Top hotels at top prices


24-hour Companions know hotels like they know London, inside and out. If the rating is 5-star and the restaurants within have a Michelin star accreditation, our London escorts will learn all about it. Hotels in and around Park Lane are usually hot spots for client out calls. These luxurious hotels are luxurious because they are in prime locations, and people pay top dollar to stay in one of these beautiful hotels. We like, from time to time, to give good advice and a bit of helpful or informative information – even if some of these hotels are not on your budget, it’s pretty nice to know what’s out there!!

45 Park Lane is one of the Dorchester collections, and the prestigious Hyde Park suite can be booked for £3595 a night. Situated on the 8th floor, the Hyde Park suite offers fantastic views of the part that shares its name. The spacious interiors are designed with a contemporary style and feature beautiful bespoke furniture. A hallway with a cloakroom leads through to the luxurious living room, and the bedroom is a wonder to behold! A king-size bed and sumptuous linens will ensure nothing less than absolute luxury. At the same time, an en suite connects to a luxurious bathroom with an exquisite marble bath – look out for the vanity mirror with an integrated television screen. You and your lady will be momentarily speechless before the excitement of exploring kicks in!!

Of course, not all rooms in 45 Park Lane are that expensive. If you still want the luxury without the price tag, you can stay in the Executive Queen suite for around £750 a night. Mayfair boasts the Sheraton Park Lane hotel that faces Green Park and is a short stroll away from Buckingham Palace. Suites here range from £379 per night with separate living areas to the bedrooms and bathrooms. There is also St George’s Penthouse Suite at The Westbury to consider in your hotel guide. We don’t mean to wax lyrical on penthouse suites, but the walk-in wardrobe and dining space that seats twelve has its butler service (If you were planning on holding a dinner party) would be tempting to anyone who enjoys the finer things in life!! Yours for just £2750 per night. Don’t forget to book your 24-hour Companion, too; they would like to join you…

Every fantasy fulfilled whenever you want


24-hour Companions can provide ladies who can play games with our clients—one day; there was a call to our 24-hour escort agency, and a polite voice asked if he could book five London escorts.

The ladies arrived, and there was no one in the apartment except the owner, who called the escort agency and five sexy London escorts. The Gentleman asked girls to undress and to sit at the big table. When he returned in a few minutes, our appointed escorts sat and waited eagerly.

The Gentleman gave a clean sheet of paper and pen to each of the escorts and asked them to write a short essay about how London female escorts find working as call girls in Central London and beyond and what they find attractive or harmful in this job.

In thirty minutes, the time was up, all escort stories were checked, and the competition winner was a young blonde escort from Eastern Europe; she was praised with a gift, and the rest of the escort girls were paid and offered champagne. That was the end of the evening, and the ladies were sent home.

The client just wanted to be a teacher this evening, only that he wanted to be surrounded by sexy companions and not by pupils on that day.

So you see, if you have a fantasy that you have always wanted to act out and didn’t know how to go about it, then fetish escorts could be just the agency you need. Why not talk to a team member to see whether your fantasy could be fulfilled tonight?

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Dress to impress


Most of our 247 London escorts agree that style and demeanour separate the average man from the irresistible gent. If you just so happen to be a client who hasn’t a clue, however, fear not because here’s our helpful guide to making a signature statement that’ll impress the elite London escorts in your life.

A nice pair of jeans makes a bold statement that you care about your appearance. Whether you dress them up or down, you’ll look much better. While a decent pair of jeans might not be very cheap, it’s essential to know that they’ll not only look miles better than a cheap pair, but they’ll last you years. Even if you don’t have the physique of an athlete, you must add this one thing at least to your wardrobe

As a client, would you gasp in absolute horror if your sexy escort in London greeted you in a pair of flip-flops? You might be an omnipotent god, but show up in a beat-up pair of old shoes, and your escort will think you don’t care, then sit back and watch any spark you might have had fly out of the window. We advise four pairs of shoes: two for work, a more casual pair for the weekend and a smoking pair of trainers. You won’t regret it.

You might not have a full-flowing head of luscious hair, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tend to it. Even if you have a shaved head, it’s always a good idea to at least wet it and ensure it’s all heading in the right direction. If you are lucky enough to have a full head of hair, then take the time to style it. We even suggest a little wax here and there because if your escort failed to keep herself neat, we’re sure you’d have something to say.

A little effort goes a long way and can completely change how our ladies look at you. Make things work for you and make yourself feel confident at the same time.

Treat yourself to your ultimate fantasy


For most men, having two young ladies all to themselves has to be the ultimate fantasy, and unfortunately for most, it always remains just that. Still, here at our 24-hour London escort agency, we can make that fantasy a reality. Boasting about your fun and excitement with a double delight experience would make you a legend at work, at Uni or even down your local pub. You’d be the absolute envy of every other man alive. It would also be a memory that would last you the rest of your life. Just think, every night you drift off to sleep, you could imagine that magical moment. We bet you’d undoubtedly fall asleep with a smile on your face.

When you book a pair of gorgeous escorts from our London escort agency, you get double the amount of everything you love about our girls. Double the delectable derriere, double the voluptuous curves, double the beauty and most importantly, double the fun. If you’ve always thought that three’s a crowd, you need to change that way of thinking and realise that this is the crowd you want and need to be in.

Making it happen is easy, too, when you come to us here at 24hr Companions Escorts. All you need to do is have a quick chat with one of our team to find out which ladies are available and which ones enjoy working together. Some of our escorts in London are bisexual, too, so they’ll enjoy flirting with each other just as much they want to flirt with you, which we know you’ll love to watch. When you meet with two girls, you’ll get to pick the best of both worlds, too. For instance, if you like blondes and redheads, then you can enjoy one of each; likewise, if you love a busty woman just as much as the athletic type, then you can have both. Often, our clients find the most challenging bit is choosing just the one from our gallery of stunning women, but when you enjoy two, you never have that problem.

If you think you’d like to hire two of our gorgeous ladies, then don’t hesitate any longer. You can rest assured that the escorts you’ll be hiring will be friendly, professional and absolute experts at what they do, which means your experience will be the most memorable you’ll ever make. What’s better than having your little private party? Call now or click the link and watch the most eye-opening night of your life unfold right before you.