Making men and women equal

Feminists today never tire of pointing out that traditional marriage turns women into chattel. Interestingly, this progressive approach jack-knifes on itself when you turn it in the other direction. A man is required to support the woman in his life financially, emotionally, and physically. At the same time, a woman does not need to do too much to reciprocate because, if she does, she is allowing him to “trample on her rights”. The fact that men instinctively tend to be sexually adventurous is held against them, and they are required to rein in their sexual desire to be in line with the woman in their life.

Society has decided that marriage or a committed relationship means that neither party should stray physically, an arrangement which suits most women very well but is not such a comfortable fit for many men who have to deny a part of themselves to comply with rules that are biologically and historically unsuited to their gender. This is why probably a lot of men use escort agencies in London.

No one would disagree with the notion that men and women are equal, but equality is not the same thing as being alike. Whether you like it or not, men and women are different biologically, impacting their behaviour. Many studies would beg to differ with this viewpoint, but if you are prepared to be open-minded, look at it practically. In a world where women’s sexuality and their rights to it are overwhelmingly encouraged, you would expect that if men and women were indeed the same, the marketplace would reflect this.

It goes back to the fact that men and women are, in fact, different, even though that means they are no less equal. Most women require a measure of emotional investment in a sexual relationship. Most men don’t. Women rarely cheat on their significant other for purely sexual reasons. Men can enjoy the occasional 24-hour Companion liaison without any emotional involvement whatsoever. What most women would view as a deliberate act of betrayal is the need to gratify an itch, which is no reflection on the woman in a man’s life or his commitment to the relationship.

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