Long locks


Visit the gallery at 24 Companions, and there is one thing you will note. While we may vary in certain areas – there are blonde escorts, brunette ladies, 24 hour escorts, ladies described as adventurous, International ladies and more – there is one area where we are all the same. We all have long hair!

Sure, some of us may have hair that almost touches our bottoms, and others have hair that dusts their boobs, while others favour cute fringes or very classy bobs that fall seductively across one eye, but we know that men and our clients LOVE long hair.

We are okay with that, as we love long hair. It comes down to my waist; it’s thick, wavy and dark, and I can wear it up or down. Sometimes, though, I envy my short-haired friends whose hair dries in no time after washing and who can often slick it back with a touch of wax or spike it and work an androgynous look.

But as we said, our clients love long hair, so long hair it is! Why do men love long hair? According to a survey of 3,000 men, men’s favourite hair is long and wavy, followed by lengthy and straight. The bowl cut only gets 5 per cent of the vote, while the Pixie crop doesn’t fare much better.

And it seems that men like shiny hair, with 72 per cent of men saying this is sexy. Of course, men also want touchable hair, so those long, wavy looks need to have been achieved without a mountain of styling products. Jeez, men. They can be so demanding!

So, men see long hair as very feminine, which is why it is liked so much. At a basic level, long, thick hair can indicate that the man is healthy and healthy-looking people are always more attractive than unhealthy-looking ones.

Certain hair types and faces look better with longer hair, too. Curly hair can look frizzy and stick out at odd angles when short, whereas if it is long, the added weight makes it wavier rather than curlier, and it sits better. Longer faces often look better with long hair.

There are reasons men prefer long hair. It’s safe to say our escorts will keep their crowning glories for the near future.

High Standards


Here at 24hr Companions, we have lots of beautiful girls and the latest lot of lovelies who have joined our books are already getting snapped up fast for sexy spring getaways and romantic dates with clients.

We only work with the best and most attractive women, and we also make sure our girls are articulate, intelligent, friendly, bubbly and able to deal with all kinds of social situations. Beauty is all very well, but friendliness is an absolute requirement, and we also like our ladies to be sweet and cute.

Ruth, our lady in red, is a mere 23 and as beautiful as they come. She adores finding out about the city of London and all that it offers, so if you too want to explore London and are after a fascinating and fun companion for your explorations, Ruth can help out.

Hot blondes are always very popular, so we’re delighted to introduce you to the lovely high-class and model escort Rowen. Rowen is delightful, and she has a great sense of open-mindedness. You can book Rowen for couple/duo fun, and she’s simply stunning.

If we choose to feature a blonde, we naturally feature a brunette beauty, as many clients favour the raven-haired lady, too. Danielle’s gorgeous dark hair hangs down to her waist and contrasts beautifully with her green eyes. She’s one of our escorts in Baker Street and is available for both incall and outcall services, and she always aims to please.

23-year-old Hayley has the most fantastic figure – a high, round bottom and the most beautiful breasts; we are sure you will agree. She is a bright and bubbly lady, and we think she offers fantastic fun and excitement. Your afternoon or evening will be hours well spent if you decide you would like to see Hayley.

And finally, there is 23-year-old Jolene, who takes curves to another level. Here is a lady who embodies the pleasures of the flesh, that is for sure – and all with a cheeky smile.
We have just focused on a few of our new girls, so why not check all of them out today?

Summer plans


So, will your job be taking you to London – or sending you out of the capital city? Are you planning a city break here or a city break away in one of the UK’s other cities, or will you take a short flight to one of Europe’s capital cities?

Our London escorts always have hectic summers ahead. They get a lot of bookings for June, July and August. So, what’s on the cards? Well, most will be visiting the best London restaurants and bars in the summer months. As you might imagine, it’s always such a treat for our ladies to see this fine dining experience and revel in good company and the restaurant’s outstanding views across the capital city.

Another client is taking one of our overnight escorts to Prague for a week in June. He’s a London-based client, but he runs a couple of businesses over there and will be checking up on their progress. He asked one of our 24-hour Companions to accompany him as he feels there is no point in taking a trip without having a beautiful woman on his arm, so he thoroughly enjoys himself.

And then another client wants several beautiful girls for his new restaurant/bar opening in July. The location is top secret, but it’s exclusive, and we think it will probably be the summer launch.

So you can see our 24-hour Companions summer will be entertaining and busy. We think it shows you how varied the life of a 24-hour Companions escort is – and that they’re not always just in London or even in the UK.

Lonely housewives


A specific website claims you can have an affair with a lonely homemaker! We are sure you know what this site is called, but we want to clear up any myths and tell you why our overnight escorts are a better bet than lonely wives.

For starters, 24hr Companions is the best escort 247 agency in London! We have a collection of gorgeous girls who like meeting new people, and we want our clients to have a perfect time. Our companions are friendly and bubbly and can fit into any situation.

We are very discreet. Unlike the website that makes that claim, we treat our clients’ details respectfully. Privacy and discretion are guaranteed.

We don’t come with baggage.

Have you seen our gallery? Our girls are slim, beautiful and super sexy. If you have a 24-hour Companion on your arm, you will undoubtedly turn heads.

Affairs can have consequences. That’s not to say that meeting up with an escort won’t adversely affect your marriage or partnership (though some partners and spouses are open-minded about it). Still, an affair can be damaging to a relationship.

It doesn’t matter what the requirement is. If you need a date to accompany you to a business event, a family gathering, a party, or a night on the town, we can help, providing you with the perfect companion.

We’re in your area – unlike lonely wives. 24-hour escorts can cover the whole of London. What are your chances of finding lonely wives wanting adulterous affairs in every part of the city?!

We won’t end up phoning your wife to tell her about our meet-up. Remember – we’re a professional service, so discretion is a must. Date a lonely wife and risk that she might get too emotionally attached and feel that she has a right to you all to herself.

And finally… an escort’s job is to find out your wishes and your desires and to make them come true. This is why 24-hour Companions is, and always will be, better than lonely wives.

Make your dreams come true


The yearning for pleasure is essential, but even more so is knowing where to access it… and, most importantly, where to access the ultimate manifestation of the luxury you crave.

Our 24/7 escort agency knows precisely what it takes to guide and glide your desire to the highest point of its realisation. It takes you into a wonderland with every touch and every kiss in an experience that lingers infinitely.

Desires stay aglow till they are satisfied; we know this at 24-hour Companions, and that’s why we provide you with overnight escorts that take time to listen to your innermost yearnings and then par with your most eclectic imaginations, giving you a sensual touch and salubrious, erotic massages, exploring your nights into tiny droplets of paradise and pure bliss.

Are you ever in search of escorts in London? Then, our agency has precisely the proper ladies to give you an image of undiluted pleasure, a scent of nirvana, and a touch of erotic massage that dissolves your stress and pressure into rampant bliss and happiness.

Your satisfaction is at the apex of our priorities, and we do whatever it takes to satisfy your desire, providing you with escort services that give you a full bloom of satisfaction, including erotic massage, GFE Dinner Dates, and stunning Travel 24-hour Companion Escorts. Our cheap escorts take you to fantastic lands of fabulous erotic experiences; with us, every nerve comes aglow, every desire gets gratified, and every dream comes alive.