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Warm and friendly


Escorts listed with us are always ready to meet you. The girls can be your travel companions or party companions and enhance your day by bringing fun and enjoyment. They can easily make you relax and appreciate every minute spent together, and you are not under any obligation when you deal with our ladies; you spend time with them purely for your pleasure. 24hr Companions provide discreet service to our clients and would suit people who appreciate their time and do not like to waste it in vain.

Beautiful and sexy women always attract men. Our portfolio represents different types and looks of various personalities. You can make your choice and enjoy the company of the finest ladies to entertain you and make you feel good about yourself.

We introduce beautiful girls, from escorts in Liverpool Street and the city to London Bridge escorts and the West End. Some girls have been with our agency for some time, and others are new.

Our girls enjoy providing company for gentlemen of quality because many of them are well-educated, and some of them are professional models. If you need a companion for the day or even a few days – it could be arranged – get in touch with us.

If you compare the process of choosing escorts with choosing the car or computer… We can advise you to use your sense of humour. Before you call the agency, please think – what are your expectations? Would you like an intellectual companion who can hold a meaningful conversation or simply the blonde escort girl with a DD bust? Whatever your fancy, we’re sure to have the perfect match for your requirements.

We don’t just work in the evenings


Traditionally, men tend to book a lady after they have finished their work day and need some time to unwind and relax. Try something different for a change; have a girl sent to you in the early morning hours before you go to work. Spend a couple of hours with her, have a little fun, shower, clean up together and send her on her way. You’ll arrive at work with a little more spring in your step, maybe even with a smile and a renewed sense of energy. You’ll be ready as ever to take on and confront the daily challenges head-on that maybe your job has in store for you.

Our ladies are available 24 hours a day and work year-round. It doesn’t matter what kind of hours you work because a lady will always be willing to provide innovative, intelligent, professional and fun to be around companions for your enjoyment.

24-hour Companions know that not everybody works the same hours, which is essential for them to succeed as an escort, so they have to be flexible and be able to provide companionship at any hour of the day.

Maybe you don’t like to get up that early before work; perhaps you need to rest as much as possible. If you are trudging through the workday, paperwork is piling up, tensions and pressure are mounting inside… step out for a while, grab a bite to eat, and breathe fresh air. You could even make an appointment to see one of our in-call ladies. Our ladies can provide you with a nice massage to help you calm down and forget about the office for just a little while. You can return to work ready to face the tasks ahead of you. Every day and night is a good one when you make an appointment to spend some time with our 247 escorts.

100% genuine girls

Escorts in London can be found advertising in many different places. The fact that everyone has internet access and smartphones these days makes it the most popular place to find 24-hour Companions.

There are a lot of classy adult publications throughout London where we can be found as well. But for ease of use and accessibility, the World Wide Web will likely be the best and easiest place to find us.

Our customers do need to realise, though, that professional escort photos that are advertised on our website are done in well-lit studios with ample lighting. Of course, the girl is also going to have all her hair and makeup done perfectly.

As you have now found the best, the next step is to choose which girl you want to see. Deciding what escort to see can be a tough choice; customers generally have a fear that the girl may or may not look like the photos. Of course, you want a girl that is the girl in the pictures and looks like them. It doesn’t matter how much you pay for your escort. There is always a chance that she may or may not be the actual girl. We at 24hr Companions are an honest agency and will always send you the lady you requested. There are no substitutes or lookalikes.

But you will be glad to know that the lady you see on our website is the lady you will get, and you will know that our lady visiting you will be perfectly groomed, but be aware that she will not have a ‘soft light’ shining over her.

Our buxom Beauties


Most gentlemen are addicted to busty escorts. It doesn’t matter to them whether they’re a blonde, brunette or redhead, although they must have at least D cups or more, preferably a lot more.

To gentlemen who like escorts with large breasts, it is the ultimate sign of femininity. We asked a regular of our why he loves a big-breasted lady:

“I remember giggling with my friends whenever we realised that one of our female classmates had suddenly developed a bosom and started wearing a bra. I also remember how I loved to see their breasts jiggling as they ran and how this simple act was often the cause of impromptu and embarrassing erections. This attraction continued into my adult life, developing into a blind fetish for voluptuous women. I didn’t see the appeal of small breasts; I wanted big, or better still, huge.”

“Booking one of the many busty escorts in London means I can quench my thirst, but although I love big boobs, in the beginning, I preferred to book well-endowed slim escorts rather than some curvier busty ones. More often than not, this meant their breasts had been surgically enhanced, but this didn’t put me off; I was intrigued. I loved discovering how they felt compared to natural, and I loved the fact that they were high and firm. But I wanted to immerse myself in a natural pair of breasts. In my opinion, you can’t beat natural big breasts; the way they fall and feel, so nowadays I’ll seek out escorts with natural breasts, which usually means that they have a curvy figure to go with them too.”

“The largest breasts I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter were a huge pair of 36FF breasts. They were stunning. I was in seventh heaven as I sat across the dinner table from my date. I could hardly take my eyes off her cleavage, although I’m sure she was used to that. We returned to my room, and she unleashed her beautiful breasts from the confines of her bra. To say I was mesmerised was an understatement. I was speechless. She is now at the top of my list as she’s one of the sexiest busty escorts in London”.