What man doesn’t like lingerie?

Men are not ignorant when it comes to fine fabric, and just as they can splash £3000 plus on a dashing suit from Savile Row, they can easily purchase twice the value at La Perla for that special someone. This is why a top escort should make a considerable effort when she picks her lingerie.
We think two lingerie brands strike the balance between racy and classy. We are not saying this is the style you should opt for, but as an elite agency, we think they are the best!!

One of the most beautiful types of clothing today is lingerie. It is a fashion phenomenon where all boundaries are pushed and even broken, where even the subtle and demure lines can impact just as much as the racier, delicious fusions.

One of the problems with society today is that we take everything at face value, so much to the extent that we never take the time to explore a little further to find out what lies beneath. Because of this unfortunate inference, many women believe there is no point in making a tremendous amount of effort when it comes to lingerie.

First up is Agent Provocateur, which was started in 1994 by a creative couple who sought to break the market, which at the time was inundated with non-attractive safe wear. The rest is history, and we can say their products get most of our gentlemen clients very hot under the collar.

La Perla, one of the most coveted lingerie brands in the world, was inaugurated in the 1950s; they can thank their self-proclaimed Italian roots for their supreme craftsmanship. They pull off designs that other brands cannot, such as horizontal designs and the colours are never loud but soft and sultry. The structures on the laces are exquisite, and the shapes are unique and flatter every woman’s form.

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