of the most common role-play fantasies our clients tell us about, the school girl thing, is something that a lot of our gorgeous London escorts are more than happy to oblige with – they love the kinkiness of dressing up as a teen girl – tight school girl uniform and hair in bunches – just for you!

A surprising amount of our 224-hour escorts have a range of outfits they love to dress up in; what can we say? Living out role-play fantasies is one of their favourite things to do. Bringing your imagination to real life, their bespoke service is tailored to whatever your dreams are. So, before we get into the fantasy, take a look at some of the ladies that you could be booking!


There are very few words you can say about a girl that is so gorgeous. A beautiful brunette with a figure that will have your trousers bursting at the seams, Mel loves to flaunt her cute little behind, lovely legs and pert breasts in the naughtiest lingerie. Imagine seeing those see-through panties poking out the bottom of her tartan skirt…


Now, if we were still in school, Roxy would be the kind of girl with ripped knees on her tights, smoking cigarettes behind the bike shed. The original bad girl, Roxy, is a schoolgirl role-play escort who also likes to party! A kinky, naughty girl, if you’re looking for pure raunchy filth – get her dressed in knee-high socks!


This sexy young blonde lady is the epitome of the school uniform escort! A petite young blonde, A level escort who loves a guy who knows how to work her. She’s a little minx naughty but sweet and innocent looking. Don’t be fooled – this little ball of fun will surely keep you going all night long.

So, how do you book a date with one of our schoolgirl role-play escorts? Well, it’s relatively simple. If you have chosen any of the ladies on this page, give us a call, and when you are making your booking, make sure to tell whoever answers the phone that you would like your chosen girl to dress up in a school uniform.

Don’t worry, 24-hour Companions escorts, there is no taboo, and we ensure absolute discretion, so don’t worry about telling us your fantasies – we’ve heard them all before!

Five star hotels


Let’s have a look at one of London’s finest hotels. Our 24-hour Companions ladies spend time in many London hotels, and Claridge’s is just one of them. This enables us to give you a little inside information.

Claridge’s is among the elite luxury hotels in London, and it ranks up there with The Ritz, The Dorchester, The Mandarin Oriental and The Intercontinental, to name a few. The style and luxury are evident when you walk into the place. You know from the start that only the best of the best stay here, or the richest of the rich! Money talks in this city, as we’re sure you’re already aware.

This Hotel is famous for afternoon tea, and several great old institutions are still renowned for this. The Ritz and Claridge’s are among those, of course. Afternoon tea needn’t always be simply tea; you can have your cakes and traditional English cucumber sandwiches served with a bottle of excellent champagne. There is nothing like sitting in a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon, eating cake and sipping champagne; something feels so delightfully wrong about it. We’re sure that if you’d like to invite one of our London escorts for afternoon tea, they would find it fun and highly original. It would be different from simply turning up at your hotel room door; of course, you could always get cake and champagne (or tea) delivered to your room!

This hotel is in a near-perfect location if you want a little peace yet remain close enough to the hustle and bustle of the city to do your shopping on Bond Street, Oxford Street, Saville Row and Piccadilly. Room service is top-notch and arrives promptly when ordered. The rooms are outstanding and tastefully decorated.

Should you wish to have a beautiful lady visit you at Claridge’s, tell us when you call us. You may be required to meet the lady in the lobby or leave specific instructions at the desk to allow admittance to your room. Alternatively, you could always treat your escort to dinner and meet her in the restaurant. Having dinner here really is something to remember, and later on, you might like to take your lady of choice back to your room for a little nightcap and some stimulating conversation.

Glamorous West End ladies


As a 24-hour escort agency, we cater to nocturnal clients who need to let loose. London is a great city to let your hair down because nobody minds your business, and you can have as much fun as possible without infringing on other people’s enjoyment. When you need a company to share a great night out with you, beautiful London escorts are undoubtedly the best choice. Glamorous, friendly and fun, our ladies at 24hr Companions have a lot of stamina for the good things in life.

London is famous for many things, and its fabulous, busy nightlife is one of them. Who hasn’t heard of Soho and the bustling area of Piccadilly? There are just as many things to do during the night time as there are during the day. We don’t know about you, but nothing is more exciting than going out at night in the city with an array of gorgeous, outgoing London escorts. These girls know how to party, and their upbeat spirit is infectious!

If you are wondering where to go in London for your night out, we can advise on upmarket bars and clubs in London. You can also inject spontaneity by going to the bars and seeing where the night takes you. Jewel in Piccadilly is an elegant cocktail bar with a DJ and great drinks list. In the heart of London’s West End, Bar Rumba Soho is a noisy and fun venue to enjoy with your companion. If you love glamour and a chic crowd, Wyld Bar will hit the sweet spot. For an exotic mix of dim sum and cocktails, The Opium Cocktail and Dim Sum Parlour at The Jade Door is a nice change.

So when in Rome, why not treat yourself to a gorgeous West End lady and enjoy London even more!!