What attracted our ladies?

When she was growing up, she wanted to become a teacher. At the age of 13, she decided to become an actress. By 16, she knew she wanted to use my brain, and by 18, she wanted to go to university.

It’s funny how, throughout your life, you know what you want to be and not what the future holds or what you will be. Our ladies have always had a penchant for the finer things in life.

Stumbling across the most beautiful of boutiques with some of her lovely clients in the West End or the one she never tells anyone about in Regents Park and finding and enjoying many mouth-watering delights in Edgware Road allows her to see London as the great and cultural city that it is.

She has always lived in London, but visiting the places she does with some fascinating companions has opened her eyes to what The Big Smoke holds. She has learned a lot from various clients about the city as she has travelled around it, and when she hears the same story time after time, she has perfected the knack of looking like she has listened to the information for the very first time. She is professional enough, though, to not make the person educating her not to make him feel small and continue listening to his knowledge of things she knows by heart.

Cue her job as a 24-hour escort, and what better city to explore all the fineries in than London!! She is fortunate enough to travel all over the world and see the exquisite 7-star resorts in Dubai and go shopping in the famous Big Apple that is New York. Her clients are never disappointed as the lovely lady on his arm knows how to hold intelligent conversation and to look utterly fabulous (thanks to her beauty therapist keeping her silky smooth and coiffed to perfection)

When she has those precious moments to herself, she still likes to explore this beautiful city. She knows what’s hot and what’s not in London, and when she is alone, there is no better 24-hour companion than the city itself.

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