Don’t Be Shy


You may have never been a hit with the ladies, and shyness always comes in the way of what you want from the females in your life. You may not have been able to approach women you were interested in for fear of rejection. This is only human, and each rejection we have had in our lives makes us scared to keep trying for fear of it happening again. Some other guys you may know don’t mind, or it doesn’t seem to get them down as they have that confidence about them that is very attractive to you, and you only wish you could have half their confidence. Have you ever wondered why it never seems to work for you?

Have you ever thought to consider booking an escort? Now, if the thought fills you with dread and you feel it will be even worse than the ‘real thing’, let us assure you that our ladies are compassionate and caring and will want you to feel relaxed and happy in their company. The best thing about our escorts is they don’t have to be wooed, and they can arrive at your chosen bar or club ready to sit next to you and have a drink – you can go at your own pace, nothing is rushed, and you can talk as much or as little as you want. Our ladies are lovely – but don’t feel intimidated as she is very approachable and friendly. We are confident that by the end of your evening, a little bit of your shyness will have gone, and you will have that all-important confidence welling up inside you, ready to take it to the next level.

If indeed you did want to take your date to your hotel, you can have her for as long as you would like, providing your funds can run to this. Your thoughtful lady will not rush you in any situation you feel uncomfortable with – but as you have now got to know her and feel at ease a little, we feel sure that your instincts will kick in and nature will take its course. You must agree that in this way you can experiment with lots of different ladies where you can find out your particular type which will get that all-important confidence that you have been lacking.

Why not take a leisurely browse through our website gallery and see which sort of lady you find attractive and who you wouldn’t mind sharing your evening with? All the ladies you see here may well be ones you wouldn’t dare walk up to in public, but you see, our girls will be honoured to be by your side, and you will find it to be an enjoyable experience and nothing like you’ve encountered before. We are sure your date with a 24-hour Companions lady will be a success and one which will be repeated once you’ve had a taste of our girls. We think a date with a London escort will build up your confidence so much that you will wonder how you ever had a problem with ladies before!!!

Flawless Ladies


Our ladies have already been in the shops looking for their new spring outfits – instead of the shabby black and whites, a little bit of colour is now added to their wardrobe and lingerie draw. Our lovely companions love to shop and know all the best boutique and high-end shops to look for one-off originals or designer must-haves. All of our elite ladies know how to dress, and you will never see one of our designer girls on an ‘off’ day. They are always groomed to perfection and take great care of their appearance. Hair and make-up are a must and always done to a very high standard.

Once you have picked your chosen model from our gallery, you will be safe in the knowledge that our girls look flawless and will be ready for any situation that you have in mind. If you need to show her off at a high-class function, then she will be prepared. If you just wanted to peek at what was underneath her immaculate attire, you can be assured you will not be disappointed; our girls are ready for anything and are very well-trained to know what may occur on her date with you. If you want her to come away with you on business, she can address your needs accordingly and will always dress to impress. She can dress down or go full out and look the company, which will turn every head in the room.

Now, dressing right and looking right is only half of what our lovely 24-hour Companion ladies can do; our travel companions can talk the talk and carry themselves most professionally. Nobody will ever know that you have just ordered this beauty from an escort agency. If your colleagues only knew, they, too, would be booking one of our OK girls for their plus-one event. It’s totally up to you if you’d like to tell your colleagues, but if you want to be discrete, it will never come from us. Although our agency does thrive on recommendations, we would welcome bringing one of your trusted colleagues on board – but only if you thought he was a complete and utter gentleman like you.

We only want the best ladies on our books, and we only wish for the best gentleman, calling what is easily London’s best escort agency. If you think that our elite model ladies are something that you could use for an evening or indeed a business travel companion, then 24-hour Companionss will be just the thing you’ve been longing for. You can meet your chosen girl first to see if you have that chemistry between you, as you will be making a big commitment when you book a lady for the whole duration of your business trip. We are happy to recommend any lady we feel would suit your requirements, and feel free to ask any relevant questions about your companion you may be interested in.

An Escorts Point Of View


When I was growing up, I wanted to become a hairdresser. At the age of 13, I decided I wanted to become an actress. By 16, I knew I wanted to use my brain, and by 18, I wanted to go to university. It is funny how, throughout your life, you know what you want to be and not what the future holds or what you will be. I’ve always had a penchant for the finer things in life. My overflowing wardrobe filled with designer goodies also confirmed this. Meeting new people and visiting spectacular places is another favourite pastime, and I think I have accustomed myself to seeing this rather lovely beauty therapist.

Cue my job as a London escort, and what better city to explore all the fineries in than London!! I am fortunate enough to travel all over the world and see the exquisite 7-star resorts in Dubai and go shopping in the famous Big Apple that is New York. My clients are never disappointed as the lovely lady on his arm knows how to hold intelligent conversation and to look utterly fabulous thanks to a good lifestyle and plenty of sleep (and my beauty therapist keeping me silky smooth and coiffed to perfection)

Stumbling across the most beautiful of boutiques with some of my lovely clients in Chelsea or the one I never tell anyone about in Kensington and finding and enjoying many mouth-watering delights in Fulham or Baker Street allows me to see London as the great and cultural city that it is. I’ve always lived in London, but visiting the places I do with some fascinating companions has opened my eyes to what the city holds. I have learned a lot from various clients about London as we have travelled around it, and when I hear the same story time after time, I have perfected the knack of looking like I have listened to the information for the first time. There are only so many times you can hear that there is a plaque in Trafalgar Square denoting the very centre of London. I am professional enough, though, to not make the person who is educating me not to make him feel small and carry on listening to his knowledge of things I know by heart.

When I do have those precious moments to myself, I still like to explore this beautiful city. I know what’s hot and what’s not in London, and when I am on my own, there is no better companion than the city itself.

Playing Safe


One of our British escorts had a childhood background growing up in Surrey. Still, as soon as she could, she was off travelling north into good ole London town, more specifically, to City University, and her digs were in Clapham Common. She found herself settled very quickly into the fast pace of London life. She found her feet very quickly and was accompanied by her classmates and roommates. They soon learnt the shortcuts so London cab drivers wouldn’t shortchange them, where the best cafes and bars were situated and entertained themselves on their student loans. By the time they graduated, they couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Now, our English escort works as one of our elite models here at Pink. Her prime responsibility (other than the wants and needs of her client) is personal safety, and this applies to all of our young ladies. She always calls the agency to confirm arrival and again when the date has come to an end. She always uses licensed cabs and drivers and never accepts lifts from people we don’t know. Although the outward journey can often be a lonely business, travelling back within a crown is often the best plan of action. She doesn’t mind. She likes the chatter of commuters, whether it’s on foot, by tube or jostling a cab. That’s notwithstanding having to meet at the airport when she has to travel internationally.

But her safety goes beyond just this… There is always something ‘safe’ in her weekend bag of tricks, ribbed for her pleasure or extra sensitive for his. Keeping things clean always produces a smile from our ladies’ clients and a clean bill of health for both. Our ladies are in the business of protecting their assets as much as anyone else.

There you have it, a true insight into the slightly less glamorous (yet always necessary) side of our ladies’ worlds. As long as our ladies are always prepared and protected, they are always smiling…

Ordinary People


The way most of our ladies work for 24-hour Companions is they stick to 3 golden rules: They never judge, never question and always aim to please. If our ladies are asked to dress up as sexy secretaries or naughty nurses, they will do their best to make their clients’ wishes come true.

We have a particular client that we will name as ‘George’. He lives in a beautiful apartment in Chelsea, and he loves his role play and naughty fun. He likes his girls to arrive at his home in full costume. Costume being, hair severely pulled back, high necked baggy jumper and a long shapeless skirt with flat shoes. Oh, and no underwear!

George wants our ladies to look as though they have zero sex appeal to the outside world. Unbeknown to George, our ladies have no smalls on and have the body of a high-class model. George loves the power of knowing his Pink London lady is undesirable to anyone on the outside, and he has control over his seemingly sexless partner. He starts by discussing small, menial current events while our ladies make tea. Our ladies don’t understand the significance of this average day-to-day task, but then they don’t need to understand. As long as George is happy, that’s what matters.

George and his companion stand on the balcony of his luxury home and watch London commuters and shoppers strolling along, as the odd passer-by may glance up to us chatting, maybe assuming that this lady is a cleaner and then George’s hands do the talking as they both move inside.

It’s all very ‘normal’, but George finds it thrilling. Our 24-hour Companions ladies have often gone shopping or for a coffee before returning to his pad, and he had told our girls how he loves the excitement of the unknown. To our ladies, an exciting unknown adventure is a masquerade ball in London’s Soho. Our lovely escorts’ primary objective is to keep clients happy, and many clients know how to return their gratification with Jimmy Choos and Chanel.

Being an escort allows our lady’s creative juices to flow. Even the boring attire without the sexy Agent Provocateur lingerie lurking underneath is excellent fun. It also gives them a chance to be comfortable and warm without having to hide the tops of their stockings!! Also, I guess that it helps our girl neighbours realise that she is just an ordinary girl who can pop out for a newspaper and pint of milk without her designer finest on. So, if you have a request, our girls are not at all fazed or embarrassed about your recommendations – they enjoy the variety. So give 24-hour Companionss a call and find out what they can do for you.