Big up the mature ladies

Many clients, especially those in their thirties and forties, prefer to book 24-hour escorts who are in their late twenties and early thirties as they feel more comfortable in their company, especially if they’re looking for a 24-hour companion for a dinner date or to accompany them to a business function. They often have more in common with someone closer to their age than with escorts in their late teens or early twenties. And when it comes to conversation, they can find more things to discuss over a romantic dinner or a cocktail.

While some of the younger escorts can also be good conversationalists, sometimes they’re just not on the same wavelength as guys a decade or two older, and although this may not matter for physical encounters, it can sometimes make conversations a little more complicated.

What are the most essential criteria you use when choosing an escort? Do you make your decision based on an overnight escort’s looks? Will you only meet with escorts if they’re above or below a certain height? Do your 24-hour companions have to be busty? Or is your main priority to look for more mature escorts who have a little extra experience in life?

If you prefer to meet with mature escorts, you’re not alone. Some of our most popular escorts are those who are classed as adults. By mature, we mean in their late twenties or early thirties. Currently, 247 escorts don’t have escorts much older than this on their books, not because we think they won’t be popular, but purely because we haven’t been approached by any ladies in that age group.

But what makes our mature escorts so popular? Of course, these ladies still look fantastic. Whether they’re blonde, brunettes or redheads, they’re always immaculately groomed, and they still keep themselves looking utterly delectable.

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