We’ll make your head turn


What makes a beautiful young woman sexy? There are plenty of gorgeous girls in London for our clients to choose from, so what sets the sexy ladies apart from these other head-turners?

The answer to this is her charisma and enviable talent for combining open-mindedness with sensuality.

It takes a special kind of woman to be cast as a 24-hour Companion, and her portfolio is second to none. But she must also be friendly, adventurous and available. Being asked to fly internationally with 24 hours’ notice is one of our provisos. After all, how many other London girls get the chance to live a jet-setting lifestyle and get paid for it?

We have all nationalities that showcase our books. European, American, English and Asian girls also have the privilege to work with our 24-hour escort agency. Some of these stunning young ladies are already successful models in their own countries; from glamour to catwalk, they are just looking for a little more excitement – and where better than to find it here?

Your dream companion may be living right next door or across the street; it just takes a phone call to find out if it’s true, so call us and speak to our team of receptionists about our 24/7 escorts in your area.

Making your dreams reality


Our companions understand how difficult it can be to fully indulge your fantasies, especially if you are a hardworking and essential businessman. Therefore, they want to do their best to ensure you get precisely what you want. Once you have become accustomed to the ways of the escort world, you need to know where to find these charming creatures waiting to show you a good time.

If you are more concerned about the agency to contact, look no further than 24hr Companions. We can provide you with the most expensive and cheap escorts from a wide selection of beauty worldwide, from Eastern European escorts to Brazilian and British; we ensure that every taste and preference is catered for.

High-class ladies are a rare thing to come by because they form part of a luxurious acquired taste. Many people have preconceived ideas about what this entails. However, once our clients open up their minds, they experience the very best night of their lives and always come back to liaise with our exquisite ladies time and time again. It can be easy to pass judgment on something you haven’t tried for yourself. Many people believe escorts are unhappy with their careers; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 24-hour Companions only employ ladies who are very passionate about their job and have a goal in life. This is the lady’s choice, and they embrace their line of work. When you meet one of our gorgeous ladies, you will see it show. Their love of travelling, trying out new experiences, and meeting new people draws them to become an escort.

Once you have settled upon an agency such as 24hr Companions, you can select the lady of your dreams. She can be with you within 30 minutes of your call, or you can visit our international escorts in their luxury and stunning apartments in central London. We promise to be efficient and trustworthy in all we offer you.

Every little detail you provide will be kept in confidence; therefore, you can be sure that whatever you do will remain private. This is our main priority, as we want our clients to reap the rewards when using our agency. If you’re going to sample the delights of an incredible 24-hour escort agency in London and don’t know where to go, remember the name 24-hour Companions. Not only will we fulfil your desires, but we will go above and beyond to ensure your dreams and fantasies come true. Why not browse our gallery to see which one of our beauties catches your eye…

Enjoy some human contact


Regardless of whether you are visiting London on a quick business trip or passing through on an extended stopover, you will no doubt feel a little bit lonely if you are all by yourself. After all, big cities like London are seemingly built to offer experiences best enjoyed by others.

Fortunately, at 24hr Companions, we can help you combat any such feelings as we have beautiful, charming and intelligent ladies working with us who love nothing more than spending their afternoons or evenings with friendly visitors from out of town.

To be sure, enjoying the world’s most fantastic city with one (or perhaps more) of our girls offers several unique benefits. Below are arguably the three most compelling:

London is a vast, bustling city, so it can be overwhelming if you don’t know your way around. Indeed, the labyrinthine streets and massive Underground system can leave even the most street-smart visitors wondering where they are. Naturally, this is not the case when you arrange a date with an escort, as our companions know the West End like the back of their hands. Indeed, there is no better way to get the lay of the land and discover the city’s best sights, restaurants, bars and nightspots than to spend some quality time with our fabulous ladies.

It is not always easy to feel at ease when you are alone in an unfamiliar place. To be sure, being on your own in a place where everything is different can make you feel a little on edge at times. Having a little human companionship can do wonders in this respect, enabling you to share your thoughts, feelings, questions and desires with someone keen to listen. This not only allows you to adapt to your surroundings more successfully, but it also makes you feel far more at ease as well.

When you do not feel awkward or out of place, you feel confident enough to be yourself. This means you can relax and not worry about putting on any ‘front’. Although our 247 escorts are happy to spend their time with any gentlemen who are friendly and genuine, they especially enjoy being around people who feel comfortable in their skin. So, taking advantage of services that will encourage this will make you want those services even more. Indeed, it is a win-win situation!

Quite simply, London escorts are a great way to meet genuinely charming and personable people of the opposite sex when you are in London on a solo flying visit. So, if you will be visiting us here in London town anytime soon, why not arrange a date with one of our girls in advance?

The perfect match for you


There is no accounting for taste on an individual level, but at 24-hour Companions, we try our best. Our 247 escorts originate from all over the world, including Eastern Europe ladies, South America and, of course, our Great British beauties. Many of these women embody what makes people from these countries so beautiful and unique, which is excellent for us and you.

We also have Indian companions who are feminine, pretty and perfectly proportioned. Indian women have a natural sensuality and charisma that begs to be explored. As you might expect, such women like these take care of themselves, which can result in something stunning.

A different type of dusky sensuality comes from South America. Brazilian escorts have luscious dark hair and olive complexions coupled with outrageous curves that would drive anyone wild. Of course, we don’t dictate how the ladies look; no matter where they are, you mustn’t either. This will allow you to see them for who they are and truly appreciate their beauty on an individual level.

Eastern European escorts make up some of the most sophisticated and elegant ladies any agency offers. With long, perfect stems, these ladies look breath-taking in ball gowns, little black dresses, lingerie or just about anything. London escorts are a pride to be with, especially if you attend a formal event where a guest is expected.

You can rely on our escorts in London to express themselves fully. This will include a range of dresses from sexy sky-high heels to sensuous, rich lingerie that frames their bodies like a dream. There is nothing quite like an English Rose who can make herself appealing, mixing classic and contemporary looks to please. The idea is, however, that our 24-hour escorts will be your dream women for as long as you desire, which means that they can account for many different tastes.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of voluptuous women, shapely derrieres or unendingly long legs, our girls know how to dress to please. This is your essential. You must get everything you want, whether spending quality time together in private or hitting the city in a big way; you should be with the woman who can make your fantasies come true. You will be the envy of all who see you!

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, but at 24hr Companions, our ladies have that unique flair that will make you think we have concentrated it in our organisation! This is why our clients consistently choose us over other organisations. It is essential to know that our girls are also very confident people who can step into and adapt to various social situations. They have a wealth of social experience and are adept at being as vibrant or demure as you want.

Timing is everything


There is always an ideal time to arrange to see one 24-hour escort. We are open around the clock, which aids flexibility in your schedule. We will look to accommodate you no matter what your plans are, providing you with your ideal choice of companion every time. Whatever time you choose, you will be guaranteed a femme fatale of your preference who will please you in every way imaginable. Our escorts are passionate, fun and above all, they always aim to please.

If you want to ensure your lady will be available at your preferred time, then it might be advisable to book in advance. This may not always be possible, but we have an online booking system that you may find more convenient. If requested, we will call you back at a convenient time to confirm your booking, but for your discretion, we never call unless you’ve asked us to do so.

Be assured, though, that even if your ideal lady is not available and you cannot book in advance, then you will always be given a ‘match’, and here at 24hr Companions, you can be confident that your ‘match’ will be almost the same if not better than your original choice. For example, if you’d like to see one of our cheap escorts in London and she’s not available at your preferred time, then we will give you a selection of other girls in that price range and a recommendation for you. 24-hour Companions will always make you feel welcome when you make your call to us, and we, in turn, will make your whole experience with us professional and extremely enjoyable.