Make a day of it

Our overnight escorts don’t just get booked in the evening. There is another group of clients who like to have the company of their favourite ladies during the day…

Booking rooms during the day is becoming more popular, or perhaps just more openly available. When you consider that there are thousands of rooms across London that are left empty all day long, it seems a shame that they couldn’t be used. Of course, they’ll have to be cleaned, etc.; hiring out a hotel room or suite during the day is the best thing many hotels can do these days in this increasingly competitive industry.

The ladies we represent are all very familiar with the process. Many of them have done this for themselves to entertain incoming clients. If they have enough bookings, then it makes perfect sense for them to book a day-rate hotel to see their clients, and they could have a different room every day if they wanted!

Before you jump to conclusions and presume that anywhere you book will know you’re spending time with escorts, you would be surprised to learn just how popular daytime rooms are. They’re not just booked by couples who want to be a little naughty in the daytime, although this is common too! There are several other reasons.

International travellers often need somewhere to take a power nap or relax when they’re a little jetlagged and don’t necessarily require a room for the night, or perhaps their hotel reservation is unavailable until the evening. Some companies like to book hotel suites to run meetings and get-togethers; sometimes, meetings and interviewing sessions, too.

Booking escorts in the daytime to come to your hotel is arguably more discrete than at any other time. When you think about it carefully, people come and go to their hotel rooms all day long. They go out shopping and return to their room to shower and relax. They go to lunch; they come back to the hotel to rest, perhaps with company. This is all especially so if you are renting a suite, of course. People are constantly being invited to hotel suites in hotels, simply for more privacy. A hotel is used to people having drinks in a hotel bar, or perhaps lunch for a business meeting, and then taking that meeting upstairs.

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