When only the best will do

From professional actresses, beauty pageant winners, and models to executive women, top escorts are sought by VIP clients and celebrities who only want the best. Our higher-end escorts are a little different from our cheaper escorts in London. For one, they prefer quality bookings over volume, and their availability is more limited. Instead of limiting themselves to one country, many of our more expensive escorts travel internationally to meet clients, and their travel is always in style.

When people think about expensive escorts, they usually think of fun, beautiful and sophisticated model ladies entertaining clients in the best hotels or impressive penthouses.

In an industry where a stunning, sensual and skilled escort could be booked for £150 an hour, why do clients bother themselves with expensive escorts? One of the reasons is perception, and these ladies are perceived as more refined, classy, beautiful, accomplished, skilled and intelligent. Our top ladies can impress the business delegates with their language ability (often multi-lingual), tact, poise, knowledge of finance or current affairs, and charisma. In reality, they are natural-born diplomats with the social grace and intelligence to enthral. Another reason is presentation, and expensive escorts are always neatly dressed in beautiful attire. They are stylish, without being provocative, and always carry themselves like a lady.

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