Obsessed with large breasts

All our lives, we have been subject to large-breasted women, as you can tell from thousands and thousands of years of art, endless websites nowadays, many different magazines such as Playboy and even the popular Hooters chain in America of restaurants which we are sure you are familiar with. So, to put it bluntly, you are entirely normal.

Our Busty Escorts are very easy to find, weave so many different escorts available in 24-hour Companions. Any busty girl you prefer to have the company of can be found. What could be better than going into a fancy club or restaurant with a beautiful woman at your side who is barely concealing and purposely flaunting her large breasts and, in turn, making all the other gents in the place jealous of you, knowing that when the night is over that you will be the one taking her home?

A lot of men prefer to spend their time with busty escorts. Forever, men have always had a fascination for women with large breasts. There are many different reasons and suggestions to explain why men are attracted to women with large breasts. Some developmental scientists hypothesise that large breasts are stored with the inessential items for the woman’s body whi, which makes a man think that the woman is very healthy. So we see them as a good choice for a woman to start and have a family with (Because they would have healthy children) and thus attract us more than a woman with smaller breasts.

How can that be, though, when most of us are not that about to be intimshoulde with? Just because a woman has large breasts does not mean we want to make and start a family with them. S, we would say that the theory is not valid. Just like to do it, and women as well… Plain straightforward ample, the attraction to prominent-breasted women is a neurological need created when a child is born and has to do with the bond between the mother and her infant.

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