Look after number 1

Nothing is worse than a repeat booking, but you do not remember what they do, where they come from and where you went last time. Even if it’s as simple as writing: Jake, write h  in Chelsea, lunch in Harrods, hates black lingerie. I think it just gives that exceptional ‘ girlfriend experience’ which my notable clients deserve.

Of course, you get attracted to clients, and it makes the end of the evening very enjoyable, but I do like to keep a level head and not fall head over heels. I have seen many of my girlfriends fall into the trap of not seeing it this way.

Some ladies had regular clients and ended up giving up their jobs for their newly found “loves”. I moved to Paris for her man, and he promised her the world. She quickly became bored of not working, but he didn’t trust her to get a job, so they ended their relationship, and she came back to London with no job and a broken heart.

You have to harden yourself with invisible armour sometimes. My regulars are perfect but one-off billionaires who have come to London for a few nights and called upon my services for a few hours. You get dressed up, go to their hotel, and they treat you like an ordinary person. It’s not nice when you’re in one of Knightsbridge’s most glorious hotels, and you come out into the lobby with mascara cheeks,s but you harden yourself. I know I’m not a trollop, and those are the clients I enjoy taking their money the most.

So simple rules – enjoy your client’s company but don’t get too involved, learn about your regular’s interests and remember their desires, but you are number 1 and always take care of yourself first and foremost.

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