Worth every penny…

So, it hasn’t escaped my attention that my apartment building in Mayfair has its fair share of resident Arabs. This has proved a tiny bit tricky in the past with client on client run ins in my own building but it has also meant an abundance of new client’s right at my doorstep.

Though I am a very discrete London escort, I have been approached while locking my front door to ask what services I provide. It has been more luck than them working on fact I believe. I leave and enter my home looking more than perfectly coiffed and manicured. The expensive clothes I adorn are definitely not to be mistaken for anything other than lining the body of a model who knows her labels.

Some chance encounters have been a very wealthy businessman’s hired help handing me their gold embossed business-cards showing me their masters work address boasting a skyscraper view from Canary Wharf or private offices in Chelsea, with a number to call for private appointments. My reply to most of these slip of the hand meets is to slip them my 24 hour London escort card right back. They can work for my hand rather than me chasing a new client.

When the final details have been agreed after going through the correct channels to book my time I have never disappointed. I have always described my work ethic as being a chameleon and behind closed doors with certain nationality clients I can be whatever they want me to be and when accompanying them to Dubai or not even out of London,

I can be demure and discrete and worth every penny!

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