Always have a backup story

Sometimes, the client will require a more extended meeting. Perhaps a dinner date followed by an overnight stay at a hotel and a quick trip to the breakfast table before goodbyes are made.

Sometimes, it’s a weekend away in some expensive spa hotel in an exotic location. In each of these cases, the client, of course, runs the risk of bumping into an acquaintance, a co-worker, a business partner or even a boss, and that’s why we recommend always having a credible story pre-prepared to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment

But a client may also contact us and specifically request a lady to accompany him to a social gathering, business event or work function, where he knows he will be seen in the company of a beautiful female stranger.

As a top London escort agency, we try our best only to engage socially adept escorts, as well as charming yet discreet in all possible situations; we can always find the proper lady for the job. That being said, there are some vital things to consider from your side before introducing a call girl to your boss, clients or business partner.

First of all, you should express to us right away that you do require a lady who will be your companion at a social gathering and who you expect to represent you in the best possible light so that we can narrow our candidate search down to those who would be ideal for such an event.

Then, you need to work out a credible back story beforehand for how you two know each other, and this story needs to consider the lady’s educational background and areas of personal knowledge.

Lastly, you must deal with the thoughts and actions of your co-workers, boss or business partners after the date. Are they likely to be jealous of your ability to have such a beautiful-looking lady on your arm at such short notice? Or if your backup story, which you presented at the meeting, does not involve you two being an item, what if they ask you for the girl’s number? While we would have no objection to you recommending our agency to your acquaintances, we don’t want you landing in hot water, even allowing for the fact that meeting an escort is no longer the social taboo it once was.

If you manage to keep in mind these points and navigate around the potential pitfalls, you, too, can take advantage of professional companions to help advance your career or win that business deal.

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