Doing my research


As spring is here (well, sometimes it looks as though it is), the days are getting longer, the sun is peeking through, and people, in general, seem happier. My beautiful apartment looks out to see hoards of people in their gorgeous attire heading for Saville Row and Bond Street for the newest season trends, and on most days, I am running along with them. Oh, how I love to walk down the best shopping areas in the search of expanding my already brimming wardrobe.

Of course, it’s not all for my pleasure (that’s what I have to keep reminding my bank balance). Being a model and having the figure to pull off most fashions, I do have to stay current for my clientele. When most of my clients are very wealthy and influential business people, they do know what is up to date and what isn’t, so they do know if an escort in London is bang on trend or not.

You may think this is tiring and time-consuming being a 24-hour escort…oh no, it isn’t. It is no hassle to go to the hairdresser every week to keep my brunette locks looking lush, nor is it a real dilemma to visit my beauty therapist once every two weeks for the essential waxing, plucking and the like. So what if my spare time is focused on looking fantastic or checking out the hippest London restaurants, bars and clubs? I would put the same amount of dedication into any job I do.

Today, I am taking Aswad for afternoon tea in the Savoy Hotel. Being of African descent and not a frequent traveller to the UK, Aswad told me of his desire to get a taste of London (the city, not me…until later), so as cliché as it sounds, I am all for taking him to see London my way; afternoon tea, chauffer driven round the best sights and then back to my fabulous apartment to treat him to an absolute London delight.

Aswad did tell me that despite his original origins, he did not want to hold back on his escort experience, and I was to give him exactly what his money was paying for. Being a very wealthy businessman, I did want to provide him with a great time and a blooming, classy one, too! So, with my motto being “always give the client what they want…and then some”, I did go out of my way to purchase the finest lingerie and clothes for this gorgeous man’s arrival.

It’s not what you think. It’s not excessive or unnecessary shopping…it’s all in the name of research, right?

Business and Pleasure


You would think I’d never be lonely or have the ability to remember everyone’s names, given the number of people I socialise with within a week. You’d be wrong. I have some clients who are a one-hit-wonder, a flash in the pan. And then there are my regulars who see me on a specific day or week of the month and treat me as they would a long-distance girlfriend. These are the ones I miss and the ones I organise my life around. And one of these gentlemen is Jake.

Jake is American and flies over every month from Chicago. He owns 50% of a web design company that has a studio on each side of the Atlantic, and he takes it in turn with his business partner to fly out every two weeks – which is where I come in. On roughly the 1st and 15th of the month, I get the girlfriend treatment. Jake and I spend one of the days as an in-call (my apartment usually) catching up, dining on take-out and re-familiarising ourselves until the wee hours. The other day is a proper date – we go into The West End, catch a show and dine late into the evening on Steak and Chips in Leicester Square. I always make sure I wear a skirt and heels as Jake prefers the feminine look on women, and jeans don’t do it for him. I came to realise this during a rather emotional solo in Les Miserables a few months back – except Jake’s hand had snaked under my hem, but his eyes were straight ahead!

So anyway – it dawned on me I would be seeing Jake next Thursday, which is a few days earlier than it is usually. Which also made me wonder what I could do to wind him up between now and then. There’s no point in writing him a letter or texting him – but Skype allows for video calling, and I did have a brand new set of lingerie that had come from La Perla’s Vintage Limited range. I know I know, I said I wouldn’t put any more tiny bras and knickers into my underwear drawer… but they were begging me to buy them, and all that black lace came with a matching shrug. It would have been criminal to refuse.

So I sent Jake an email telling him to meet me on Skype at 10 pm GMT (allowing for the six hours time difference), arranged myself on my bed, hair over my shoulders and told him, “I hope you realise what you’re missing…” That man didn’t know what hit him. Thank goodness we were alone on our computers, and he had blinds in his office because things got pretty steamy after that, and I retired to bed with a naughty grin on my face. Poor Jake had to finish a day’s work distracted beyond anything (he said) he had known before.

So now I’m looking forward to our subsequent encounter and I think I’ll meet him at Heathrow Airport as a surprise. It may be a professional relationship when you strip it back, but there’s nothing quite like mixing business with pleasure.

Dedication is what you need


When you have regular clients who need to re-book you for specific functions, you have to keep on your toes and bring change into the ‘relationship’ more than ever. I always attend Scott’s work/family/social arrangements as his girlfriend, but to keep the booking, I have to keep him interested just as you would in an actual relationship. This is why I’m single. These things are hard work.

Scott is a 40-something gazillionaire who loves to keep up appearances. He lets his staff run his hotel empire and reaps the rewards by holidaying on his private island, lounging in his luxury mansion in Hampstead and shopping in New York for the afternoon. He uses me as his long-term girlfriend stand-in. In reality, he has no interest in making a relationship with someone he doesn’t know and who may only be after his money. In my mind, it’s classic real commitment issues, but what do I know? I’m a London escort, not a psychologist! So, he takes me to work functions, family weddings, press nights, and the works, but he also brings me shopping to cater to such arrangements, and that’s why, to keep this gig, I need to up my game.

As you know, I’m a very proud brunette, but when he mentions that he finds a particular blonde celebrity attractive, I crack out my favourite Barbie wig and act out any fantasy he wants. He loves the fact that he doesn’t even have to ask. Sometimes, when you spend a lot of time with a client, you do pick up on certain things. Whether they like olives, whether they prefer Gucci to Dior, whether they book a hotel more in Mayfair than in Knightsbridge and whether they respond in pleasure at being tickled just under the…

With Scott, we have a great partnership. I have even wrapped his very protective Mother around my little finger. Little does she know that boy is having a faux relationship with a top call girl! We have learned to walk in time with one another, laugh at the same things and finish each other’s sentences. We have been on many dinner and drink dates to get to know each other in such a way.

What can I say? I’m a dedicated woman.

For the love of chocolate…


I love chocolate. Show me a woman who doesn’t, but when your date is obsessed with “playing” with the sweet stuff, you get sick of it.

Haz is a regular of mine who loves to get up close and personal covered in milk dark and white chocolate. Our first get-together was in his presidential suite at his Kensington Hotel. He owns the building and lives there, and his penthouse is most spectacular. We went out for dinner, and he wined and dined me like I hadn’t been in a long time. It almost felt like an actual date where the male of the species feels he has to wow and impress his female companion. We ate and laughed and danced when no one else was, and he promised me more dates like this. His apparent penchant for brunette escorts has preceded him, and I had heard from his other elite favourites that if he likes you, he will buy you jewels and treat you like a princess. Still, if you take his fancy, he will let you see his secret room in his humble (cough) abode.

Haz is so camp in his attire and furnishings you would almost assume he is gay, but let me assure you, he certainly isn’t. I was lucky enough to play my own wooing game and snagged myself a few treats from some gorgeous couture boutiques in Chelsea, and then we stumbled across a very well-known but cheaper store to purchase some nice but VERY inexpensive undies. I wondered why we were buying these frilly smalls in under a fiver, but it wasn’t until I saw the secret room covered in plastic sheeting and the bowls of chocolate sauce that I realised that we would be throwing anything we started off wearing away.

So, dinner and no dessert led to drinks and the intention of coffee back at his home, which soon led to “we weren’t coming back for coffee, let’s visit the playroom” for some choccy fun.

On went the polyester set, and out came the choccy weapons. It was fun, but I swear I’m still cleaning out the fruit and nut from places it really shouldn’t have gone…

Our London companions know how to have fun, so if you fancy some fun and frolics mixed in with a bit of chocolate, then why not give us a call? And we can hook you up with one of our flirty females, which will make you forget yourself for a few hours – or even longer!! You only live once, so give us a try, and you’ll be hooked!

Dance the night away…


Have I ever mentioned how much I love to dance? Whether it’s a slow bump ‘n’ grind or a quick Foxtrot in a shimmering ball gown – I’m your woman. I have no professional training; I happen to have visited some pretty extravagant places where dancing is the order of the day, and my partner happens to love it, too.

This weekend, I have a late evening date with Jack, a professional dancer and choreographer. At the moment, he is in the West End, finishing up a run on ‘Dreamboats and Petticoats’ before heading back to New York. Despite his American good looks and piercing brown eyes, Jack doesn’t have a regular girlfriend, so he calls on me whenever he is in town – which tends to be once a season or every nine months, depending on how you look at it. I always have a fantastic time with him as he can gain us entry into all the top nightclubs or VIP treatment at a Wrap Party.

Above all else, Jack has a fantastic body as well as snake hips to match. His whirls, twirls and grinds with me till I’m sweating and begging him to take me home for some bed dancing instead. One day, Jack will probably meet some fabulous dancer who can get her foot behind her ear, but he seems to prefer my company at the moment. He explains that he could quickly bed half the chorus, but for emotional reasons, he tends not to. A lot of sexual tension makes for better on-stage chemistry rather than giving in to it and suffering a messy breakup mid-season. Never mix work and pleasure – unless you’re London call girl, where it is mandatory!

Now, I keep myself in shape, but Jack’s stamina far out-rivals mine. I’ve watched him from the front row before (he was in “Grease” in 2012), and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He didn’t even break a sweat. However, I can’t say I wasn’t damp after that one…

As I look through my wardrobe, I need to consider the weather, although skirts and heels tend to be the order of the day for a 24-hour London escort. Not only is it easier to dance in heels than flats (unless you’re being thrown about in a Lindy hop!), but jeans are too cumbersome. However, it’s meant to snow this weekend, and I don’t want frostbite in unmentionable places. I think “Jack” will understand that I have to wear leggings when the temperature plummets to zero, rather than the floaty number I donned in the summer. Brrrrr!