Body Talk

Many of our 2young ladies are multilingual, speaking a range of languages, not just English but languages such as Spanish and Italian. This makes them very appealing to men of all nationalities. Although some escorts only have basic English when they first arrive in London, they usually have the determination to learn the language, and they typically become fairly fluent very quickly. In any event, even if English is not a language they are entirely comfortable with, you’ll find that ‘body language’ and passion will transcend any communication issues. We’re sure you’ll agree that sometimes you don’t need to speak to get your point across.

Most of our girls love the idea of meeting new people, learning all about the London way of life, improving their English and generally enjoying every unique experience. That’s why you’ll find that they’re open, friendly and willing to chat and have fun. They don’t just go through the motions, like some escorts, but prefer to engage completely with their clients to give you a more personal, intimate and enjoyable service.

You’ll find that many have left top-flight careers behind or are here in London to further their education. While some of our 24-hour escorts are happy to be involved in escorting full-time, others see it as a way to have fun while studying. This means you’ll often get to meet girls who are intelligent, well-educated and ambitious. They can engage in conversation and discussions and make excellent dinner companions, especially if you’re invited to a business or formal dinner. Of course, they look like a big bonus. If you can stop staring at them for long enough, you’ll find that you’ll soon be involved in a wide range of conversations depending on your interests and your ability to refrain from whisking your escort back to your place for some bedroom talk instead.

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