The freedom of choice


Escorts, such as those working for 24-hour Companions, tend to be very beautiful – but can change their appearance. We have a few ladies that were blonde, for instance, because they believe that blondes have more fun. It was fun, and some gentlemen preferred blondes. But at the end of the day, if they are a natural brunette, they sometimes want their collar and cuffs to match once more, so they have reverted to their original hair – long, thick and very dark.

Many women are too scared to cut their hair – and the beauty of being a lady is that there are so many expensive wigs on the market that ladies can try out before they decide to make it permanent. If the gentleman that evening has requested a lady with short hair, then nothing could be simpler than putting on a fantastic short, sexy wig.

The great thing about being a woman is that you get much more freedom with your appearance than men.

What we mean by that is that women can use clothes, hair colour, hairstyle and makeup to radically change what they look like, depending on what mood they are in. Of course, men can change their appearance and wear makeup if they want, but our society tends to frown on such things.

Make-up can differ according to dates accordingly, too. A private encounter should have a different make-up than a dinner date. So, for intimate meetings, our girls have natural make-up – a little light dusting of powder to take the shine off, a small amount of mascara and a little bit of lip gloss, and they are good to go.

Our 247 escorts like to push the boat out for dinner dates, though. They want to use bold makeup for those kinds of dates. Not the type of makeup which makes you look like a drag queen or as if you are competing on Strictly Come Dancing, but bolder eye shadows and red lips always work well for them.

And finally, there are clothes. Our girls are fashion followers and love picking out the best of the new season’s clothing for their dates. They always pick out the items that will best match their date – so it might be something vampy for a dinner date or something a bit more girl next door for a quieter date, or it could be something very sensual and elegant for a party.

Make her feel special everyday


What most women want is to feel special – to feel unique, to feel cherished. And that is the same for 24-hour escorts. Yes, you are paying for her time with one of our overnight escorts, but she still wants to feel as if you like her and think she is special.

Compliments are a good idea, too. It is easy to assume your partner knows you love her, think she is sexy, or that she made you a great meal. But women like reinforcement, and a compliment is a gift. If you keep your thoughts to yourself, you are stingy with your skills!

Again, if you have been in a relationship for a while, your conversation can dry up – or it can become too focused on the domestic details – you know the kind of thing we mean. Discussions are about what you will have for dinner that night, how the kids are doing at school and whose turn it is to take the bins out.

Instead, why not have conversations about your hopes and your dreams? Ask about books she has read recently and why she enjoyed them. Discuss each other’s childhood and find out what she wants to do.

Women like to think effort has gone into something, too, so if you are taking a woman out on a date, imagination is a beautiful thing. It might be easy enough to book a table at a restaurant, but what if you take the time and trouble to find out what restaurant your date has been dying to visit? Why don’t you see if you can arrange for the chef to come out and talk to her to ask what she thinks of the food? Or why not see if you can book her at a newly opened place?

Another idea for originality is to join her in one of her hobbies. Maybe you hate the opera, but she goes regularly with a girlfriend. Go along for once and find out why she loves it.

And if all else fails, there are always shoes…

Nervous first timers


In days gone by, it was a rite of male passage that an older man would often pay for his son, godson or other relative to visit a selected lady and be submitted to the world of female comfort.

A pretty good idea. In the right circumstances, the older man would choose a lady who knew what she was doing, and that woman would give the man expert lessons in love – lessons he could then take forward to his marriage. We think there must have been many women in London who didn’t know it but can give thanks to our escorts.

There may have been many women who might otherwise have gone to bed on their wedding night with a fumbling oaf who had no idea of what he was doing. We think they should go to their wedding bed with someone who has been taught the arts of seduction and could introduce them to the delights of the bedroom.

So, does that ever happen these days, then? Well, it does happen from time to time. There are worldly kinds of men who recognise the importance of spending time with a woman and appreciate the lessons that can be passed on in this way.

So, if you are looking for a bit of experience without the ‘relationship’ attachment, then you have come to the right place. Our escorts in London are very experienced and know what they like, and in turn, they will show you how to do it right, which will make for a much better relationship in your real life!

Ladies with standards


Have our ladies ever refused to meet up with a client? It’s a good question that we’re sure many people want to know the answer to, and yes. We are a fair and honest agency, and if our ladies don’t want to see a client, they are perfectly entitled not to see them. Our ladies don’t have to give a reason, but some of them have not seen clients for the following issues;

Sometimes, girls begin to fall for clients and make life a little awkward for them. They like to keep a strict distance between their personal and working life. When strong feelings come into it, that distance diminishes, and things get messy. They had to stop seeing them as a client. Sometimes, they do know the client for a short time as a boyfriend. Ultimately, the client can’t handle the fact that she met other men through her work! And yes, that’s where she first met him,

in case you were wondering. What’s good for the goose isn’t great for the gander, it appears…
Another case is quite simple: really, our girls will not put up with bad manners, bad hygiene or any other type of disrespectful behaviour. We can screen the unsavoury phone calls and pass them on to other staff members. No poor lady has to endure another second on these types of clients. We and our ladies do not care how much money these clients have; the answer is a big no!!

Sometimes, ladies won’t want to visit gentlemen in their private residencies; this is in no way a reflection on you, but they feel safer in Hotels or their place of residence. Please respect this, as some of these ladies may have had bad experiences.

The same goes for ladies who don’t want to travel far; for example, you may be in Heathrow, and she is in the West End of London, and travelling to Heathrow in the ‘Rush Hour’ (stuck in traffic for a few hours) won’t make financial sense at all. If this is the case, choose a different hour in the day when traffic is calm, and one of our ladies will enjoy the journey.

There are lots of different reasons that some of our 24-hour escorts will refuse, but on the other hand, most of our ladies are very tolerant and will make allowances once in a while.

The perfect choice for your evening


Finding a date at the last minute is never easy. With the busy lifestyles that most people lead today, most people don’t have the time to meet new people, primarily on dates. With 24-hour Companions, all you have to do is contact the agency, select one of the gorgeous young ladies and book the services. Within moments, you can have the date you need for the event. Our ladies offer an extensive range of services, so finding the correct date will be very easy. Browse through the gallery of models to find the one that you like.

Our ladies are well-trained and experienced. From Girlfriend Experience to red-carpet events, these escorts know how to handle any type of. These dazzling young ladies can easily handle any ease. With their social skills, they will be very charming and create a huge impression wherever you might take them. 24-hour Compan24-hour is recommended when you need a date to impress.

Whether you are in London for business or live here, there are occasions and circumstances when you need a date for a particular event and don’t have the time to meet someone. For such occasions, 24-ho24-hour24-hour agencies are the best choice. Many businesspeople visit London and other parts of the country for long periods. During their time here, they want to spend their time with beautiful local escorts. Others often need a last moment-moment a critical event. For all these needs, we offer great girls that will meet the wide variety of needs of various clients.

Even if you are looking for a companion on a lonely, dull evening, we can help you find the right girl to spend your evening with. These ladies are not just gorgeous but very friendly, easy to talk to and fabulous listeners, so you will enjoy their company.