A perfect cure for a hangover…

Christmas and New Year was fantastic! I have a slight hang-over – I won’t lie to you. As with all the evenings I spend in my client’s company, I was wined and dined till they had to roll me off my bar stool and winch me into a taxi back to Kensington. I’m an expensive call girl who knows how to party!

I decided to wake up late and treat this headache with two aspirin and a coffee. I’m not in the habit of eating a greasy bacon sandwich, but something about coffee cures even the worst of hangovers. Once I’d had ten minutes of fresh air and a gentle stroll down Kensington High Street, I felt slightly less like a bear with a sore head. I was even sweeter once the coffee was in my hand. Yes, I may like a champagne lifestyle, but I’m an ordinary person.

At 2:30 p.m., I met my client in Selfridges for an afternoon pampering (his ‘and her style). We were going to Spa Illuminata on South Audley Street. I had already packed my designer holdall before breakfast. All I could think about was wrapping up in a fresh bathrobe and being horizontal for a while.

So, my spa day was just as invigorating and energising as I had hoped, and my client loved all the massages and pampering. As for me, I just enjoyed the facials and body wraps. The tranquil, calm nature of this delightful place calms the inner soul and makes you feel human once more

And now I am home again, pink, fresh-faced and unknotted. You have to love Spa Days, and I am fortunate to have such lovely clients to unwind with…

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