Get the Birthday present


Birthdays come around every year; as a child, they are exciting; you feel you could pop with the anticipation of what you have bought. You have a party and balloons, eat as much cake as your body will allow and collapse at the end of the day in a happy sugar, sugar-fueled daze, dreaming of the best birthday you ever had.

As you get older, birthdays become routine and can become monotonous, especially for those who are frantically trying to hold on to youth. Presents become predictive and boring, and all it does is confirm that you are one year closer to incontinence.

For a birthday present that will raise your pulse, make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and make you feel like a teenager again, an evening with 24-hour CoCompanions is a must.

Treat yourself this year to the most thrilling birthday present you will ever have; contact 224-hourCompanions and describe your perfect woman to the lady on the phowhich’shos, the sexiest voice you have ever heard. It’s all in hand, she tells you, and you sit back and wait for the woman of your dreams to knock on your hotel room door. When that knock comes, you open the door with butterflies in your stomach, and there stands before you is the sexiest female you have ever seen.

Once you gather yourself you offer her a drink, and she gladly accepts; from the moment you sit down together, your nerves begin to settle. She chats with you and flirts and makes you feel completely relaxed; she has the most amazing body, and while you get to know one another, all you can think of is how you will undress this goddess when you go to the bedroom. We’ll leave it there and let your imagination run wild, but I can guarantee the night you spend with her will be one of the most memorable of your life. A 24hr escort for the night will be the best birthday present you will ever give to yours.lf, enjoy!

Marvellous Mayfair


The district of Mayfair in the borough of Westminster is one of London’s finest residential areas. Mayfair took its name from the fortnight-long May Fair, held there annually during the seventeenth century. Mayfair takes a prime position between London’s most prestigious shopping streets, Oxford Street, Regent Street and Park Lane, meaning property in the area is in high demand. It is one of the most expensive and exclusive areas of London to live in. The district has a long and colourful aristocratic history, with some famous establishments as old as the district itself.

Mayfair has always been one of London’s and the world’s most famous shopping districts. Home to the eminent tailors of the aristocratic, Saville Row to the east of the area, and New and Old Bond Street to the West, specialising in couture clothing, jewellery and antiques. Mayfair draws a very exclusive, affluent crowd of residents and visitors, all wanting to experience the lifestyle in this quintessentially upper-class English borough.

Our 24-hour Companion escorts are very refined for this high-class British area. And even our cheaper escorts in London will make you the envy of Mayfair. All of our ladies are divine. When accompanying you on a date in Mayfair, you will draw admiring glances from men and women alike, wondering who this fabulous young lady is.

One hotel we must mention when discussing the best places to spend time in Mayfair is the legendary 5-star luxury hotel, The Mayfair Hotel, Stratton Street. The Mayfair Hotel, opened in 1927 by King George, is a metropolitan haven with a rich history. Over the past century, the hotel has welcomed many famous and royal visitors through its historic doors. The hotel is the perfect place to spend a naughty weekend with a 24-hour Companion. With a luxury spa, a Casino and a fine dining restaurant and bar, you need not leave the luxurious comfort of this legendary hotel.

Another classic British institution is Claridge’s Brook Street. Claridge’s opened in 1856 and was a favourite of the royal family and heads of state. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were regular visitors to this luxurious British hotel. Claridge’s is an art deco masterpiece and, over the decades, has been adopted as the London residence of many of the glamorous 1950s Hollywood movie stars, including Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn and Bing Crosby. Spencer Tracy once said he would rather go to Claridge’s than heaven when he dies.

We can guarantee that after an evening with a sensational 24-hour Companion in Claridge’s hotel, you will feel the same.

We care about client’s feedback


Many first-time customers get the impression that our cheap escorts are not going to be friendly or be able to speak good English, but that is not the case at all with any of our 24-hour Companions. They are very friendly and easy to talk to, not to mention having a great sense of humour.

Our client booked a fabulous 24-hour Companion from us, and he called back to comment that it was one of the best agencies he had come across recently. He told us that we have a great website where you can find images and information about all the escorts they have available at the minute.

You can see all of our ladies in our Gallery; feast your eyes on all the beautiful ladies we have, all chosen for looks but, most importantly, selected for their great feedback from many happy clients, which, by the way, return time after time. The client also commented that our beautiful lady, even though one of our cheaper escorts, could easily be a model with her looks, but it is not just her looks that he was attracted to; her personality was great, and when he spoke with her it was like they were old friends.

Although our client works quite often in the city, he hadn’t visited this area before, so he didn’t know which bars and restaurants were the best to go to. But that was not an issue as our friendly reception staff were on hand to recommend where was best and where their escorts enjoyed going. The restaurant we visited was incredible, and all parties involved were pleased!

How do you impress our ladies?


What makes 24-hour Companion ladies so unique? Well, of course, our ladies will stop you and make you pay attention to the beautiful escorts we have listed. Stunning ladies who are the type of women you usually dream about. Each of the girls has a different background, but all have one thing in common, and that is they are the perfect women to spend time with. Available to book all day, every day, no matter what you plan, you can always fit these models into your schedule. Visit our escort gallery on our website and browse through and choose which beautiful escort is the right choice for you.

The most common questions people ask are: what is the best way to impress the girls? Well, you can imagine that the best practice is treating them respectfully. Every woman likes someone who takes excellent care of them and shows them a good time. However, if you offer them a good time, they will return the favour. Our girls love wine and dining, so taking them to a luxury restaurant will always start the night well. London has excellent restaurants with extraordinary chefs who will complete your favourite dishes. Following this, you can keep the drinks following along with your charm.

Our girls love to meet new people and explore different cultures. Stopping at a 5-star hotel is always a wise choice, as these ladies love living in luxury. If you are looking to buy them a present, then we suggest anything from handbags, shoes and jewellery.

So impress our London escorts and have the time of your life. You can find so much to do with these girls. London is full of great venues which make nothing but the best memories. We encourage everyone to try our agency, especially if you want a 24hr service. Go and enjoy yourself with the most beautiful women in London.

Docklands escorts


Booking a 24-hour city escort to London’s Docklands is also a great idea if you wish to make of your time by enjoying the many great restaurants and amenities in the area.

One Canada Square Restaurant at 1 Canada Square is a modern and chic venue that feels convivial and lively on weekday nights. The contemporary European cuisine and cheese board is just perfect with wines or a selection of cocktails to share with your Docklands escort.

Seafood or Japanese sushi lovers will be impressed with Roka Canary Wharf, at 40 Canada Square 4 Park Pavilion, a classy and busy venue with a reputation as one of the best Japanese restaurants in London.

Fresh, seasonal British fare cannot be better represented than at Tom’s Kitchen, at 11 Westferry Circus, an exquisite restaurant full of creativity and vibrant ideas for the menu.

If sharing size platters of tapas paired with dazzling Spanish wine fills you with delight, then Iberica, at 12 Cabot Square, is the closest you can get to the flavours of Barcelona in London.

Clients may also book an overnight escort to Canary Wharf from an agency such as 24hr Companions; many of the Central London escorts will be able to travel to Docklands if the client can cover travel expenses,

Time flies by when you are having fun, and an overnight booking may come when you decide to extend the exciting time you enjoy with your companion. Why not take her back to your hotel, or she can accommodate you back in her apartment?