Our girls love a bit of planning

Now I’m not being biased, but I must say I do have some damn good ideas when it comes to pleasing my clients and those of my colleagues. I have been known to wow my guys on my own, which has fed back to my peers, who have asked me for advice on all sorts of things. Whether the 24-hour Companions is a bit of a newbie or even those who have been with the company for a long time, I get pounced on when we have our monthly catch-ups, and no more so than the one we had today.

One of the team’s newer members, a sultry Blonde, asked me not only for advice but to join in on her big client date. Dan, the client in question, is a regular of everybody’s! He loves women, and in his eyes, the more, the merrier. He also likes to have a mix-up from week to week, so he may book you twice a month and then not call you for a few months. So when you have a date with him, it’s essential to keep his interest and make him return for more. “Dan” is an international playboy in his spare time and must have a few girls in every city. I accompanied him to what he initially described as a business meeting in New York, followed by a cocktail party in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. However, this meant Dan’s private ‘cocktail ‘party with two other 24-hour escorts while he watched us.

So, my platinum friend asked me to devise a plan to wow, astound, and wear him out. He has booked a suite in one of Knightsbridge’s classiest hotels and has given her a budget of…whatever she wants. So, we decided to go shopping and talk as we shop. We’re women; we can multi-task!

Dan is 42, gorgeous, loves women and money, has power, and owns 14 businesses ranging from fashion to a successful restaurateur with his beautiful dining room in Sloane Square, looking out on Tiffany and Links. He is a busy man, so I wanted to pamper him so he wouldn’t have to lift a finger unless we placed something strategically in his hand’s direction, and he wouldn’t have to move too much to touch it. So we went to Harrods to buy some sumptuous champagne, chocolate truffles and other luxury goodies to spoil the over-testosteroned male!

He won’t know what hit him after we finally stopped to look at our purchases and gave each other a well-deserved high five. We will be sure to keep you posted.

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