How much would you pay?

There is a popular misconception in the escort community that if you pay more, you get more. This is not the case. The higher-end escort agencies would like to have you believe that, simply because they can get away with charging the earth, and you will be happy to pay it, expecting great results. However, more than often, it’s simply not the case. We have heard reports from clients who book with us that when they secured a high-end girl from a high-end agency, they didn’t get anything more than they got from us and the girls we represent.

There will always be those escorts out there, all over the world, that will charge a fortune and be worth every penny of that money; we don’t want to mislead you. But these girls are few and far between. Many girls think that just because they list with a high-class agency, they can double their usual fee and still offer the same overnight escort services. We would rather have girls that are cheap escorts and worth every penny of their price. This way, we have much happier clients and girls because they get more reviews and bookings.

The most disappointing scenario is when a client pays £600 for an hour and gets the same escort services as he would from booking a cheap escort at £200 an hour. This is so often the case, and we would strongly advise anyone who is considering booking staff at a higher level to make sure that they ask as many questions as possible before booking to find out just what they’re getting for the extra money.

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