A fragrance for moi?

I have an acute sense of smell. Most women do, let’s face it, but my nose could smell a rose in a perfume factory. This brings me nicely to today.

I have a client who works as a perfumer in Fulham South West London, manufacturing on behalf of Gucci, Prada and Chanel – my three favourite brands. When asked what his profession is, he describes himself as a ‘Nez’ (nose), which incites confusion in the uneducated and a look of delight in others. As an expensive escort, I have many gentlemen friends in high-end professions, but nothing compares to Harvey.

As I am a “special friend”, Harvey says he wants to create a signature scent just for me – something that would be my essence in a glass bottle. I was thrilled and joined him at his workshop, bouncing full of excitement, determined to make something genuinely intoxicating that I could wear whenever I went out.
As a girlie-girl, I love smells like Emporio Armani ‘Diamonds’, Prada ‘Candy Girl’ and Givenchy ‘Truly Irresistible’. Granted, I have so many bottles of perfume on my dressing table that I could own a counter at Selfridges, but I can’t help if my clients want to spoil me. When we go out shopping, it seems to be a safe purchase, vetted by yours truly. I always carry a little bottle of Chanel No 5 in my overnight bag because it sits well with most clients, and it makes me think of Katherine Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

So, we spent the day sampling as many smells as my nose would allow. Harvey made me inhale coffee beans to cancel out the scents (like a sorbet between courses), and I decided that despite my penchant for sweet smells, I am drawn to oriental, warm fragrances. By the time we had finished, I had a bottle of amber-coloured liquid laced with musk, vanilla, exotic resins and wood, accompanied by exotic flowers and spices. Yum! We called it “Chameleon” for all the different faces I wear and my adaptability. And it earned Harvey many brownie points in my little black book!

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