Alluring ladies…


The definition of elite is superior to the rest of the collective, and at 24hr Companions, our girls are undoubtedly excellent to most other ladies in the city. The word exclusive is regularly connected, and at our high-class escort agency, many of our ladies are elite to us. Clients will be safe knowing that they will book the most exquisite ladies in London, so when choosing a female companion to spend precious private time with, it is no wonder our clients prefer to contact us.

In every aspect of life, there will always be those who demand the very best, and our 24hr Companion escorts are the girls who fulfil that role. There are plenty of stunning young ladies in the city who could pass for elite companions; however, at 24-hour Companions, we require much more than just a beautiful face and sexy body to be considered amongst our elite ladies.

Not only does the term elite reflect the sheer beauty of our girls and the fact that they look the best out of all the options available, but they are also the most highly skilled and naturally talented in their specific fields. If you are looking for a lady to enjoy a romantic evening out, then our glamorous beauties are always available for you. If you are looking to indulge in a more exotic experience, then you should always visit the best and most qualified provider of that service. At 24hr Companions, we have scores of ladies who excel in enjoying the more kinky pleasures. So, to fully experience something new, we always advise that you spend your time with the most experienced and highly intuitive ladies we have.

As an experienced London escort agency, we know what to look for in our new escorts. Whilst beauty and sexual appeal are essential, the state of mind is more so. All our ladies naturally possess that joie do vivre and genuine pleasure required to make your date memorable. All our ladies provide an authentic girlfriend experience. Many agencies use this term to reel off a list of services that this includes mechanically; however, it is much more than that and cannot be quantified simply by a list of services. The E stands for experience, and this is only something that a person can feel. Our ladies will make you feel like you are genuinely desired and attractive. You will feel wanted; you will be the centre of attention, and the focus is always entirely on your needs and pleasure. You will, in short, feel exceptional, and this is always something that is much more meaningful and lasting than any physical encounter – however enjoyable.

24hr Companions is a high-class and elite escort agency open 24/7 with the experience to know what you seek. You may say that you want to experience certain pleasures, and whilst we will advise on the ladies who are most suited to these pleasures, we will also ensure that our elite London escorts can make you feel on top of the world.

Waterloo experience…


Let’s talk about Waterloo; today, we will look at one of London’s most popular up-and-coming dining experiences: the Oxo Tower. Found on Barge House Stree, it is close to various tube stations for easy access. Renowned for its prominent tower that rises from the building on the south bank of the River Thames. The building houses multiple design, arts and crafts shops, and substantial art galleries. Still, the area we will concentrate on today is The Oxo Tower Restaurant, which is found on the 8th floor, on the rooftop level.

The reason we have chosen this venue is for the facilities you can take advantage of before or after dinner. Unlike most restaurants, where you go in, eat and drink, then leave, the Oxo Towers ground floors with the galleries and shops offer you a chance to take in some culture with your chosen escort. You will be surprised by just how interested our girls will be; some may even amaze you with their very own art knowledge. To summarise, the galleries offer a perfect ice breaker; you can grab a drink and make your way around without worrying about conversation as the paintings talk for themselves.

On to the main event, The Oxo Tower Restaurant; this is an elegant dining experience for you and your escort, providing some of the best views of London. An entire glass frontage enables all diners to experience the glorious views of London as you overlook the Thames and Victoria Embankment. In terms of cuisine, the restaurant does cater for everyone, a very ambitious and adventurous global take on dining. If this wasn’t impressive enough, then you could spend an entire day browsing through the wine list; with an incredible 800 different wines on it, you are sure to find the tipple you are looking for with your elite London escort. Due to the elegant nature of the restaurant, it is a popular choice amongst the celebrity crowd, so do not be surprised to be rubbing shoulders with familiar faces.

Book a pair of beauties…


It is often a gentleman’s fantasy to have two beautiful women catering to his whims and needs. Remember that it is an elite escort’s mission to be as discreet as she can. Anything that goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. How you want that to pan is entirely your business!

Did you know that 24-hour Companion escorts can be booked in pairs? Beautiful, sultry women who can complement each other from the smoothness of their young skin to the colour of their hair (blonde and brunette as a contrast?) or the passionate qualities of the countries they were born in (Latina ladies are especially fiery with flashing eyes and quick tempers!)

London is full of beautiful escorts on their way to make a man very happy. You only have to open your eyes the next time you visit a luxury Mayfair hotel or in Kensington’s residential areas to spot these busy young women travelling to and from a client. We specialise in bespoke services that have been tailored to the very last detail. Let our receptionist know you want two elite escorts, what you would like to happen – and how to make it possible.

To book your unique requirements, call us any time, day or night (our lines are open 24 hours. We can make it happen; open your imagination.

Weekend fun and frolics…


If you want a weekend party with some of our delightful 24hr escorts, we guarantee we will have the perfect ‘outgoing’ girl or girls for you. You may wish to have just one for an intimate party or go all out and book three of four. Our friendly advisors will be happy to help with any specific requirements that you may have to make your evening memorable. If you want a particular look, we have many different shapes and sizes of girls available, from beautiful busty escorts to super slim model types; whatever your needs, we are sure that the perfect somebody is just right for you. 24-hour Companion ladies are all unique in their erotic way, which will not disappoint…

Make this weekend the weekend to remember by inviting your friends over for a bit of naughty fun with some of our lovely ladies, or if you’d like, you can go to our girl’s abodes as our girls have superb apartments, which will be very accommodating for your needs. You may prefer a blonde, brunette, or a stunning redhead. The choice is entirely yours. 24-hour Companions ladies will be the right choice for whatever sort of weekend you may have in mind. Your friends will be very impressed when you organise these ladies to see you; it will give them a chance to ‘relax and enjoy’ as we know how hard you’ve all worked during the week. It’s a bit of indulgent fun that we all could do with from time to time

Cancel any appointments and dedicate yourself time to your friends. You will feel more rejuvenated and invigorated, making the week ahead more bearable. Booking a few more ladies to visit you or you to visit them may take a little longer than booking just one. Our receptionists must get the best ladies for your party, which will match specific requirements. We like all our ladies to arrive simultaneously; it may take 45 minutes for them to come together, so bear in mind when you book. Another thing to remember is you may wish to book in advance w, which will give a lot more notice, and you will probably get your first choice in ladies. However, if you cannot book in advance, you will be sure that we will pick the best ladies suitable for you and your party weekend.

Visiting our Euston escorts…


When you think of Euston, you probably think of the train station – and you would be right, of course, but did you know that here at 24hr Companions, we have a fine selection of ladies that reside in this area and have sumptuous apartments for you to visit? How convenient is that if you travel to London and use Euston Station? Our escorts in Euston are just a stone’s throw away, so you needn’t have to get a black cab to your lady’s destination. This would be ideal for you before you went home after a long day at the office and wanted to ‘pop’ in and visit one of our lovelies – which, of course, are very convenient.

There is an array of exotic beauties hidden in and around the Euston area, so you don’t need to catch the train and head to Heathrow airport to find a beautiful Italian because they are here!! You may want to see a beautiful 24hr Companion. The lady in question is a girl called Crystal, the 23-year-old Italian escort with big brown eyes and a body to worship. You will want to come back for more.

When we employ the ladies at 24hr Companions, we constantly endeavour to check how our gorgeous gals keep their addresses, so you need never worry about ‘cleanliness’ as we have it covered. So the next time you’re in Euston, why not keep us in mind and give us a call? You can be with a beautiful lady quicker than you think, so when you do catch your train, it probably will feel less stressful than it usually does.

Remember that if you need help with any booking requirements, 24-hour Companions will always be happy to help with which lady is in the right area for your convenience. Our lady’s addresses are very popular with our regular clients. Hence, you need not feel that they are undesirable places to visit; you will be shocked at how luxurious they are.