You’ve come to the right place


Do you ever worry that the girls you book will look like you have just booked them? When our girls go out for dates with clients, they make a considerable effort to ensure their look matches the occasion. They are familiar with most of the city’s best hotels, restaurants and clubs so they know what to wear. They pick their outfits so that they fit right in. If they have never been to the venue before, they phone ahead and find out from the Maître’s what the dress code is. They pick out jewellery that is expensive but discreet.

Beforehand, they often find out a bit about their clients – their interests, their jobs and where they are going so that there will be plenty to talk to them about. If you saw them out and about, you would think they were an ordinary kind of couple on a date – though, of course, you might look twice at our ladies, and you might envy the man that they are with.

They then apply make-up which highlights and showcases their best features but always make sure it doesn’t look overdone or tarty.

Our escorts in London have been on plenty of dates where they have been approached – by a client’s colleagues or friends. They have been in many restaurants with clients. For example, an acquaintance of our client kept staring at one of our ladies, and then he began asking questions – how did they know each other? Where had they met? How long had they been seeing each other, where did our lady come from, etc.? Of course, our ladies are experts in dealing with such questions and batting them off.

Our lady answered a few of his questions with very plausible answers and then employed her favourite fail-safe trick – she turned it round to him, asked him plenty of questions about himself, and it worked a charm. He lapped up the questions and the attention, and five minutes later, her client and our escort could extricate themselves from the situation. So it’s a fail-safe plan to book a date with 24-hour Companions.

If you love to ‘dress up’


Many of our ladies love to dress up; they love it if clients ask for that request. Now, it could be that the client wants them to dress up in something sophisticated for a dinner date. Sometimes, the recommendations are a bit saucier.

We once had a client who wanted our ladies to dress down. It was very easy for our London escorts, of course; all they had to do was think about the lingerie they had to wear. If this sounds intriguing, then it was. Our ladies were glad, though, that this gentleman booked in the winter months!!!

Our client asked our ladies to come to his hotel room dressed in a fur coat and just some stockings underneath with killer high heels. He booked a lady every day for a week, and he was particular about the colour stockings each girl had to wear every day.

He booked seven ladies and knew exactly what colour he wanted them to wear; he even paid for the stockings. Our ladies were excited to go out shopping for luxurious socks.

Our girls and client thoroughly enjoyed their experience, and the guy wasn’t ‘weird’ or anything like that; on the contrary, he just had a passion for beautiful women dressed in expensive stockings so he could admire a woman’s body.

He was a very respectful young gentleman, and we fulfilled his passion.

If you love the female body and have a particular fantasy, we at 24hr Companions can help you fulfil your dreams. Just ask, and we can just about make anything a reality!!

Companions for a rainy day


If you come from hotter climates like many of our gorgeous Brazilian escorts, the cooler weather may be a nice change from the heat in Rio. At any rate, you will be more inclined to enjoy indoor activities, and in London, there are plenty of exciting diversions for you.

If you are like the rest of us Londoners who must put up with the overcast skies and raindrops, then do not despair. Some research has found that our productivity increases during lousy weather; we are less distracted by the thought of enjoying a sangria on the beach and calling friends to hang out with. That is great news if bad weather occurs during the week: we can bury our heads in work and free up more time for the weekend!

Culturally rich and dynamic, our city has many art museums, theatres, fine dining restaurants, concert halls, West End venues and art galleries to enjoy. Many platforms are open till late, so you can make the most of the nightlife in the City!

You can even unwind by staying in and opting for room service or making a reservation at the ballet, opera, West End show, or whatever takes your fancy. Of course, being social creatures, we do much better with company who can share the experience of a great night out or in.

24-hour Companions are the first port of call for many visitors to the city because their companionship, availability and entertainment skills are second to none. Booking our 24-hour escorts is convenient and can be done simply over the phone with the utmost discretion. Many high-class escort agencies such as 24hr Companions have escorts who could arrive at the client’s venue within 30 minutes in Central London and even accept many different currencies! When it comes to enjoying a rainy day with company, no one is more stylish or sensual than high-class escorts, so this could be the best way to while away a week of bad weather in London.

A winter adventure


Our ladies at 24-hour Companions Escorts are ready for any special event throughout the year. This year, we have a selection of the best companions available! To ascertain which lovely ladies are available, ask our helpful staff or use the home page category selector for stunning escorts.

The winter is here, and you can still always party and have fun -why not visit the fantastic venues in London? Our London escorts love nothing more than to make you feel like the most special VIP person in the world; it can be said that 24-hour Companions Escorts represent London escorts of the highest calibre, which you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, guaranteed.

Booking an escort is the simplest thing to do. There are no hurdles, paper-works, long-winded email exchanges (unless you enjoy lengthy email correspondences) and complicated screening procedures to make a reservation. Our years of experience have taught us that convenience, reliability, consistency and discretion matter to our clients.

First, call us and tell us who you’d like to book. We’ll check your chosen escort’s availability and confirm a time. To verify with us, we need a few details about the venue and any booking requests. The last step is to wait for your chosen escort to arrive punctually on time. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Something extra special


Of all the different types of escorts, executive escorts are the most alluring for clients; their understanding of the corporate world and enjoyment of being a sensual young woman is the most intriguing.

If you wish to combine business with pleasure whilst in London, then executive escorts are ideal for both corporate functions and personal companionship.

Executive escorts offer a specialist service beyond private entertainment and partying. The nature of this service is reflected in the price, which is often in the £500+ range. Although the rates are premium, you can rest assured that your companion is reliable and professional and blends well in any high-powered corporate event—many of our discreet executive models are qualified professionals who are confident to be placed in such an environment.

If you need to impress delegates at a business party or celebrate closing a business deal, our elite escorts at 24-hour Companions are the best you will find anywhere in London.

To book an escort is very simple: our hard-working staff is contactable 24, seven days a week all year round, so your inquiries can be answered promptly. If you prefer to book online, a reservation form has all the information necessary and fields to help us arrange a booking for you. It would help if you gave at least half a day’s notice for corporate bookings for the escort to prepare and choose suitable attire.

A simple screening is necessary to confirm a booking. If you are staying in a hotel, we need your reservation details to verify you are a guest, and if you have booked an office, then the landline for the office must be provided.