Escorts v Sugar Babes

It isn’t so different from escorting, except that it is exclusive. A sugar babe usually sees only one sugar daddy, whereas our escorts have clients. But their services are similar – dates, company, massage, intimacy and more. It depends on what the client wants.

There are a lot of people who think both industries involve sexual relationships, but we promise you that is not always the case.

We at 24hr Companions pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the escort industry, particularly as it relates to our escorts in London, so today, we will talk about the difference between escorts and sugar babes. Sugar babes can be male or female, but they tend to be someone younger who is given a set allowance, travel, connections, etc., by an older man or woman to provide “services”. The services can vary – from spending time with someone to accompanying them on dates and, of course, other services.

Somebody we knew became a sugar babe to help pay her university fees. She trained as a vet, which involved quite a few years at university and expensive prices. So, to help herself, she became a sugar babe for a wealthy older man. She met him through a website, and she explained to him in detail why she needed the money and what she was willing to do in exchange for it. She went into the relationship with an open mind. He liked the thought of paying for a young person’s education, and he was something of an animal lover, so helping her to become a qualified vet was a no-brainer for him. In turn, she got to stay in much nicer digs than she would have been able to afford, and she accompanied him to events and on dates. All had a good time, and when the sugar babe relationship ended, both felt they had had the better part of the deal.

What would our ladies rather be, you ask? Well, for a start, our ladies like the variety of people they meet. They love it when they meet new clients, and they become a regular. And our clients like that they are not beholden to one person, so the escort business suits are ladies very well indeed.

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