The best lovers


We are asked all the time which men make the best lovers. By which men, we mean which nationalities. We think all races have their plus points – of course, we’re going to be diplomatic about this; we don’t want to annoy any of the world’s men! – and all have their minuses.

Traditionally, Italian or French men are cited as wonderful lovers – the men who speak the language of romance should be romantic themselves. Still, our 247 escorts have not found that to be an automatic. But the young men are undoubtedly energetic, shall we say.

We know our girls have a sneaky fondness for the English man – they like their courtly manners in and out of the bedroom, they like the way they can be shy and reserved, but turn the lights out, turn up the intimacy and all that changes. It is very refreshing.

They like the way English men love to go on dates, too. They get a big kick out of being seen in places with an attractive woman in their arms. We think English men are less fussy than some nationalities – by that, we mean that they don’t necessarily prefer Latin escorts or English escorts – they love beautiful women.

As for Welsh and Scottish men, they love their accents and find the way they speak incredibly sexy, and they tell us they could listen to them for a long, long time.

Americans like to talk, and listening is an integral part of the profession, so they are always happy to listen if someone wants to end their terrible day at work or unhappy life. It’s all part of the service.

Our ladies tell us they are keen on Scandinavian men, who usually have a rugged outdoors handsomeness and remind them of Vikings – big, butch and macho.

The Russians have an intensity which other nationalities do not have. This can make them thoughtful lovers – sometimes a little scary – and they appreciate beautiful women. They like women with long hair, big breasts and slim bodies. They are also very fond of passionate South American girls.

And finally, Australian men – our London escorts find them very straightforward and sure of what they want, which is good, as an upfront man is short to deal with in this line of work.

Spice up your life


24-hour Companions add some spice to your sex life, so we’re always happy to oblige with handy tips and secrets. It seems only appropriate that as the weather gets colder outside, ensure it’s kept warm in other ways…

Start with a sincere, enthusiastic attitude. There is nothing quite as sexy as enthusiasm

Try out some different locations. If you have been in a relationship for a while, no doubt you’ve got used to the old and the familiar. The sofa instead of the bed is one place to start, but why not look at your bathroom and kitchen? Send a sexy text. Send them a text outlining precisely what you will do to them later that day. If this is something you never do, the unexpectedness of it will make it unique.

There is no doubt men like the visuals, so we recommend when the weather heats up, you start to walk around in your Agent Provocateur Lingerie more often. It’s a look that doesn’t touch things, a prelude for what is to come.

Here is one tip our escorts in London know all about… ladies, keep those high heels on at all times. It’s sexy. The added advantage is that you get to show your legs off at their very best.

Go super slow. Everything in the 21st century is done at super-fast speed, including intimacy, but if you slow everything right down, it makes it more intense. Try it and find out for yourself.

Swap clothing. I’m not talking about the full-on transvestite look, but if you pick out his favourite football shirt and wear it with nothing underneath, it can be a real turn-on. Gents, we’re not sure wearing your girlfriend’s bra will suit you, but pulling on her pants might well be unexpectedly delicious.

Be loud and proud. If you usually hold back when the moment’s thrill hits you, why not let loose with those screams of ecstasy? There is no bigger compliment to a sexual partner than to hear
their prowess celebrated so audibly.

Jump in the shower with your partner when they are not expecting you. A little soapy fun is delightful, as our young ladies know very well.

And there we have it – the very best ways to spice up your intimate life. Enjoy

Sweet Sherine


Are you feeling a little lonely? Treat yourself and be delighted by one of our 247 escorts. You will be amazed, especially with Sherine. She is the lady who can make you smile during your lonely nights. Your worries and problems will be forgotten once you are with this lady. Her beauty is stunning; if you have her alone in your room, you will be delighted by her presence.

She will give you great satisfaction, and spending the night with her is unforgettable. There are many places she can accompany you, Incall or Outcall; she is happy to accommodate all of your wishes. Your mood will be lifted, and all your troubles will disappear (if only for the evening).

Sherine is a beautiful companion with olive skin and captivating and attractive eyes. Every time you look at her, you will forget all the girls you met. Her looks encourage you to be with her all the time. Her sexy body is her best feature when she stares at you; you cannot deny that she is attractive and elegant. She is educated and always ready to have a meaningful talk, which makes for an unforgettable experience with you.

There is no worry if you will accompany her to the party. She knows how to answer and communicate with professional people. She is also knowledgeable on how to face and interact with different personalities.

Your nighttime experience with Sherine will not be boring. If you accompany Sherine at any function, you will be the centre of attention of many people. This is because you have the most gorgeous girl attending you. Your feelings, as well as your sense of sight, will be satisfied. Above all, your experience with Sherine will be surprising. She will do everything to make you feel like a million dollars.

The importance of the Girlfriend Experience


Our regular clients know their way around the language of the escort Industry, but some newcomers may not be aware of what all the different acronyms mean. One question frequently asked on message boards is, ‘What is a GFE Escort? ‘. At 24hr Companions, we take our role in the escort industry seriously, so we are more than happy to provide ongoing education about the part of overnight escorts, not only in London but also worldwide.

GFE stands for Girlfriend Experience, and GFE escorts offer an accurate simulation of what it is like to have a girlfriend for the duration of your booking. They will greet you affectionately and warmly; they are happy to walk hand in hand with you, kiss you tenderly, enjoy intimate dates with you and generally provide you with the experience of having the perfect girlfriend in every way.

Life is rushed, and guys who work hard like to play hard. The problem is they are often at the office, getting ahead with their careers, leaving little time for socialising. When you spend so much time at work, it’s hard to find time to meet new people and have personal relationships. All work and no play is stressful, too – everyone needs a little time to revitalise themselves. The problem with relationships is that they aren’t easy. When you have emotions and hearts on the line, your personal life can end up with more drama than you need or want.

When you book an overnight escort, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, which is rarely the case in personal relationships, which can be challenging to control. When you book a professional with our overnight escorts, we guarantee you you will enjoy all of the advantages of having a girlfriend without any of the baggage.

Always behave in gentlemanly way


We care a lot about our ladies, and we don’t want them upset in any way, shape or form. If you don’t think you can be well-behaved when it comes to dating our escorts, then we suggest you try elsewhere. If you want to be pushy and rude, you should stay home alone.

It all boils down to you, considering that our 24-hour escorts are human beings with needs and desires. We’re not saying you have to treat them like your wife and ensure that they have an up-to-date washing machine or a new car each year, as well as a whole wardrobe of clothes. We mean just identifying that they might want to be spoiled a little.

You could start by maybe not meeting them in your hotel room and never going further than that, to begin with. Although our girls don’t mind this and they are more than well used to it, they would also like to see the night air and perhaps see a little culture.

There is no need for a real extravagant place to eat and drink; anywhere is pretty good, and it beats the inside of a hotel room or your living room. There are sometimes obviously good reasons not to take one of our companions out, these usually have something to do with the fact that they may have visited you near your home, or you are travelling through London with friends, and you don’t want them to know. Having said all that, we are confident that you are the sort of gentleman we love to visit our ladies. You will have the time of your life with our girls, and we’ve got enough of them to keep you going for a long time. Make sure you plan all your business trips in London and make your appointments with us pretty soon after! Hope to hear from you soon.