The Right Place At The Right Time


Being in the right place in London can make it easier to see ladies of your choosing. London is a vast place; most of our extraordinary ladies are in central London. Central London is zone 1 of the underground tube system, so if you are in that area, it can be quicker and easier to see a girl of your choice. Bayswater is a trendy area that our ladies reside in; it’s very diverse, with many good diners and many hotels, some of which are very reasonable. Bayswater is in easy reach of almost all the great places in London. Hyde Park is easy walking distance, as is Oxford Street and Piccadilly; if you walk through the Park, you will easily reach Kensington and all its charms.

If you want, you can book one of our lovely escorts for a day out in Hyde Park, especially when the weather gets better. She will be able to show you the sights. You can pop into a café for a bit,e sitting outside watching the world go by, chatting about everything and anything. You will find our ladies very approachable and warm. They love to meet exciting new people, and it shows. Our lovely ladies like to entertain and like to learn new things. Maye that you have had experiences in your past that you would like to share don’t be afraid to talk about yourself to our lovely companions. They will be too happy to listen to your life experiences, whether high or low; everybody has a story to tell, and it all adds to the rich tapestry of life.

If you want one of our escorts to visit you, this is done. Look at our gallery on the 24-hour companion’s website and choose whoever takes your fancy. We guarantee every lady you see is a genuine article and will not disappoint. The hardest thing you must do is select, and then we will do the rest. Our ladies will be with you as soon as possible – usually within 30 minutes of your call, where she will be snuggled up with you in the comfort of your hotel. You may find that one hour is not long enough. As you both begin to talk, you will be mesmerised by her charming personality and want her to stay longer, so be warned, our ladies are highly addictive.

So next time you’re staying in London, think of Bayswater Escorts; you will have everything at your fingertips, it’s easier to get to our ladies, and it will be easier for our ladies to get to you; there are so many other affluent places nearby. The hotels are affordable and plentiful, which we think you will agree is the place to be!!

Brazilian date nights


Brazil is a country of outstanding natural beauty. Dazzling beaches and rainforests are a few of the excellent attractions that await visitors. Brazil is also home to people of great ethnic and cultural diversity, whose heritage is expressed in vibrant art and celebrations, historical cities and bustling urban centres. Brazil has more than 2,000 beaches that stretch along Brazil’s shoreline, and more than 1,000 islands dot the Atlantic Ocean within the country’s limits. While many of them are densely populated, many are preserved ecological sanctuaries. The Amazon River and Rainforest and Iguacu Falls are the most famous natural attractions in the country and have 62 National Parks and hundreds of conservation units. Brazil holds several records for its wildlife numbers and diversity. As one of the responses to the urgent need to preserve seriously endangered natural treasures, ecotourism and responsible travel initiatives are on the rise, making it possible for more travellers to enjoy Brazil sustainably and opening up perspectives for local communities.

The Brazilian Culture is a friendly one. A glorious mix of contributions imprinted in the culture generated easily recognisable expressions such as bossa nova, capoeira, and the yellow football jersey. Their colourful Carnivals are a countrywide celebration. The weather is always pleasing, with blue skies and inviting temperatures making you want to swim in the sea. Even in the winter, the weather is very favourable, with incredible sunrises and, bright sunny days and clear chilly nights perfect for cuddling by the fireplace.

Now that you know a little about Brazilian culture, wouldn’t you not want to meet a lady from there? Brazil may be a tempting place to visit, but did you know that 24-hour Companions have the hottest Brazilian escorts just waiting to see you in London? They are eager to please little minxes and will guarantee to fulfil your every wish. Latin lovelies are by far the most adventurous nationality on the planet, and our particular South American escorts will make you very hot under the collar, indeed. So why not look at our gallery located on our website and browse our Brazilian babes? We guarantee you will like what you see, but don’t just look, book and you will be very pleased indeed that you did.

Italian late night ladies


Italy is mainly mountainous, except for the Po plain in the north, and runs from the Alps to the central Mediterranean Sea. It includes the islands of Sicily, Sardinia, Elba and about 70 smaller ones. There are two small independent states within Peninsular Italy: the Vatican City of Rome and the Republic of San Marino. The country’s main economic sectors are tourism, fashion, engineering, chemicals, motor vehicles and food. Italy’s northern regions are per capita amongst the richest in Europe. The list of famous Italian artists includes Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Tintoretto and Caravaggio. The country has also produced opera composers such as Verdi and Puccini and film-maker Federico Fellini. Italian cuisine is one of the most refined and varied in Europe, from the piquant flavours of Naples and Calabria to the pesto dishes of Liguria and the cheese and risotto dishes of the Italian Alps.

When it comes to global contributions, perhaps no other country has factored into the lives of men worldwide more than Italy. After all, Italy has given us pizza, Ferraris and Armani suites. Still, any red-blooded gent would be hard-pressed to argue that Italy’s greatest gift to humanity has been generation after generation of stunningly beautiful women. Whether it’s a titillation talk show host or sizzling supermodels, the women on this list would cause any man to dust off his passport and hop the first plane to Rome. Considering beauty, talent and sheer sex appeal, here are 24-hour Companion profiles of Italian ladies waiting for you to try. It would help if we went to Rome and they were in London’s capital.

Whether you would like an in-call appointment or a call appointment, the choice is yours. All of our lovely Italian escorts offer companionship anywhere you would like it to be. Their sumptuous apartments will amaze and impress you, or you can wine and dine with these delicate Italian beauties. You will be in great company, whoever you choose. Our dominant but strong Italian ladies are incredibly feminine, too, and ooze passion and lust. If you are used to the English rose type, the Italians are a little different than you are used to. You must try them; you’ll be left wondering why you haven’t encountered these ladies before!! So why not look at our gallery of Italian escorts in London and see why they are so trendy?

Plus One Companions


John was feeling a little low. He’d just split with his long-term girlfriend and felt unloved and undervalued. He scoured through escort agencies in London, hoping to find a date for that evening as he had a function to attend. He’d never been alone before, and all his other colleagues would have at least someone by their side. John felt as if he’d hit rock bottom. Has it come to this – an escort agency? He didn’t know much about escort ladies, and his misconception has been from TV shows he has seen or papers filled with seedy encounters. He had no choice. He needed a plus one for his evening out. As he scrolled through, he read a few blogs, but nothing took his fancy or made him want to call; then he saw 24-hour Companions and started reading some fantastic information. Thinking it was too good to be true, he looked through the gallery of ladies, which got him thinking.

Most, if not all, of the ladies were high-class elite ladies, and as he read further, he could see that these ladies could be taken out to functions such as his. He anxiously called 24-hour Companionss, wondering what sort of person would answer. He was pleasantly surprised as not only was the receptionist English, but she sounded okay, warm, and friendly, making him instantly feel at ease. He asked the question about a lady possibly joining him for his engagement. 24-hour Companions quickly got on the case and suggested suitable ladies for him to take. John was able to look at 24-hour Companions recommendations first and was told if he needed to talk to them first, he could do that.

It was the evening of the function, and John booked into the St Martins Lane Hotel in Covent Garden. He was dressed for the occasion, and everything seemed perfect. He just hoped his date would be, too. He was thinking of ways to let the lady down gently if she didn’t meet his expectations. He even had a cancellation fee waiting. His lady of choice arrived promptly at 8.30 pm. Here goes nothing, he thought to himself!! When John opened his hotel room door, he couldn’t have been more wrong. This girl was stunning, and her presence oozed charisma as she entered his room. She was dressed immaculately in costly attire; she smelt heavenly and seemed perfect, thought John. She introduced herself, and they got the formalities out of the way. John told her where they were going and what to expect, and his escort lady listened intently and understood what he wanted. To John, she didn’t look out of place, nothing as you’d see in a movie or anything described in books or papers that he had read. This girl was normal, normal but stunning, with excellent conversational skills. He was as pleased as punch.

The evening was a great success, and all his colleagues were impressed with his plus one guest. They didn’t know that she was from 24-hour Companions and just assumed that it was his real girlfriend as the escort lady was a social butterfly who could talk to anybody and not feel out of place. John couldn’t believe how much he worried about finding somebody to take. He now knew some establishments were genuine and had professional ladies just for an event like his. When John woke up the following day, a smile emerged on his face. He didn’t feel so low anymore and undervalued, and booking a female companion wasn’t as seedy as expected. He will use 24-hour Companions repeatedly, this time not for a function but maybe just for his pleasure.

Looking For A Date?


Gerard was a businessman who nearly had it all: success and wealth. He doesn’t have a partner, and he’s been married a few times, but his ex-wife never could get used to his long business meetings away from home, which always caused friction as they wanted his time. He was torn between making money and satisfying his wives. Initially, they thought they could understand, but it all got a bit much, and unfortunately, they drifted apart. Gerard is a bit of a workaholic, and although he loves female attention, he finds it hard to stay in one place for too long as his business life is very hectic.

Gerard found 24hr London Escorts as he has found the perfect solution to having female company, but when it suits him. Most of his female companions fly out to meet him in exotic places; it may be the Cote de Zur on his Yacht or San Francisco, where he is at conventions. He has his favourite international escorts that he uses whilst out on his business meetings and is always very pleased with how professional and charming they all are. Gerard always used 24-hour companions whenever he knew there was a business meeting he needed to attend, as he knew he would be in good company without the hassles of everyday relationships.

He pays for airline tickets for the ladies and pays in advance our ladies travelling expenses, so our girls are safe in the knowledge that they are always looked after. He is very generous; he always buys his female companions designer clothes or gorgeous jewellery. He appreciates the time that he spends with our ladies and the pleasure they give to him when he needs it most. Gerard has a delicious taste and, although he is a busy man, seems to make the time to spoil his companions, and we at 24hr Companions love him for that.

We hope that in the future, he will find a lady who understands his commitments because he is a special kind of guy and deserves the best. Still, in the meantime, we aim to keep him happy with our travelling companions who can accompany him at any time he wants and get the pleasure that he deserves. Most of our ladies know Gerard very well, and when they know he is looking for a companion, all want to be with him firstly because he is a true gentleman and secondly because he is so generous.

To be safe, we decided to change Gerard’s name for privacy reasons. We are a discrete 24hr escort agency, and what goes on in this agency stays here, as that’s how our clientele like it.