Three’s company

24-hour Companions are an amiable lot, you know. What is meant by that is that although they enjoy the intimacy of a one-on-one encounter,r we’re also very favourably disposed towards couples.

Most of our ladies enjoy watching the interaction between couples and appreciate that they can bring an additional frisson to their relationship. Despite still being in love and ridiculously fond of each other, it’s understandable that a couple will get bored with one another’s ways after spending so much time in each other’s pockets, as it were.

So, any new experience with another individual can liven up that relationship dynamic. Our lady’s intervention doesn’t have to be long-term, either. Often, couples come and go on several occasions within a single month, and then we never hear from them again for another 12 months or so. It’s when they reappear that we know the boredom with one another has begun to set in yet again. It’s our girl’s job to remind them what they do for one another and look at ways they could interest each other.

Our ladies seem to be a couple’s counsellors, honest, although certainly, it’s a lot more exciting and fun – not to mention relaxing.

Couples massage is undoubtedly something London escorts are asked for a lot. Now, that’s a bit like teaching. Our escorts are experienced and know the spots to press and the areas of pleasure. They enjoy passing on this knowledge to clients keen to extol the virtues of massage to their other half.

Our ladies can show couples how best to present themselves to one another in ways that they have perhaps never considered before. Like many situations in life, sometimes all it takes is an independent arbitrator, for example, someone not emotionally involved, to see the problem as it is and to know without a doubt how a relationship can be improved and far more fulfilling for both parties.

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