Getting to know you…


Meeting with the exact escort several times in a row means that you both start to relax more as you become more familiar with each other. While it can’t be denied that part of the initial excitement is generated from the knowledge that you will be meeting with a new partner, familiarity also allows you to relax and concentrate on the most pleasurable aspects of your meeting. Generally, all the escorts promoted by us are known for their outgoing and confident attitudes, but even the most confident of girls can still get pretty nervous when meeting a new client for the first time, and we’re sure that some of you may feel that way, too. Choosing to meet the exact London escort regularly automatically puts you at ease and serves as an excellent basis for you to enjoy your time together.

When an escort in London meets a new client for the first time, whether they’re booked for outcall escort services or in-call escort services, they’ll often take four or five minutes, or sometimes longer, to get to know their clients before getting down to the main business of the meeting. If you’ve already met several times before, you’re both more likely to feel comfortable with the whole situation and far more ready to indulge in whatever sexy fun you have planned.

Of course, this doesn’t mean to say that by becoming a regular, you must restrict yourself to a particular escort girl. Like many of the top escort agencies in London, we promote a host of gorgeous escort girls whom we’re sure you’d like to get to know. However, once you find a small number of girls with whom you enjoy spending time, then your meetings, be they in-calls or outcalls, will become far more rewarding once you’ve developed a bit of a relationship.

Another obvious advantage of becoming a ‘regular is that you’ve always got access to a couple of sweet and sexy escorts who are more than willing to look after your needs and desires. Do you love the thought of spending some time with our duo escorts? You’ll enjoy it more if you already know both of the girls. Imagine it now: you know precisely how each girl loves to tease and please you, and now you’ll have double the pleasure of two escorts you enjoy spending time with regularly. Plus, should you wish to book duo escorts to entertain you and a friend, you’ll know exactly who to choose from our fantastic selection of escort girls.

So whether you’re a resident of London, you work in the city, or you’re a regular visitor to the capital, giving your loyalty to one escort agency can pay dividends in the long run, especially if you choose an agency such as 24hr Companions which has an unrivalled selection of escort girls in London. You’ll get personal service, and you’ll also get the opportunity to sign up for our exclusive members’ club, where you’ll be given access to particular member offers with selected escorts. You’ll also be updated with all the latest new guards on our pages. Our receptionists will get to know you and look forward to taking your bookings, giving you the benefit of their advice and up-to-date information about our escorts’ availability. Plus, as many of our regular clients discover, you may develop some significant relationships with our companions, which will enrich and enliven your life.

Treat her like a princess


At 24hr Companions, we have a wide range of escorts from all different places and cultures with discerning tastes and expensive palates. Many of our companions in London like their dates to wine and dine them and treat them to the finer things in life. These ladies are not your average. They are looking for gentlemen who know how to have a good time – what wines to order, the finer places to go and see, the kind of gentleman who will treat them well and, in return, be the best companions available, whatever the occasion. So, if you think you are one of those men who can tantalise these elite escorts’ taste buds, then here are a few tips for you!

These ladies adore presents in all shapes and sizes, but what matters the most is the thought that goes into them. Want to lease your princess? Buy her something sexy and scorching hot from one of the world’s finest luxury lingerie brands like Agent Provocateur, Bordelle or Jean Yu.

This is a little trick as you enjoy it yourself, too. Jewellery shouldn’t be overlooked; what fine lady doesn’t like to be dripping in diamonds? Trust us, they will know just how to show their appreciation! Picture our 300+ escort, Adele, a French model, in the fine lingerie and jewels you’ve bought her, and you know she’ll do whatever you want.

These ladies don’t just have expensive taste in clothes and lingerie. They only like to eat the finer things in life – that’s how they stay so mouth-wateringly gorgeous and maintain their exquisite figures! 

Take them out for a night on the town – to one of Central London’s many Michelin Star restaurants. Don’t bore them with bland dinners; excite them with new tastes and exciting flavours.

Don’t take her to just any bar, either! London has a great cocktail culture. Try rooftop bars and members’ clubs to show off this sexy lady!

Don’t just turn up at her flat expecting a quick moment of passion. Turn up looking the part, dress in a fine suit, and make sure you are well-presented for this classy female companion!

Ensure that you won’t be disappointed. Book tables, and ensure you don’t embarrass yourself, as there’s no quicker way to lose your lady’s interest. Make it a night to remember, and your lady will make it the night of your life!

A Full Service…


There’s a lot of terminology around escorts and escort agency websites. Whilst many people are ITK (in the know) about what all these terms mean, there are equally a lot of you who will be unfamiliar with what each thing translates to. 

As such, we’re running a handy little guide on Escort Terminology, which you can find in abbreviated and alphabetised form FSE.

This term applies to ladies who offer an extensive range of services. Some girls will offer female companionship, whereby you can take her on a dinner date and enjoy her company based on mutual friendship.

Others are more sexually adventurous and want to indulge their pleasures whilst you spend time with them. The Full Service Escort falls into this category, but it’s much more than that!! 

Whilst some of these girls want to have fun, the complete service ladies want to experience everything they can! From party nights, fetishes, A level to water sports, domination and more, these girls love to take their dates to a whole new level.

Lolita is one such of our ladies:

She might look cute and innocent in this picture, but that’s what she wants you to think! This London escort loves every kink to explore and will always go that extra mile! She loves role-play and domination and is glad for you to do what you want.

There are no hidden extras with these ladies, and they come as they are. Call our friendly reception team for details on the girls do’s and don’ts.

Secret extra studies….


We’ve found that as our books grow, more and more of our 24/7 escorts are, in fact, students who are studying in universities across the city, working as escorts part-time for little spare time around their studies. It’s the best way to make extra money and the perfect flexible job to support their education.

What does this mean to you? Well, when you book a date with one of our London ladies, you’re not only getting a sexy young lady to accompany you for the night, or simply just a 1-hour service, but you’re getting a beautiful girl with brains and looks!

It’s a kinky life that they lead. Just imagine one minute they’re in their lectures, tight skirt, hair tied back in a bun and geeky glasses on. Twiddling their pen, they’re just waiting for the bell to ring so they can meet you for your sexy rendezvous. 

Walking around campus, no one knows about their secret, sexy double life. No one knows about the saucy underwear they are wearing under their college outfits or the naughty things they were up to the night before.

They get the best of both worlds, being spoilt by you in the evening whilst studying by day. Gone were the days of a ‘poor student’. They are now wise to making money whilst learning, and these ladies make up the majority of our most elite ladies on our books as they are bright and sassy and are a dream to take on any date.

Just look at our galleries of student girls just waiting to be asked on a date by you – maybe one evening you could play ‘teacher/student’? That would be a role play worth playing out.

So come and check out some of our sexy student escorts.

Join the Kensington club


What is it about Kensington ladies that makes them so unique then? Is it the location, or is it more to do with the type of person who resides in this location? Well, we all know that Kensington is an affluent and trendy part of the city; there’s no denying that. Anywhere central to all the action is likely to be expensive anyway, correct? Perhaps you even live there yourself?

You’ll find that the girls in Kensington are pretty damn savvy when it comes to London life, and they simply adore shopping, of course. These girls “do lunch”, so to speak, and get together in groups to discuss just how ridiculous and charming the men are! Now we sound like we’re writing some form of wildlife documentary, right? But you’d be surprised at how the habits of Londoners change from area to area.

When it comes to entertaining yourself in Kensington, you can’t do much better than eating out, especially at some of our recommended restaurants. Try Babylon at the Roof Gardens or Arcadia Restaurant at Kensington High Street. These are just two that we happen to know are pretty good. A quick search online will reveal a plethora of other restaurants in Kensington and offer you reviews, etc. However, if you decide to eat out, you know that eating out is always better with a London escort. Well, this is where we can help you, of course…

Meet Abigail, one of our top escorts in Kensington and a lovely young model escort whose looks are breathtaking. She has a gorgeous figure, silky soft skin and a body to die for. She’s fun and flirty and has a friendly and gentle nature. Abigail is sophisticated and stunning and available for incalls. She makes an ideal dinner companion and is a dream date with plenty of passion thrown in the mix.