School Girl Crush


There’s something incredibly sexy about a girl in a tight white shirt, knee-high socks, and a pleated skirt hiked up. It will drive any man crazy with desire. A nubile young teen practically begging for it, a twinkle in her eyes, reminds our clients of their first encounter…

One of the most common role-play fantasies our clients tell us about, the school girl thing, is something that a lot of our gorgeous escorts are more than happy to oblige with – they love the kinkiness of dressing up as a teen girl – tight school girl uniform and hair in bunches – just for you!

A surprising amount of our young ladies have a range of outfits that they love to dress up in; what can we say? Living out role-play fantasies is one of their favourite things to do. Bringing your imagination to real life, their bespoke service is tailored to whatever your dreams are. So, before we get into the fantasy, take a look at some of the ladies that you could be booking!

There are very few words you can say about a girl that is so gorgeous. A beautiful brunette with a figure that will have your trousers bursting at the seams, Vivian loves to flaunt her cute little behind, lovely legs and pert breasts in the naughtiest lingerie. Imagine seeing those see-through panties peeking out the bottom of her little skirt…

Now, if we were still in school, Belinda would be the kind of girl with ripped knees on her tights, smoking cigarettes behind the bike shed. The original bad girl, Belinda, is a schoolgirl role-play 247 escort who likes to party! A kinky, naughty girl, if you’re looking for pure raunchy filth – get her dressed in knee-high socks!

This sexy young blonde escort is the epitome of the school uniform escort! A petite young blonde escort who loves a guy who knows how to work her. She’s a little minx naughty but sweet and innocent looking. Don’t be fooled – this little ball of fun will surely keep you going all night long.

So, how do you book a date with one of our schoolgirl role-play companions? Well, it’s relatively simple. If you have chosen any of our young ladies on this page, give us a call, and when you are making your booking, make sure to tell whoever answers the phone that you would like your chosen girl to dress up in a school uniform.

With 24-hour Companions, there is no taboo, and we ensure absolute discretion, so don’t worry about telling us your fantasies – we’ve heard them all before!

Bravo to the Brazilians


At 24hr Companions, we are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of gorgeous Brazilian beauties coming to us. We often wonder why, seeing as Brazil is an exotic paradise, and London is, well, a miserable grey town. If given the option, we’d be by the beach sipping rum punch in our underwear any day of the week, but there’s something about the city they seem attracted to.

Well, it’s our good fortune anyway, as we get a constant influx of sexy Latino ladies who adore having flirtatious fun. So we can’t complain. Recently, we’ve had a fair few landing in London to join our agency as soon as the plane touches down… So, we thought we would give them the limelight this week and showcase our top Brazilian lovelies!

Honey is naturally gorgeous; this beautiful Brazilian escort near Lancaster Gate has a natural glow about her, a real palpable energy that permeates any room that she is in. Sweet, charming, sexy, Honey has it all. An escort that knows just how to get you in the mood, she will find your fetishes and exploit them! With a fantastic body, her long, flowing blonde hair sweeps across her breasts. You will find her only in the finest lingerie, stark whites complimenting her skin.

There’s not much to say about this gorgeous escort in Piccadilly that her pictures can’t tell you. She’s got a flawless figure and comes in a complimentary, compact package. Her pert breasts and well-rounded rear will have you licking your lips. One of our most popular elite London escorts, she is our regular favourite – full of energy, excitement and genuine desire.

Any time spent with Maria is time you wish would last forever. She is so hot – the 5ft 6” Brazilian and her hunger and thirst for sweaty, naughty fun is second to none! Just like any typical Brazilian woman, Maria is all about her aesthetic, her ample bottom, and her large breasts; she wants to be desired. She craves being craved and wants you drooling when you see her in beautiful lingerie.

So go on, treat yourself, you a mind-blowing Brazilian!!

Making men and women equal


Feminists today never tire of pointing out that traditional marriage turns women into chattel. Interestingly, this progressive approach jack-knifes on itself when you turn it in the other direction. A man is required to support the woman in his life financially, emotionally, and physically. At the same time, a woman does not need to do too much to reciprocate because, if she does, she is allowing him to “trample on her rights”. The fact that men instinctively tend to be sexually adventurous is held against them, and they are required to rein in their sexual desire to be in line with the woman in their life.

Society has decided that marriage or a committed relationship means that neither party should stray physically, an arrangement which suits most women very well but is not such a comfortable fit for many men who have to deny a part of themselves to comply with rules that are biologically and historically unsuited to their gender. This is why probably a lot of men use escort agencies in London.

No one would disagree with the notion that men and women are equal, but equality is not the same thing as being alike. Whether you like it or not, men and women are different biologically, impacting their behaviour. Many studies would beg to differ with this viewpoint, but if you are prepared to be open-minded, look at it practically. In a world where women’s sexuality and their rights to it are overwhelmingly encouraged, you would expect that if men and women were indeed the same, the marketplace would reflect this.

It goes back to the fact that men and women are, in fact, different, even though that means they are no less equal. Most women require a measure of emotional investment in a sexual relationship. Most men don’t. Women rarely cheat on their significant other for purely sexual reasons. Men can enjoy the occasional 24-hour Companion liaison without any emotional involvement whatsoever. What most women would view as a deliberate act of betrayal is the need to gratify an itch, which is no reflection on the woman in a man’s life or his commitment to the relationship.

Companions can be good for your relationship


Some men would never cheat, and some women will cheat at any opportunity; humankind is complicated, but leaving aside the exceptions and the profoundly faithful, what do you think the most adult option is for a woman faced with the prospect of her other half (who is otherwise a great match) ‘cheating’ by visiting escorts?

He made a commitment, and if he doesn’t stick to it, he can either leave, or I won’t let him go, but it will make his life hell forever.

If he cheats, he will destroy me because I am the woman in his life; he should only be attracted to me, and his desires and fantasies should align with mine. I would never allow a man to make me do things which are unnatural and perverted, and if this is the type of thing that turns him on, and I don’t know him at all, our entire relationship is a lie.

A man who chooses to see escorts autofill unmet needs and fantasies makes a distinct point about his fidelity and commitment to his relationship. By spending time with professional companions, he unconsciously chooses to avoid risking his family life by getting involved with a woman whose needs may escalate to the point where she threatens the stability of his relationship. Men go outside the confines of a relationship for various reasons besides being inherently dissatisfied with it and happy with their relationship. Very often, he has fantasies which his other half is unwilling to fulfil, or he craves variety.

Strictly speaking, you can define this as ‘cheating’, but if you are willing to look at it from a broader perspective, you may find that a man sees professional companionship to satisfy desires outside of the marriage without putting it at risk. It is undoubtedly a far better option than a man who is miserable because his needs aren’t being met or an affair which may destroy a marriage.

Fantastic restaurants


London has one of the finest culinary scenes in the world, with many of the industry’s best chefs serving great food in renowned restaurants. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! We’ve picked the ten best restaurants in London that are guaranteed to offer you an experience like no other so you can take your chosen date for the night.

First up is Sushisamba. Mixing Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, it’s genuinely one of a kind. Our favourite dish is the Samba London Roll, although the wallet-busting Kobe Beef Ishiyaki is an extravagant treat. It boasts incredible views of London too – so book in advance!

The Chiltern Firehouse
The place to go if you want to see a famous face or two, this London restaurant is always packed to the rafters. That’s down to the fantastic food as much as the clientele. The Heritage Rib Eye is delicious, and the Steak Tartare is the stuff of dreams – probably the best starter in London.

The Ledbury
The definition of fine dining, The Ledbury, is famed worldwide for good reason. It serves world-class food but still maintains an intimate, friendly atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for a first 247 escort date – order the tasting menu if you want to impress.

Restaurant Story
Run by acclaimed chef Tom Sellers, this restaurant is all about, you guessed it – the story! The food comes in set menus, with each course representing a chapter. The lunch menu is cheaper, but it’s at dinnertime, so you’ll be blown away.

A London institution, Scott’s is the place to eat seafood. Located in the heart of Mayfair, this is a place in a league of its own. The Lobster Thermidor is incredible, but the Miso-Blackened Salmon is our favourite, too.

If you want to try dim sum that’s on another level, head to Yauatcha in Soho. The menu contains luxurious dishes – the most indulgent is the King Crab Dumpling. The cocktail menu is fantastic as well.

Home to the best Indian food in the capital, this Belgravia restaurant is genuinely incredible. From the kebabs to the korma, it’s impossible not to be impressed. The menu changes constantly, so each visit is fresh and exciting.

Bar Boulud
Serving up American and French-influenced dishes, Bar Boulud is a USA import we’ve welcomed with open arms. The burgers are unlike any you’ll have tasted before – topped with French ingredients like pork confit and morbier cheese.

With its North African-influenced décor, Momo feels a world away from London. The food here is excellent for couples, with some great sharing dishes. The Couscous Mechoui for Two is gorgeous, as is the Moroccan Chicken for Two.

The Ivy
You didn’t think we’d forgotten about this one, did you? Perhaps the most famous restaurant in London, here you’ll find outstanding, satisfying food. The Shepard’s Pie remains the restaurant’s classic dish – you must try it.