Thank Goodness it’s Friday

What is interesting is that the type of escort a man will choose on a Friday night, as opposed to a Tuesday lunchtime, will mainly vary because it depends on what mood you are in and what activities you wish to partake in. If you are looking to hold a house party with friends, then you may require six sociable and charming elite escorts who are not afraid to dance and make a noise. In that case, the high-class escorts we recommend would be Catherine, Sophia, June, Eve or Gaby.

This is possibly the longest yet shortest day of the week. You watch the clock, and the time cannot pass quickly enough before you pull your jacket on, bid your mind-numbing colleagues a good weekend and walk briskly out of the office to start a weekend of pure pleasure.

However, one of the most popular activities on a Friday night is to hit the casino on your own or with a few friends, and if you’ve done well, you may call for a 24-hour escort to join you and play. Baccarat or Poker are games that Sophia is excellent at, and her favourite games are blackjack, poker, roulette and the slot machine. Nothing is more exhilarating than winning poker and having a beautiful blonde escort beside you.

We recommend Les Ambassadors in Hamilton Place, a beautifully furnished mansion with an al-Fresco restaurant. The best part is the view where you can experience the panoramic vision of Hyde Park whilst gaming.

Another fantastic location to play is the Ritz Club, where the game room sits nicely in an Edwardian ballroom. A honey pot for the rich and famous, some of the most beautiful 24-hour escorts frequent there.

Our favourite choice has to be the Crockfords Club based in Curzon Street. This is a very exclusive casino, and it is named after the founder of the first London Casino, William Crockford. The club is nested within a stunning Georgian house.

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