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Everybody needs a little companionship. Whether you’re in town for a business meeting, for pleasure, or you live in the city, if you’re looking for a stunning female companion to share your time with, L don with Escorts can be the perfect solution. There are many escort agencies to choose from, and many escort girls of all nationalities are dying to get your attention, so choosing an escort coming-issuing-boggled is why we’ve put together a little guide to tell you preciselyselys Russian escorts so well.

First of all, our Russian escorts all have one thing in common. They have several. The most important attribute is their willingness to provide a superior service. All our escort girls know the importance of putting you, the client, at the top of their agenda. They will do everything they can to please and make you feel good. After all, you are paying for their time, and you will always get 100% attention and respect.

Secondly, all our escort girls from Russia are sexy and beautiful. Whether tall and slim, busty or petite, they all have wonderfully maintained bodies with lovely faces accurately groomed from head to toe. They ooze style and sophistication mixed with a sensual aura that will make any man stand up and take notice. From the top of their perfectly coiffured hair to the tips of their perfectly manicured toes, everyone pays particular attention to their styling and grooming to ensure that they always look their best and are always suitably attired for whatever kind of meeting you have arranged. They’ll never disappoint you in even the most upmarket venues, but they’ll be equally appropriately dressed for a one-on-one. And finally, all our Russian call girls have the untalented skills to meet the needs and tastes of all kinds of clients. No two clients are identical, and our girls know the importance of tailoring their services to match the individual needs of their clients. Some escorts choose to specialise in various areas and provide specific services. Still, all our escort girls constantly think of ways to spice up their meetings and leave their clients feeling good about themselves.

Check out our stunning range of Russian escorts, and you’ll see that they cater for every man’s needs; they do it in style, and they do it well.

Sexy in stilettos


I’ve been meeting escorts for a few years now; it’s a great way to spend an evening without all the hassle of having a relationship. London escorts are so amenable; they treat you well, give you their full attention and always do everything in their power to ensure you finish the evening feeling delighted date. They’ll also go that extra mile to dress in a certain way for you if that’s what you want, which suits me right down to the ground as I have a bit of a fetish about high heels.

Most of these ladies will try to address attractively and, unusually; you are usually immaculately groomed for the others right down to their toes. Most escorts will always wear high heels for a date unless they’ve been invited to something which requires more casual dress. So, for me, meeting with an escort almost guarantees that I’ll be meeting with someone in high heels. However, just to be sure, I always request that my companion for the evening wears high heels, and so far, my request has never been refused.

It seems that very high shoes with platform soles are in fashion right now, and although they are very sexy, I find that unless I choose one of the very petite escorts, most of the girls will tower above me if they wear this kind of shoe. So, I’ve asked my dates to wear shoes with classic stiletto heels instead. This means that I still get to be the taller of the two, and I get to see my favourite shoes on a gorgeous woman. I love how the pointed toes make the foot look so elegant and how the height of the heel elongates and shapes the calf. If my escort is wearing silky stockings, I Ie

But of course,e there’s a darker side to my love of high heels. Not only do I love to see women wearing them, but I love to feel the shoes, too. I adore the feeling of the heel in my hand; the graceful shape contrasted with the sharpness of the steel tips. I also crave the surface of the steel tip of my flesh. The thought of having a woman place her stiletto-heeled shoes on my bare back sends me into raptures of delight. So that’s why I always request that my escorts wear high heels.

The bigger the better…


I have to confess I’m an addict. I’m addicted to busty escorts. It doesn’t matter to me whether they’re a blonde, brunette or a redhead, but they must have at least D cups or more, preferably a lot more.

I have always been attracted to busty women since I first noticed the difference between males and females. , To me, large breasts seemed to be the ultimate sign of femininity. I remember giggling with my friends whenever we realised that one of our female classmates had suddenly developed a bosom and started wearing a bra. I also remember how I loved to see their breasts jiggling as they ran and how this simple act was often the cause of impromptu and embarrassing erections. This attraction continued into my life; it developed into a full-blown fetish for voluptuous women. I didn’t see the appeal of small breasts; I wanted big, or better still, huge.

Booking one of the many busty escorts in London means I can quench my thirst, but although I love big boobs, in the beginning, I preferred to book well-endowed slim escorts rather than some of the more curvy, busty escorts. More often than not, this meant their breasts had been surgically enhanced, but this didn’t put me off; I was intrigued. I loved discovering how they felt compared to natural and loved the fact that they were high and firm. But I soon wanted to immerse myself in a genuine pair of breasts. In my opinion, you can’t beat natural big breasts, the way they fall and feel, so nowadays, I’ll seek out escorts with natural breasts, which usually means that they have a curvy figure to go with them, too.

The most enormous breasts I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter were a massive pair of 36FF breasts. They were stunning. I was in seventh heaven as I sat across the dinner table from my date. I could hardly take my eyes off her cleavage, although I’m sure she was used to that. We returned to my room, and she unleashed her beautiful breasts from the confines of her bra. To say I was mesmerised was an understatement. I was speechless. She is now at the top of my list as she’s one of the sexiest escorts in London.

Perfectly proportioned


Some of our most requested escorts are our smaller-than-average, petite escorts. Time after time, they’ve proved that being small in stature doesn’t mean that they have less sex appeal but that good things do indeed come in small packages. Escorts have a fantastic selection of petite escorts, so if you prefer your women to be little or trims prefer your companion to be shorter than you, then they could be the perfect choice for you.

Dainty and diminutive, slight and delicate, there’s just something about our petite escorts in London which draws men to them. Maybe it’s because they make men feel more manly, maybe men feel the need to protect them, or perhaps it’s just that they see small women as being more feminine. Still, each client who books one of our petite escorts will have their particular reason for preferring them over the other London escort girls. One thing is sure: thirls that fall into our petite escorts category are becoming an increasingly popular choice with our clients.

However, just because an escort is classed as petite, it doesn’t mean that she’s not shapely or doesn’t have womanly curves. We’d go as far as to say that all our pint-sized escorts have superb figures. Some of them make equally excellent candidates for the busty escort category, while others are of a more slender build, which puts them firmly into the slim escort category.

One of 24hr companion regular clients, ‘John’, always books petite London escorts. He told us that the main reason is because he’s always preferred women who are small and dainty but who also have curvy figures. His absolute favourite escorts are those less than five feet three inches tall and no more than a size ten but with at leastCC-cup breasts. Luckily, we have a good selection of escorts who fit the bill perfectly, so John always has plenty of choice. Now, you may think that John is a petite guy himself, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He stands almost six feet tall and is well-built, but he loves the idea of being with a woman who is much smaller than himself, as it makes him feel more manly and protective.

So, if you want to experience the same feelings as John, why not choose one of our sexy petite escorts for your next date with one of our gorgeous 24-hour companions?

Growing with confidence…


If you’ve ever booked the services of one of our beautiful 24-hour London escorts, you’ll know that most exude confidence from their experience dealing with many clients. Escorts must often be a kind of ‘chameleon’, depending on what their clients want. A discreet and attentive dinner date, a sexy and fun-loving partner for a party, or a self-assured and imaginative intimate play partner. Escorts are expected to play all kinds of roles, and we aren’t talking role play here, although that does come into it too – we’re talking about the different attitudes necessary to give their clients the best possible time in their company.

This air of confidence grows as escorts experience a variety of clients and scenarios. They learn how to handle clients, the best ways to keep the conversation flowing and avoid awkward silences, how to read their clients’ moods, and they pretty quickly learn how to act in most social situations. They know how to handle clients’ insecurities, how to put them at ease, and how to encourage their clients to open up and feel comfortable.

However, every escort has to start somewhere, so sometimes you may find that you book a companion who is entirely new to the London escorts’ scene. While they may be pretty, confident and communicative in their typical day-to-day life, occasionally, some of the new escorts may feel a little shy when it comes to meeting their first client. In this scenario, it’s the escort who may feel a little unsure or who may find it challenging to establish a rapport. This is when it’s down to you, the client, to put her at ease. Be light-hearted. Use your sense of humour. Flatter and compliment her and make her feel that you value her company. She’ll appreciate it if you take some time to put her at ease and make her feel welcome.

It’s also a good idea to be upfront about your expectations for the evening so that she knows exactly what to anticipate. Take things slowly; don’t make her feel rushed or that she’s being pushed into something she doesn’t want to do. Take some time to build a rapport with her, ask her questions (without getting too personal) and make some trust. And don’t forget we were all new at something at some point in our lives; allow her to find her feet and confidence, and you’ll reap the rewards.