Thinking about Christmas?

Not all the girls will be available over Christmas, of course, but several new faces will be, and several 24-hour Companions plan to come to London in December. Feast your eyes on these girls and make your booking as early as you can to avoid disappointment. Some of our ladies don’t stay around very long, and unless you want to book them from somewhere else in the world and stump up a hefty bill in travel expenses, a little advance organisation is a good idea!

Check out Crystal, one of our Piccadilly Escorts. Who wouldn’t want this stunning escort for Christmas? So you can give yourself a nice early Christmas present! Don’t ever let it be said that 24-hour Companions don’t have a festive spirit!

Brandy is another of our ladies available if you’re in London; you might as well make a booking. She’s one of our Lancaster Gate escorts, and you know she will be as sexy as hell!

How about Fryda as an early naughty Christmas present? Now, wouldn’t that be a fine thing? She’s a fantastic dominatrix with an excellent reputation for perfwell. The same can be said about her escorting services, of course (we wouldn’t represent her otherwise!). Her shape is attributed to her Latino origins, and you can bet your life that this Portuguese escort will show you a little of that well-known passion! She’ll be in London in December, so book a date on the town with this 24-hour companion!

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