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Our duo girls are often approached by men looking for the legendary threesome experience. Likewise, married couples looking for an equal experience often come to many of our regular female escorts in London. The energy between a man and two women can be extremely delicate; this is especially so when one of the women happens to be his wife. Our qualified ladies know that for the encounter to be successful, careful attention must be paid to subtle details. Here are just a few fine details that need to be studied delicately.

So, who calls the shots? While this may seem like a rather general question in that it might change for every group of three, it’s not. If two of the three in question happen to be married, then the wife should always call the shots, no matter what. If it’s a case of two escorts and one client, however, this is something to be discussed at the beginning.

Some clients enjoy being dominated, so the escort calling the shots would benefit the experience. Those clients who want to be in charge of two of the most stunning duo escorts London offers should voice their preferences. This should always be outlined initially for the client’s desires to be met.

Our best girls know the importance of paying close attention to the energy between a group of three. It can often seem like a balancing act, especially when it’s one escort with married clients. She will always be alert to the energy between husband and wife or the client and her partner escort.

If you’d like to enjoy the ecstasy that only our London duo escorts can offer, call now; we know you won’t regret it.

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If you have not realised the potential of having a ‘lunchtime’ lady, think about it… Booking one of our lovely companions will put your r pangs at bay and leave you more than satisfied.

You wouldn’t believe that our incall escorts in London are well placed conveniently all over the capital and maybe right next to your office? Our girls can be ready in as little as 10 minutes and are always immaculately dressed with apartments that are very well maintained.

Why not step outside, grab some food and get some fresh air with the company of a stunning woman from the best escort service London has to offer? Our ladies can ease all that tension with a sensual massage and help you forget about the demands of the office, even for just a little while. You can return to the office relaxed and ready to face the rest of the day.

Our companions are always very hospitable, and nothing is too much trouble; you can speak to our knowledgeable receptionist for that day, and she will point you in the right direction and make a booking which will be the proper lady for you and most notably in the right area.

So, gentleman, if you ever thought seeing a beautiful incall escort was impossible (owing to time), now you know what our other clients do and use your lunchtime to its full advantage!!

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24-hour Companions offers all kinds of escort girls for your pleasure. Maybe you’re in London with a colleague and would love to take a couple of our sexy duo ladies to the theatre. All the better; if they’re bi-escorts, they can put on a show. If you take a look around London, you’ll find that many of the men are accompanied by hot, sexy women. While some of these women may be wives or girlfriends, you’ll probably find that most of the guys have had the same idea as you, and they’ve enlisted the services of some of the hottest and sexiest outcall escorts in London to act as their companions. All these escorts are experts in treating their clients as VIPs, so not only will you get unrivalled service from the hospitality box staff, but you’ll also get VIP service from your naughty companion.

Whether you’ve chosen to meet with one of our blonde escorts, brunettes or redhead ladies, suppose you decide to have a drink before. It will also give you extra time to get to know your date before you head back to her place or yours to carry on the party. You may find that you have much in common with one of our ladies, and being happy in her company will make you feel at ease. And this excitement will spill over into the rest of your date, and she’ll be more than willing to show you a better time. We have it on excellent authority that many of our girlfriend experience escorts have unique ways of satisfying our clients, which we’re sure you’d love to explore for yourself.

One little bit of advice – if you can’t afford, or can’t find, tickets to one of the top London clubs, or you can’t wangle an invite to one of the best venues in London, don’t be tempted to take them to a lower class venue as this is not going to elicit the same response from any of our ladies, no matter how young and inexperienced they are. If you try to take one of our domination girls to such a place, you could be severely chastised. Although maybe that’s precisely what you want!

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Like most escorts in London, they have regular clients, and these are men who want to see them regularly. Some arrange to see them weekly, others monthly, and there are a couple of clients who don’t live in London but who book girls whenever they’re in town. While most escorts like to see a variety of clients, it’s always good to have a group of regulars. Having regular clients means that you can start to build relationships; they know what they do and don’t like, and you pretty much know what to expect each time you meet.

One of our other regulars is a gentleman who works long hours as a trader in the city. He doesn’t have time to find a girlfriend, and even if he did, he wouldn’t have the time to see her. He’s busy climbing the career ladder and is not ready to settle down. He finds that having our ladies as a regular date gives him great flexibility. They are available when he feels like partying, but our ladies won’t get upset if he doesn’t call. They have great fun together; he’s a good company, generous, and loves to let his hair down outside of his stressful job, and our relationship fits his current needs perfectly.

Over the years, we’ve gathered together a group of clients whom our overnight escorts see regularly. They’re mainly businessmen who either work in the city or who come here on business. Our girls are occasionally asked to provide a ‘show’ for clients with one of the other duo escorts; a married couple has also requested them to add a little spice to their relationship. They often go out to dinner, to a club and generally have fun. Our ladies also share an intimacy that she doesn’t have with her other female friends, and she has none of the drama that would go with starting a relationship with another woman.

We love regular clients; we look forward to seeing them, and they provide our ladies with stability.

Book a companion plus 1


Let’s face it, gentlemen, you could go to the party alone and take the chance to find someone in the club to share your evening. There’ll probably be lots of good-looking girls looking for fun, too. But you’ll be in competition with the other guys, and even if you manage to engage someone in conversation, you’ll still have to buy the drinks, and there’s no guarantee of any extracurricular fun. On the other hand, if you book one of our gorgeous escorts, you’ll be guaranteed an attentive companion who’ll treat you like you’re a celebrity (even if you’re not) and who’ll be up for fun both during the party and afterwards too.

You’ve been invited to the opening of one of the classiest clubs in town, and you don’t want to go alone, so why not book one of our naughty party girls to accompany you? They’ll ensure your evening is far more fun than if you attended alone, and they’ll give you some extra kudos as you turn up at the door with a gorgeous girl on your arm. Just imagine all those envious stares and all those covetous glances- and the best thing? Nobody will ever know that you’re paying your companion for their time.

As you can expect from an agency such as ours, all our party girls are not only stunning to look at, but they have a fun-loving attitude, which makes them the perfect partners for a good night out. They know how to dress to impress, they know all the best clubs and bars, and they know how to have a good time. They’ll not only be great company, but they’ll lift your evening from the ordinary to the extraordinary, whether you’re a party animal yourself and love to hit the dance floor or you’re a little more reserved and want to spend an enjoyable evening with a lively, entertaining partner.

Our overnight escorts know precisely how to ensure you have the best experience possible, both in public and behind closed doors, so you can be sure that the party won’t end just because the club has completed. Of course, any further services other than accompanying you to the party are at each escort’s discretion. Still, we’re sure you’ll find them very amenable and enthusiastic and happy to help you finish your night with a bang!