Affordable luxury


Some may consider our beautiful VIP escorts expensive; however, given the social status of our clients, this is usually not the case. Affordable luxury is something everyone appreciates, and one thing we guarantee is that our escorts are always priced accordingly. For example, only our finest females hold a higher price tag to reflect their VIP status.

When an individual receives a service that goes beyond the ordinary, they expect to pay more. Affordable luxury is always obtainable, but for the very best, you should expect to pay more. Exceptional quality, attention to detail, and a personalised experience will come at a premium price. In the escort industry, this includes exceptional beauty and a higher level of expertise, not commonly found in your standard escorts.

Yes, we offer affordable luxury, but our VIP escorts are above anything any other London escort agency can offer. Therefore, the accolade of being expensive and exclusive is very well deserved. Many things set our elite ladies apart from all the rest, not least their breathtaking beauty and flawless figures. For example, our top callgirls in London have the social grace and elegance that befit an exclusive companion. Not to mention a natural dignity you would expect to find in the most refined ladies.

What’s affordable to you?

The perception of what is considered affordable luxury is subjective and can vary from person to person. This is because the cost of a service is relative to an individual’s earnings and financial situation. For example, a luxury car may be deemed expensive to someone who earns an average income, but it may be considered a reasonable purchase by someone with a higher income. Therefore, the concept of expense cannot be defined universally and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

Our 24-hour agency caters to gentlemen who are used to the very best that everything life can offer. They have worked hard to build on their success and all the involved trappings. And being businessmen, they like to get a good deal. This also extends to their choice of female companions, as it is standard for clients to attend various social and public engagements. There is a perception that has to be maintained, so affordable luxury is key to providing what our clients need. Therefore, a reputation for quality and class must always be upheld. If we are to attract and retain the type of clients who enjoy spending time with elite escorts, then we are keen to continue this.

The height of luxury

Aside from the high quality and exclusiveness of our ladies, these fine females also reside in areas of London that are considered expensive. Locations such as Chelsea, Kensington and Knightsbridge always attract the type of client who prefers the height of luxury over a standard service. Whether they are booking accommodation or companionship, this fact will always remain.

Outcall appointments are always popular as many of our clients prefer to have the lady of their choice visit them. They usually have the most luxurious hotel suites in places like Park Lane and Belgravia. These connoisseurs of luxury appreciate our agency’s effort to provide the most affordable luxury services. With some of the most exclusive high-class escorts in the city, we certainly don’t disappoint.

Of course, the best of anything is expensive. So when our agency is referred to as having the most expensive escorts in London, we see this as a compliment. After all, it’s a reflection of the high quality of the service we provide.

Meet our most luxurious ladies

Nadine is one of our top girls for affordable luxury and is certainly not to be missed. Being sensationally hot, charming, and beautiful, she is your dream date come true. In fact, many discerning clients prefer her over any other escort. Nadine is the kind of girl you won’t want to leave in a hurry. Therefore, be sure to book enough time with her. This high-end companion has a fun-loving nature, immediately making you feel relaxed and at ease in her company. In other words, this joyful, open-minded and uninhibited young lady guarantees many beautiful moments.

Affordable luxury is subjective and can vary from person to person

Gwen is a beautiful escort with a knockout body and gorgeous matching features. This friendly and affectionate young lady always aims to please and goes out of her way to provide a top service. Gwen has a great sense of humour, loves to meet new people, and always makes the most of every moment. Furthermore, she is also the ideal companion for a romantic and passionate night in. Gwen is the perfect pampering playmate who offers an affordable luxury experience. In fact, she is one of the most beautiful, charming and elegant escorts you could wish to meet.

When it comes to VIP luxury escorts they don't get finer than Gwen

Miss independent


When defining what qualities or attributes contribute to strong, independent women, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, having financial stability is an essential aspect of becoming miss independent. It allows women to have control over their lives and make choices that align with their values and goals. This includes having a steady income, saving money, and managing one’s finances effectively. Additionally, having a solid sense of self-confidence and self-worth can also contribute to a woman’s independence.

Being self-reliant is another essential quality, as it means being able to take care of oneself. For example, meet one’s own needs rather than relying on others for support. Furthermore, good decision-making skills are essential for independence. A true miss independent will weigh up options and make choices that align with her goals and values.

Finally, having a supportive network of friends and family can also contribute to a woman’s independence. This includes having people to turn to for emotional support, advice, and guidance when needed. It’s also important to have positive role models who inspire and encourage women to be their best selves.

Strong, Unique & Independent ladies

Independence is unique to each individual and can be achieved in many different ways. What matters most is that escorts have the freedom to make choices that align with their personal goals and values. Their choices to be miss independent are respected and supported by those around them.

First and foremost, our ladies are confident women comfortable with their choices. Recognising that while many men enjoy the idea of hiring a lady, these females also seek to satisfy such wants and needs. Not once are they taken advantage of, nor do they take advantage of clients. In addition to this, our miss independent ladies, at times, have to be brave and independent women. Sometimes, clients can be tricky; however, this sort of thing decreases regularly as agencies employ new strategies and safeguards to keep their girls safe. This includes before, during and after the meeting, with all our ladies using pseudonyms and never giving out personal details.

Don’t miss the point

There are many escort agencies in London, but very rarely do people understand the true nature of the business. The television hosts series and books exploring sexuality and those desires we all have but don’t talk about. In fact, society is becoming more open and accepting of issues that may have once been taboo. However, even though this is the case, there is still this misunderstanding of what escorts do and the type of people they are.

Many people believe that London escorts are single women who have no responsibilities. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many Miss Independent ladies worldwide have responsibilities like any other working person; they provide for their loved ones and themselves.

Living an independent lifestyle

Some sectors of society see their agency as exploiting their employees, with the escort being miserable. This isn’t true; London escorts choose to go into this line of work and enjoy satisfying somebody else’s fantasy. Escorts don’t get badly treated by agencies; they are actually looked after by them. They enjoy their work and clients and have fun when spending time with them. It’s pretty much like a friendship, as they go to nice bars and restaurants to get to know each other, just like any other two people would. Whilst this short list only covers some misconceptions people hold of escort girls, the rest has been left to your imagination. Should you be curious to test your preconceived idea of how it feels to be involved with such a thriving industry, why not meet one of the best miss independent ladies around…

Meet one of the best miss independent ladies around
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A perfect balance


Although lonely at times, a single life is a pretty good life with a perfect balance. Unlike your attached friends, you have absolutely no one to answer to. For example, you can if you want to sleep in ’till noon, then head out and enjoy a few drinks on the town. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to pre-book anything in advance!

Another great thing about being single is that you can easily find female companionship for any occasion when you find yourself alone. Indeed, an agency like 24hr Companions will provide you with the means to meet up with a beautiful, charming and intelligent female. And she will be more than happy to enjoy a date with you.

The perfect answer to a lonely night

It is fair to say that being single can sometimes be challenging. Indeed, that nagging feeling that your attached friends are a part of something you aren’t. It can sometimes feel as though you are not a member of their club. Of course, it is only natural to think along these lines now and then. After all, human beings are social animals. Therefore, seeing your pals spend time with their ‘significant others’ can make you feel more lonely.

However, there is a bigger picture to be observed here. London escorts hold the key to happiness for anyone feeling a little lonely. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a West End escort to join you for a fun night. Or a leisurely evening in enjoying an intimate meal. Our escorts in London cover every single part of the capital.

And what’s more, we are open 24 hours of the day. This means no matter where you are or what time of day or night it is, you can always have that much-needed company. We’ve got you covered, from escorts in Belgravia to Bayswater.

The right balance in life is critical.

It would be fair to say that few cities encourage excess quite as liberally as London. Indeed, its international standing as one of the world’s great cities has primarily been built on its propensity to excite. However, while excess can be good, we generally believe in a more measured approach to life. Finding a perfect balance is essential to happiness, especially if you’re single.

We believe that customers who enjoy a little of what they fancy’ now and then enjoy themselves more than those who want excitement ‘all the time.’ Think about it; you may have a favourite food you like to indulge in. However, having too many of the same cuisines makes it dull. Something will stop being a treat when you submit it too much. And we believe this is the same for dating.

Of course, the company of attractive women rarely stops being anything but a nice treat. However, it is even more enjoyable when the indulgence is spread over an extended period. Being single gives you the perfect opportunity to explore this and to find an ideal balance. For example, whilst a dinner date with an escort may be the highlight of your week, a string of dates will make the whole idea less of a treat. Indeed, it would become the norm. And whilst it may be a desirable ‘norm’, it would take away the excitement of hiring an escort.

A free and easy single-life

Naturally, the number of dates you want to go on is entirely up to you. If you do want to spend every evening enjoying the company of one of our lovely girls, we will be more than happy to help. However, if you want to ensure that all of the dates you arrange feel like unmitigated treats, you might like to adopt a slightly more measured approach. For instance, a perfect balance and a little of what you fancy do you good!

Enjoy your fun, free and easy single life without feeling lonely now and then. Indeed, this arrangement offers the best of both worlds. Compare this with your attached friends. Aside from getting a divorce, they are virtually ‘locked in’ to their relationship. Furthermore, their circumstances are such that they cannot enjoy a ‘best of both worlds’ arrangement the same way you can.

So, next time your loved-up pals start judging you or offering you advice – take a step back and tell them to look at the bigger picture! Just call to enjoy a perfect balance and the best of both worlds with our 24-hour London escorts.

Finding a perfect balance with our London girls

Enjoy Some Piccadilly Passion


We have many types of ladies available, perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy some Piccadilly passion. Therefore, it’s good to know that 24-hour Companions have the best selection of gorgeous girls available around the clock. Our girls have fun personalities, and their zest for life makes them popular companions for any occasion. Whether you prefer naughty fetish girls or the girlfriend experience type, we have them all here at our London agency. Whatever your style or occasion, discover the most beautiful companions 24 hours a day.

Meet our most popular escorts in Piccadilly.

Many people visit this part of London each year for some Piccadilly passion. It’s one of the capital’s most famous locations and is known for its fantastic shops, bars, restaurants, and bright lights. Not to mention, it’s beautiful girls and 24-hour nightlife. Here at 24hr Companions, we have some of the most stunning escorts located within just a few minutes walk from the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus. So, next time you pass through, it’s worth remembering that a sexy little Piccadilly playmate isn’t far away.

Our escorts are always fun, friendly, sexy and very accommodating. Whether you live here, are just visiting or are here on business, our Piccadilly escorts are happy to meet with you. You can see them in their cosy apartments in central London, or they can travel to your hotel or private residence. In other words, some sensual Piccadilly passion is always easy to achieve.

Party with Petra

Petra – a steaming hot beauty with a perfect curvy body, beautiful features and a naughty mind to match. She loves to tease and please and is always fun and flirty and a delightful companion. Her adventurous mind makes her the ideal date for anyone looking for a naughty companion. Enjoy some Piccadilly passion with Petra. It’s easy with a girl who knows how to have a good time.

Popular party girl in Piccadilly Petra

Game on with Gabriela

Gabriela – a lovely Brazilian escort and always a delight to spend time with. She’s polite, kind and gentle and is the perfect choice for any man who needs some pampering and much-needed TLC. Gabriela has a gorgeous figure, curves in all the right places, beautiful big brown eyes and a stunning smile. She’s sexy, passionate, caring and, above all, fun!

Gabriela is full of passion and very playful

Enjoy some time with Kim.

Kim – a gorgeous and very sexy new elite escort. She’s sophisticated and elegant and always aims to please. With stunning model features, a beautiful personality and a naughty mind, it’s no surprise to hear that Kim is one of our most popular girls. She’s extremely friendly and eager to pamper, which makes her an ideal playmate to enjoy some Piccadilly passion.

Top Piccadilly escort Kim in her lingerie

Piccadilly playmate Amelia

Amelie – A gorgeous companion, busty, sexy, fun and naughty, and guaranteed to keep any man entertained for hours. This extremely sensual companion is the one to enjoy some Piccadilly passion with. Amelie likes to tease and please and is an excellent choice for role-play and fantasy bookings. She’s also very popular so it’s worth booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Enjoy some Piccadilly passion with busty escort Amelie

Dream dates with Drew

Drew – An extremely passionate playmate based a stone’s throw from Piccadilly. She’s available most days and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a gorgeous girl with a gentle touch. Enjoy some Piccadilly passion with Drew. She delivers all you could wish for from this fun and flirty call girl. Furthermore, her beautiful body and stunning looks will leave you wanting more.

Dream girl Drew is full of fun and perfect for a date in the capital

Passion and pleasure all rolled into one.

You can enjoy some Piccadilly passion and the exquisite services of a lovely lady any time, day or night. All of our escorts based in the West End take great pride in their appearance to keep their customers returning. We employ only the best London escorts to ensure our clients will always fully enjoy themselves. Furthermore, we regularly add new additions to our London agency, so check back daily for top new girls. Please call to book an appointment with one of our beautiful escorts or find out which of our ladies are available today.

Elite Isn’t Always Expensive


If you’re looking for a cheap escort in London and want good value for money and a gorgeous female, you’ve come to the right place. In the escorting industry, the elite isn’t always expensive. Here at 24hr Companions, we have some of the best-looking and adorable escort girls in London at the right price. After all, we pride ourselves on offering low rates with high-quality services and being one of London’s top escort agencies. As a result, we have a reputation for being honest, friendly and providing first-class service. As a leading agency, we always pick very carefully when choosing our escort girls, and we have many loyal customers who regularly use our services.

An elite escort service at a reasonable price

When booking a cheap escort, the cost can vary greatly. Escort prices can range from £100 to over £1000 for an hour. However, at 24hr Companions, we don’t believe the fantasy of being with a London escort should be unattainable. This is why we have such competitive rates. Elite isn’t always expensive; it means the quality of service is excellent. Therefore, we want every man to be able to book these gorgeous girls and enjoy the privilege of having their companionship.

Less expensive but consistently elite girls

Our gorgeous girls at 24hr Companions agency offer much more than an escort service. For example, they provide great companionship and a fun and friendly experience. After all, this is what most men are looking for – an enjoyable experience with a lovely lady, from dinner dates and drinks to accompanying a client to a business event. Whatever it might be, from just £150 per hour, you can enjoy the beautiful company of 24-hour Companions without breaking the bank.

Meet elite escort Alexis.

Elite isn’t always expensive, and top girl Alexis is proof of that. She is polite and friendly, has a lovely gentle nature and gorgeous features. Furthermore, Alexis always offers a full escort service to her clients. She is very adaptable to any role that is required of her. For example, role play, couples bookings and parties are Alexis’s area of expertise. You do not often meet an escort with such natural physical charm and versatility, but this girl has it all. In her own words, she is an enthusiastic and adventurous companion with some super sexy skills. Alexis is always outgoing and confident and loves to meet new people and surprise them with her sensual charms.

elite escort Alexis is sexy and isn't expensive

£150 escort Faye is anything but cheap

Faye is a sexy, saucy, extremely passionate young blonde escort, and you get much more for your money here. She’s fun and flirty, and her beautiful body and stunning looks will guarantee to leave you wanting more. She’s also an excellent choice for your rigorous TLC and pampering. Faye is charming in every way and perfect company for any occasion. She is one of our cheap escorts in London. This beautiful blonde has a lovely personality and a delightful nature and is an excellent choice for dinner dates and overnight bookings.

Elite escort Faye with her amazing fit body