Lingerie must haves

Of course, one woman’s idea of what feels comfortable will differ from another’s. At 24-hour Companions, for example, our all-night escorts can feel comfortable in many different forms of lingerie because they are used to showing off our bodies to their best advantage, but as a general rule, always make sure lingerie fits beautifully.

Bras need to fit well. They should get measured for it because nothing is more unattractive than a bra that rides up your back or wearing something so tight that it creates back fat.

Our ladies know much about lingerie, so our expert opinions are worth hearing. You probably expect us to recommend crotch-less knickers or peek-a-boo bras, but we have different advice. Choose lingerie that makes a lady feel comfortable. If you want underwear as a seduction tool and to tease and tantalise, the lady needs to feel comfortable in it, we promise you.

We are a big fan of Agent Provocateur. Their underwear is gorgeous, and they know their stuff when it comes to fitting correctly for a bra. Another pleasurable part of the experience is the wrapping they do for their underwear. Tissue-wrapped and presented in those gorgeous bags – the wrapping is almost worth the whole experience alone.

Wolford is a must for its range of tights and stockings. The brand is more expensive than the kind of tights and stockings you will find in the supermarket, but they are worth it, and they last for ages. Wolford does an incredible pair of fishnets, and our ladies always get comments on them when they wear them. We also recommend a good pair of gloss tights or stockings from the range, as they make the legs look super strokable.

Go by the rule of matching underwear – Bra and knickers should always match. Splash out on beautiful sets. And it may sound a little middle of the road, but Marks and Spencer does beautiful underwear at a reasonable price, so you can splash out on many lovely sets. The Rosie Huntington-Whitely range is charming.

So, if you want to treat your 24-hour Companions lady to some lingerie, we hope you have noted our top tips!!

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