Jaw dropping dates


Our girls are very good at their careers and like to make our discerning clients happy and content. They can carry themselves with poise, and her perfect proportions are a wonder to behold. She is clever, articulate and wonderful; women want to be her, and men want to be with her. Our gorgeous girls are privileged and lucky to work in London, with some of the capital’s most affluent areas on their doorstep.

Most men fantasise about the ultimate model girlfriend – a head-turning, exquisite, jaw-dropping goddess of love that they can put on a pedal stool. You can guarantee that this beauty would not look out of place at any swanky elite affair. She may be brunette, blonde, British or European… 24-hour Companions have that dream girl you have been waiting for to make all your fantasies come true. We have the most superb selection of 24-hour escorts in London with fantastic personalities to match.

24-hour Companions naturally fall into the pattern of hand-holding and intimate conversation because our ladies feel more comfortable and wish the experience the client pays for to be authentic. Who could pick you both out from all the other couples enjoying their evening together?

Imagine treating your date to a candle-lit meal at a top-class restaurant before retiring together for the evening. Nothing would distinguish you from your intimate world of ‘two’ – now that is a girlfriend experience worth trying.

A reputation to uphold


For those of you who regularly visit our site, we expect you are well acquainted with the intricacies of booking an escort in London. For those who are new to our site and our agency, welcome! We thought we would take a moment to introduce the terms and conditions of our services and highlight what our ladies will expect from their discerning gentlemen.

We cannot stress enough how important discretion is to us, the client and his chosen lady. As our services are tailor-made to the gentleman making the booking, no two experiences will ever be the same. Secondly, we ask that payment be made upon arrival. The initial awkwardness of exchanging money is then out of the way, and you have your whole date ahead to enjoy.

Payment must be made in cash in Pounds Sterling. If the client wishes to pay in Dollars or Euros, this must be noted in advance at the appropriate exchange rates and commissions paid where applicable. Some ladies accept credit cards, but a percentage will be added. Please ask our receptionists to find out which escorts accept credit cards. The price arranged is all-inclusive, but we often ask for travel fare on top. Also, if you want to give our lady gratuity, these will always be gratefully accepted.

We want you to enjoy your companion and want everything to run as smoothly as possible, which we believe will. We can make excellent suggestions if you are stuck for somewhere to go with your lady companion. All you need to do is call us, and we will endeavour to make all your dreams come true…

That ‘feel good’ factor


If you feel your life seems a bit routine now with no fun. You may lack intimate excitement, and we have the perfect ladies to dispel those clouds and lift your mood in a way you haven’t felt for a long time.

Our ladies can do just this, any time of the day or night, as we have the best 24-hour escorts you could wish for. Their sincerity, compassion and unique way will make you feel special, which only a female from 24hr Companions can do. Trust in our agency if you have detailed requests, and we will endeavour to find your perfect match.

Our wonderful companions enjoy meeting new people, and that is why they have come into this profession. Not anybody can do this job; you have to have a certain quality and want to meet new and different types of people. They seem to thrive on diversity and the unknown, who bring variety to their lives, which they thoroughly enjoy to the maximum, and you will be no exception. Spending a few hours with our ladies will get you back on track and take you to that place you may not have been for a long time, making life seem more worthwhile.

If you are a little afraid to book the services of a 247 escort agency, then fear not, as you will find that the process is very straightforward and not the stereotype that you have read about or seen on television. Our ladies are very approachable and easygoing. Going to a beautiful lady is not unapproachable, so there is no need to feel inferior. You will have an enjoyable, civilised hour dedicated to you and your needs.

The conversation will always flow smoothly as your companion of choice will make it very easy for you to relax so you will never be tongue-tied. If you so wish, you can let her do all the talking while you gaze at her in amazement while this beauty is spending time with you and enjoying your company.

So don’t go through the same boring routine of home and work and see what else life has to offer – indeed, seeing one of our ladies would be a new experience worth trying and bring that all-important smile to your face. We are sure that if it’s a female company that you need, then 24-hour Companions is the right choice for you.

If you care, we care


Most escort establishments don’t care for their clients as all they seem to care about is sending an available lady to them – not fully understanding what the client has requested. 24hr Companions will endeavour to dispatch the lady that has been requested; if we don’t have that particular lady available on that day, we will honesty tell the client and not just send a ‘lookalike’ as we know that our clients are not silly and of course, we know that the client will not be using our services again. So we like to be very honest and let the customer know exactly who he is getting, which makes honesty the best policy.

24-hour Companions are the best in the business, but how do we keep up-to-date in keeping the best ladies on our books? We monitor our customer’s feedback very closely, whether it be what reviews they write on our website or a quick phone call to us afterwards, or it may be a gentleman coming back repeatedly because they trust in our ladies and our excellent customer service. We make it our business to keep all parties happy; we want our ladies to be satisfied by placing them with the right clients and, in turn, making sure that whichever request the client has, we will ensure they are fulfilled. It’s pointless sending ‘any escort’ to a booking when we know they will not fulfil the client’s wishes.

Very rarely, we have had dates that have not gone to plan. It may be that the client has not actually stated his exact preference, or sometimes it’s just down to personality clashes, as a world with everybody getting along ‘just fine’ is unrealistic. Our London escorts are chosen for their personalities, charm and, of course, beauty; our ladies can charm the birds from the trees, but everybody has their preferences. We take your calls very seriously and want to place you in the right company – so don’t be afraid to state exactly what you had in mind. Then mistakes cannot be made, and we would rather you’d be honest than us sending you a lady that didn’t suit your tastes.

Of course, this rarely happens, and our discerning gentlemen clients are always 100% happy with our ladies, and sometimes they even surprise themselves. They may have a preference for blondes, but for one reason or another, we don’t have any for that evening; our receptionists make a decision to send a sexy brunette – the client is a little nervous, but after an hour with her, we think we’ve changed his mind!!!

A lust for the exotic


24hr Companions has some gorgeous Brazilian Escorts, Eastern European, Russian, Arab, English, French and African American Escorts in the business. Every one of these beautiful ladies could be considered exotic, depending on where you are from. There are a variety of escorts with different features that make every one of these ladies unique. Some of them have tanned skin and blue eyes or a lovely combination of green eyes and ivory skin, along with raven-red hair – a sight not to be missed.

The word exotic can mean several things – especially when the subject of our 24-hour Companions is involved – so what do we mean by strange? There is no such thing as one exotic look, and anything different or unusual to the environment you grew up in could be considered unknown.

Have you ever wondered why the most beautiful escorts live in London? It is because London is full of extraordinary ladies from all around the world. The more exotic the staff is to her client, the more interesting the company will be because you will have a range of things to discuss and be able to introduce each other to new things.

What makes you tick when you are looking to choose the ideal date? It may be purely aesthetics or maybe interesting conversation or even something as specific as an accent, and we don’t blame you. One of our French escorts has the most delightful accents, and it is an absolute pleasure to listen to. You have to meet our particular companions to believe it.