A ‘bootiful’ sight!

There’s an awful lot of words for the rear. From bottom to bum to ass, the very British arse and the rather more clinical gluteus maximus or glutes as people in gyms tend to call them. Here at 24hr Companions, we love our bottoms, and we do all that we can to maintain and enhance them.

About a decade or more ago, many ladies wanted to hide their large derrières and the saying ‘Does my bum look big?’ was on most ladies’ lips!! Then, along came Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and, latterly, Kim Kardashian, and those Latino/Armenian ladies did their very best to foster appreciation for the buttocks.

Ladies in a particular era would never have dreamt of wearing tight jeans, pencil skirts with blouses tucked into the waist, hot pants with cropped tops or G-strings, the kind of clothing Latin and Brazilian escorts favour as they know it makes the most of the behind. But thanks to J-lo and Kim, round, shapely bottoms, the bigger, the better, is now fashionable and desired.

Those who have to make the most of them and those who don’t are at the gym squatting like mad to get them or considering buying those padded jeans or even getting implants.

Luckily, most of us ladies here at 24hr Companions do not need to investigate the options of padded jeans or implants. Mother Nature generously bestowed upon them the genes that magically give you a great rear.

They do their utmost to maintain those shapely rears. Squats, lunges, walking or running up hills and glute bridges done regularly are the keys to a curvaceous bottom – the bottom that resembles two scoops of ice cream – perfect, rounded and enticing.

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