Clients love long hair

Our clients love long hair, so long hair it is! Why do men love long hair? We’ve studied the issue to find answers to this; it seems men’s favourite kind of hair is long and wavy (according to a survey), followed by lengthy and straight. The bowl cut only gets 5 per cent of the vote, while the Pixie crop doesn’t fare much better.

And it seems that men like shiny hair, with 72 per cent of men saying this is sexy. Of course, men also want touchable hair, so those long, wavy looks need to have been achieved without a mountain of styling products.

So, men see long hair as very feminine, which is why it is liked so much. At a basic level, long, thick hair can indicate that the woman is healthy and healthy-looking people are always more attractive than unhealthy-looking ones.

Certain hair types and faces look better with longer hair, too. Curly hair can look frizzy and stick out at odd angles when short, whereas if it is long, the added weight makes it wavier rather than curlier, and it sits better. Longer faces often look better with long hair.

There are reasons men prefer long hair. It’s safe to say 24hr Companions will keep their crowning glories for the near future!

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